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Whats up everybody. I have a consultation appointment with Fino Gior in Long Island on Wednesday. Thanks to Andrea (for dropping the name) I did a little research and he seems like a good choice. I ended up never going through with My electrolysis at Lucy Peters because I just didnt have a good feeling about the person that was gonna treat me so I just went with my instinct. Also as I said before when they told me to shave my back a week prior to treatment I ended up breaking out on my back, which leads me to my next question. Can I just clip the hair on my back (with the buzz machine) the day before my treatment so its as close to the surface of my skin as possible, instead of shaving it? If i clip it with the buzz machine all the inactive hairs on my back wont be affected since those hairs are to small and fine to be cut by the machine, but the active and transitional hairs will be cut. Since electrolysists only treat the active hairs, clipping my back hair seems like a good idea to me since I wont break out with pimples. Breaking out was the reason I waited all this time to see another specialist since I wanted my back to heal before I was treated. Also, Does anybody know how much Fino Gior charges per hour? I didnt ask over the phone because I didnt know if offices answer those type of questions over the phone, If nobody knows I guess I’ll just have to wait till wednesday to find out. I’ll keep you updated.


Ok I just got back from my consultation and I am very satisfied and excited but at the same time dissapointed. The reason why I am satisfied is because Fino basically said what I had been thinking all along: He said he should be able to clear my back in a hour and a half session. My speculation of Lucy Peters was right (they said it would take 8 hours to clear my back and thirty hours in total treatment over 3 years) He was very honest and friendly with me. But let me tell you why Im a bit dissapointed. I got the feeling that he didnt even want to treat me, and I hate to play the race card but I think that had something to do with it. Reason being, when I first got their after introducing myself I went into his office and the first thing he tells his secretary right outside of the office was “You know I dont give free consultations right?” I was so offended. And for the record on his website it says “come in for a FREE consultation” apparently he is the only electrologist out of the four in his offices that charges for the consultation. But when I made the appointment for consultation, the secretary asked me who I wanted to treat me, I told her Fino, she booked me but never said anything about him charging for the consultation, so i ended up not paying for my consultation.He was Also stressing how he wanted to get me over with as soon as possible, telling me how they get so busy starting in march blah blah blah…he basically said if he rushed he should have me done in one session. Now I dont want to be treated by someone thats rushing to get me out of the office, and why rush with such a light case like mine? And when I said I might want to eventually treat the rest of my upper body after im done with my back, he basically brushed me off. Isnt my money as good as everybody elses? Im hoping it had nothing to do with race or my young age because he was such a friendly guy. Maybe when he seen me he didnt even take my hair problem seriously and only treats severe cases ( he showed me alot of pictures of his patients and most of these guys had at least 20 x as much back hair as me) Well anyway Im gonna give it a shot, for a guy thats been doing this for 44 years hes gotta know what hes doing. All I ask is that as long as im paying the same money as everybody else, I get the same treatment as everybody else.


You will be happy to know that you are having a misunderstanding. Fino tells everybody that he wants to get them done as quickly as possible. He really does! He wants to get The Pope, The President and the Garbage Man done in the shortest time frame possible so he can move on to the next client! Too many people cheat themselves by not getting their electrolysis done as quickly as possible, by not having treatments on the schedule given by the electrologist. Some electrologists enjoy the fact that missed treatment time equals more money, as the person requires more treatments over a longer period of time. This is what Fino was trying to get across to you. “I want to get you in and out of here as soon as possible, and not a minute later!”

Fino has no racial issues. If he did, he would not have wanted to be my friend and I would not have become his either. For those who don’t know, I am African-Asian-European-Native American, I won’t be offered membership at any of those exclusive golf clubs any time soon.

The reason he doesn’t give free treatments as part of his consultation is that for many people, he could finish the majority of their work (if not all of it) in the 15 to 30 minutes most people give in a free consultation. A person looking for simple reduction would already have their goal in that time, and see no reason to pay for a single hour of treatment. Besides, his schedule is so full, he really doesn’t have time to hold any one’s hand and try to talk them into doing anything. What he really wants to do is get in the chair, and kill some hairs. I think if all the consultation you wanted was for him to estimate how long it would take for him to clear you, that would have been free. :grin: After all, everything else is already on his website, that he figures people have read before they come to the office.

He does come off as a little brisk sometimes, but that is just the Mature Macho Italian Male in him. Don’t let it get to you. He is a really lovable guy, as you have seen, and will get to know better in the few hours you will have with him. If you don’t decide to go on to other areas, your time together will seem to be all to small. He can clear you faster than anyone else I know of in your area, and you have already seen that you will pay less with him than you would have at Lucy Peters Int’l.


Thanks, Im so relieved to hear that. All I wanted was a estimate on how long it would take to treat me and how much it would cost, when he first saw my case he said $250 tops. I thought it was mandatory to have a consultation before treatment that’s why I scheduled one, otherwise I wouldn’t even have scheduled one because I had already made up my mind before I even went over there. I forgot to mention that i was ten minutes late (that was my first time over there) so he probably was pissed off about that. I guess I overreacted, but just the fact that he assumed I didnt have money for the consultation kind of bothered me. It also kind of bothered me that he was trying to dictate what kind of work I should have done. lol Like when I told him I might want to have my arms done he was like “I won’t do a mans arms I dont want to make him look like a girl, I’ll only thin them” which I kind of agree with him, so I’ll thin them at first. But if I still don’t like the way they look Im getting rid of all the hair, it’s my choice not his. And Im definitley having all chest hair taking off (theres not much of it anyway) I put chest hair in the same category as back hair, If he doesnt want to do it I’ll just have one of the other electrologists do it. But Im so glad that I just misunderstood Fino, he such a friendly guy and at the same time so professional…besides the little things that bothered me they treated me with the utmost respect, I cant wait until my appointment.


Hi! I was lurking here for awhile and i finally registered. i am on Long Island as well. What si the website of this doctor? I would love to see him.


You won’t have any problems getting Fino to clear your chest. Chests and Backs are the most frequent muscle man requests behind beard removal. For those who don’t understand why a man would remove his beard, think ingrown hairs, razor burn, and the fact that most jobs don’t let you have facial hair anyway. If nothing else, you get to sleep longer every morning. For men with curly hair, however, it is saving themselves from developing pitted faces from slicing off the skin covering ingrown hairs during shaving. If you see a guy with pits and grooves dug in his face, that is how he got them. He could have been saved from that by getting electrolysis about ten years ago.

You can find Fino’s website and office info in the links below.
Advanced Electrolysis - Great Neck NY
Electrolysis Information & Treatment Pics

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James do you reccomend the other electroligists (sp) at advanced electrolysis also? Im asking because pretty soon I will start working two jobs and will be only able to make it out there on weekends. Im assuming that Fino is the most popular electrologist over there and is booked on weekends for the next 5 years lol. I’ll be able to get my back done before I start working two jobs but by the time I get around to my chest and arms I’ll only be able to have treatment on weekends.


Since Fino trained everyone there, from his sons to the non-related female help, you will be ok with whomever you book an appointment there. The only difference will be speed. The speed difference won’t be such that you will feel cheated, just the difference between a formula one racer and a loaded corvette ZR1. For those who don’t know cars, that is not all that big a drop off <img border=“0” title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src=“images/icons/grin.gif” />

Here is HairTell Member, Electro’s post on treatment with Fino’s sons, John and James. It is not the first one in the thread, but look for Electro’s post in that string.



i’ve done my arms, i got a tattoo on my left arm

and they in no way look like a girls arms

i did both my arms, and it took alot of time!

he won’t do arms? only thin them??? this guy is lame


Sadly, I have to say that men are lucky to find anyone in their area willing to take a male client for any kind of work. Furthermore, most electrologists will do some work on females that they are not willing to do on men.

I appear to be in the minority in this profession in that I will remove any hair, anyplace, anywhere as long as it is safe to do so, without questions regarding the gender of the client.


Hi Moe–

I’m glad you found my suggestions for more research helpful, and I’m glad you went in for a consultation, becuase even if they made it seem like you didn’t need to, I feel it’s better to get a feel for a place before you plunk down your cash.

Fino is a good guy who has done a lot of great work to help consumers, but he can be a bit… hmm… sure of himself at times. In a way, that’s really good. In another way, it’s just like any other professional who thinks a bit too much of themselves (doctors, lawyers, etc.). The confidence is reassuring, but it can sometimes be a little annoying, too.

Best of luck with your treatment!


If a guy has any muscular development at all on his arms, removing the hair will NOT make them look like a girls. In fact it will make the muscles look bigger and better defined.



how long on average to clear completely the hair from a pretty hairy guys full arms…hands to top of shoulder? thanks


It is impossible to really say how long, in hours of treatment time it will take. However, one can look bare in the first 30 days, and one can maintain that bare look over the course of the 9 to 18 months it will take to get to the point where no further treatment will be needed, provided one has someone who can clear the area as needed. That will require a certain speed for the practitioner, and a regularity of treatments from you.
You will need longer appointments at greater frequency in the beginning, and it will tapper off to nothing by the end.
There are to many variables to just give you a magic number. It will be a function of the number of hairs you have per square inch, the speed your practitioner can work on you in the modality she or he utilizes, and the frequency of your appointments.


Lol I am no longer a electrolysis virgin. Today I had my first session which was two hours. He didnt get to clear all of the hair but I would say he cleared about 85-90 percent of my back and shoulders. One thing I definitley under estimated was how much electrolysis hurts, those little stings had me cramping up, I almost couldnt take anymore at one point. One thing im a little fearful of was that he put some kind of lotion on my back to block my pores because he said since I was wearing a black shirt he didnt want the dye from the shirt to get in my pores or something, I think that was his reasoning. But what Im worried about his he said I might get a “superficial breakout” from the lotion. I dont want to worry about breaking out on top of having scabbing. What I should have told him was that that shirt is mad old and was probablly no more dye left up in there. Im definitley satisfied with how much work was done for 2 hundred dollars, now I have to just wait and see how I heal and see if the hairs were permanently removed. I did feel a few hairs get plucked, so Im pretty sure those hairs will grow back. By the way, the hairs that he treated last wednesday on my free trial havent grown back so I guess thats a good sign. I also had some in grown hairs on my back that he said he took care of.


You would find that everyone’s technique is a little different. Fino is a little more ouchy than some, but you can’t argue with his results.

You will not be able to judge the bareness of the area done previously for 9 months to a year. The hair growth cycles go roughly in 3 month phases, and that phase would take 9 to 12 months to come back.

Of course, as you have seen, by the time you do have new hair growth from your next phase of hair cycles, Fino will be able to strip you bare again in no time. You will already look like you are done in just a few weeks, and not many appointments.

Don’t worry about the post treatment lotions. They are only for your healing. Some people experience a little scaling after treatment, and others just find their skin returns to normal color and texture in 3 hours to 3 days.

Keep us posted. Maybe you can show what I have said to be true. With an effective electrologist who has some speed to boot, one need not even entertain laser based on time to bare skin, nor time to no further treatment.


D This might not answer your question but might help a little bit. These are the approximate estimates of the Advanced Electrology Clinics Of America.

Hairline…3-12 hours
Back of neck hairline…3-7 hours
Eyebrows…3-10 hours
Upper Lip…3-7 hours
Side of face-Side burns…3-8 hours
Cheeks…3-10 hours
Chin…2-10 hours
Edge of ears…1-4 hours
Top of nose…1-3 hours
Bridge of nose-between eyes…one fee or by the session
Neck front(women)…2-10 hours
Neck front(men)…3-15 hours

Shoulders(men)…5 -10 hours each side
Back…consulatation only
Lower back(men or women)…3-10 hours
chest(women)…2-5 hours
chest(men)…5-60 hours
Breast…1-5 hours each side
Abdomen…2-5 hours
Arms(women) elbow to wrist…5-9 hours
Under arms…3-5 hours each underarm
top of hand(men or women)…3-5 hours each hand
Fingers(men or women)…1-4 hours each hand

Buttocks…5-15 hours
Inner thigh-bathing suite line…3-10 hours each leg
Thighs…consultation only
Knees…2-5 hours each leg
Legs-below knee to ankle…15-30 hours each leg
Top of foot…2-5 hurs each foot
Toes…2-3 hours each foot

Now Fino told me he barely every reaches the maximum hours on a patient but I guess he has to list it that way for legal purposes.


Just keep in mind that these numbers are what Fino can do in his technique with his speed, in thermolysis. These numbers won’t have any relation to a person getting straight Galvanic, or Blend. At the very least, the Blend would take twice as much time, and the Galvanic 3 times as long.

This is why I always say that the time it will take depends on how many hairs per square inch you have, times the square inches you will be having treated, divided by the speed at which the electrologist actually doing your work can accomplish on YOU!

And yet I know that everyone really wants to hear a number of hours so they can estimate both time and cost. :grin:


Ok I had my second treatment yesterday which was an hour and a half long, and My back is basically completely clear. So in total I got my back cleared in three and a half hours. Theres a few fine (but not fine enough to go untreated) hairs that he missed here and there but its nothing. My next appointment is a month and a half from now and he said that should last 45 min- 1 hour. Scabbing is healing up pretty good and I cant wait till the summer when I can walk on the beach with pride, or I cant wait to have a girl give me a back massage lol. I just want to thank Andrea and James and everybody else who has been helpful, this website was a blessing for me. Im real happy with the choice that I made with Advanced electrolysis, Im glad I didnt through with Lucy Peters (to slow and expensive for me…not a good combination) or Laser. If it wasnt for this website I would probablly have never heard of Advanced electrolysis and for that Im real greatful.


I just had my free consultation at Dr. Fino’s office and it was great. I did a little of my neck, which got irritated after but thats NORMAL (obviously) Actually its been almost 3 hours and most of the redness is gone. I will definetly get my neck and back done at Finos, being that he was very patient and ncredibly nice about everything! Thanks guys. :grin: