its obvious RJC2001 works for a laser clinic


I always see RJC2001 promoting laser products on here. Nobody should believe this con artist. RJC2001 said they got laser finsihed on arm and shoulders and is now talking about Aurora finishing its arms. What a scam. RJC2001—why dont u just come out and say you own or work for a laser hair clinic—its quite obvious (Kitty)


uh… wow.


You seem to have issues. I’ve seen RJC posting about several different things than just laser. You should calm down.


No, I don’t sell lasers or work for a laser clinic if I did I would have said so. Madhairy, you’re beginning to sound like a troll, the first one we’ve had on these boards in a year.




I decided to go for lightsheer because I read those positive posts from RJC and my test patch results are still good. Madhairy, I think you have a bad depression. You need a doctor.
I am going to post some pictures of me after my lightsheer treatments. Stay calm.

Andrea, help us with this situation…
Help Madhairy.


Hey MadHairy:

I understand your frustration. I had no response from the Alexandrite laser and was pretty frustrated afterwards. So far, I’m happy with the results from the LightSheer, but that may change. I haven’t had any term longer than two months. The results that I’ve seen so far, I really like, but I don’t know whether they’ll be permanent. Different people get different responses. If you don’t trust RJC2001, read the medical literature. Some people get no response and some people get a lot. I’ll take what I can get for now. I don’t expect to be hair free, and actually I don’t mind a little bit of fuz and don’t really care too much what other people think. The hair on your body is so unimportant compared to so many other things.


A con artist??? Pretty harsh.
Even if he did work for a clinic (which I don’t know how you came to this conclusion?), there are a number of different posts on here that I’ve read by people in the hair removal profession. I can truly say if I found out he did work for a clinic, I wouldn’t care…This is how I see it…I have a problem, I come here for help, guidance, & answers. If I can get replys from someone as knowledgeable as RJC2001, I’m greatful.


Madhairy, I don’t know how long you have been on this board, but I’ve been reading and posting on this forum for about 6 months, and I’ve read just about every single post on here (I’m not kidding).

I’ve also researched laser hair removal for the better part of 2 years before I started having treatments, and I can tell you that RJC’s posts have helped me quite a bit when it comes to perspective and “decision support”.

I think you should sit down and just read all of the messages on the forum and read as many medical studies (and other sources of information) before you go calling people out like that . . .

I can say I know how you feel because I felt that way at the beginning of my LHR journey . . . I didn’t know who to trust (especially a 2-3 years ago when the technology was even newer than it is now . . . and information was a little bit harder to get), and I wanted to displace some of my frustration on others . . .

But after having 3 treatments (I started in December 2002, you can read my posts on this board if you want more info), I am very happy with my results, and I have 2 left to go before I decide if I want to finish it with electrolysis or just keep getting laser . . . After all of my research one thing that I realized is that it will be a long process and the road might not be smooth all the way . . . It was a risk and I decided to take it, and I am really glad that I have . . .

Before LHR with the LightSheer I was not able to shave my beard due to EXTREMELY severe ingrown hairs combined with a course beard (have you ever seen a really hairy Indian person?) . . . Since my treatments, I look and feel much better, and I have been able to accomplish more in my life and career (it’s surprising what a little confidence boost can do).

It’s not done yet, but I’m in it for the long run, and I have researched the subject as thoroughly as I can (and I will continue researching it, even during and after the course of treatment is done). I have spent more than 100 hours so far (probably many more) researching and reading about LHR and other hair removal techniques . . .

Next time you’re on the board, see if I’m logged on . . . I log on almost every day if I’m in town and near a computer . . .

I am after all a consumer, and I have the power to choose who gets my $$$ . . :slight_smile:

It takes a long time and a lot of effort on your part to do it right, but before you call someone a con artist, do a little bit of research beforehand . . . it will give you evidence and information to stand on, which will make you (and your posts) all that much more confident and credible.

Knowledge = power . . . .



Well said Zap!! I am also grateful for anyone, practioner or not, that can help me through the LHR process. Chill out madhairy :wink:



</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by madhairy:
I always see RJC2001 promoting laser products on here. Nobody should believe this con artist. RJC2001 said they got laser finsihed on arm and shoulders and is now talking about Aurora finishing its arms. What a scam. RJC2001—why dont u just come out and say you own or work for a laser hair clinic—its quite obvious (Kitty)</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>RJC2001 is not promoting, he is only suggesting and helping others who needs it.

There are other people promoting electrolysis as well.


Well MadHairy,

You are entitled to your opinions like anyone else, but if you have issues with RJC2001, then just don’t read his posts! As for the rest of us, RJC obviously donates a lot of his time and effort to this forum to share his knowledge and experience with others, and he should be highly commended for that. I for one enjoy reading about other people’s experiences and learning from this, and to have someone as clued-up on the subject as he is so willing to share his knowledge with the rest of us is great. Even if he did run his own clinic, this forum attracts visitors from all over the world, so the chances of many of us turning up on his doorstep would be pretty remote - not the most cost effective method of advertising. I genuinely feel his advice is honest and with the best intentions of helping others - which unfortunately is becomming a rare thing in this modern materialistic world.

Perhaps MadHairy you could learn a thing or two from people like RJC - and I don’t just mean about hair removal!!

If you feel so strong in your completely unjustified conviction, why not let all the members of the forum take a vote - you against RJC - and see who gets THE BOOT. I would bet every penny I have ever earned that it would NOT be RJC who was thrown to the lions, but you would have a few teeth marks and some shredded limbs…

Either shape up or ship out. If you are not interested in sharing your own and other peoples experiences then find another hobby and leave good folk alone!


For me,
MadHairy gets THE BOOT!!!


As a long time professional involved in laser hair removal, it is quite obvious to me that RJC2001 is not in the business himself - but rather is a well informed and enthusiastic consumer.

RJC2001 has dedicated a lot of time to help others out and for free. Sometimes his enthusiasm gets the better of him (see posts about Aurora), but I think his contribution is fantastic. Keep it up!


I say, old chaps, it is commendable how you all have proven that when properly configured, an open forum may actually be conducted with polite discourse, even when we disagree with each other.



Wow, our first troll I had to ban. Sorry I took so long on that.

RJC2001 definitely does NOT work for a laser clinic and is one of our mostr valued contributors. But you all knew that anyway.

Please keep the conversation civil, everyone.


We’ve done very well. Only one troll in over a year! Much better than other internet forums! Great job Andrea. We’ve been able to disagree without getting without trashing each other and that’s great.



Only one troll in over a year? What a nice forum!
I banned 5 users in my forum in last 2 months. My forum is about Netscape, BTW.


what is a troll? is my first question and just in case the reply to my first question dose not answer this why would you want to ban some one for stateing an opinion, i’m sure the punters who use this site are intelligent enought to make their own minds up as to wether a person is legit or not. The very reason we have all arrived at this site is because we don’t take for granted all that we are told or read.???


We respect everybody’s freedom of speech. However, personal attacks in any forms is NOT allowed.


I can see where you are coming from Ants , but over here in the uk we teach our kids a simple rymme that go’s like this.
Sticks and stones may break our bones but calling names won’t hurt you.
Like i said previously we are all capable of making our own minds up who or what we choose to believe and i’m sure RJC 2001 is laughing at the
comments and dosn’t need people baning from the group .
After all if he was working for a laser company i suspect he would be a good bit richer than he is now :wink: What is a troll?