Please give me some advice.

I am a male 25.
I am undergoing electrolysis to eliinate all of my facial hair.
My first treatment was wednesday, and todaywas my second.

The painful part is the tweezing.
She had to stop tweezing because it was too painful.

The procedure:
First she preps me.
Then she applys the gel on an area and rubs the area with an electric swab until it beeps.
Then she goes to the next area with the gel.

After she finishes doing so to the entire face, she starts plucking the hair with the tweezers.

Each time she plucks the hair, it’s still very painful.
She said most of her patients dont feel anything.
I susspected that it had something to do with the fact that I was on Retin-A up until the day before i started the treatment.

I spoke to somebody and forgot to ask about the retin-a.
The person simply told me that it was because Im male that the hair on my face could be imbedded very deep.
Also that the best thing to do was wax it first, and then go back to the treatment.

A few things:
How do I wax my face?

I don’t know what machine she uses because she will not disclose the name and she removed the label.

Please let me know if you know what it is.
-While she runs the electric swab on my face, I have to hold a metal bar in my hand.
-She uses foot pedals to contol the strength of the current.
-She then is supposed to use the tweezers to pluck out my hairs.

I paid her $1200 to take out all the hair on my face.
She said it would take about 12 session to kill the part under the skin where the hair grows from in order to stop the hair from gorwing again.

I have had 2 treatments so far, but I’m not sure if its working or not.


I spoke with the woman doing my hair.
She said not to wax my face.
She also said that the treatment should work eventually.
Even though my current hair is in a fully mature stage instead of andegen stage.
Not sure what it means, but I was hoping somebody here would know.
I also was wondering if it was true about what she said that it really is permanent and that it will never grow back ever again.


You mention electrolysis and a swab. Is she using a needle to treat each hair? If she is not, you will never get permanent results and the reason the tweezing would be hurting is because there is actually no treatment occuring. You’d get the same results if you just used tweezers on your own.


Sorry to break the news to you pal, but you, and perhaps your “practioner” have fallen victum of the Transdermal/Transcutateous/Electric Tweezer Scam!

Go to and do a search on Transdermal, you will see it all there.

Yes, it hurts because you are doing no more than plucking the fully untreated hairs out! The Transdermal scam relies on the fact that most people don’t understand that hair can not conduct electricity, and that the current used by this machine merely dispurses into the surrounding skin, and… well, go look it up for yourself.

Anyway, kiss that money goodbye, because you got bupkis for your dough.

Find a probe/needle electrologist in your area and get the real deal. The only method that can show almost 150 years of permanent hair removal results.

If you were near Buffalo NY, I would do you myself, but since you are not, do put in the time to get a sample treatment from everyone in your area so you know who is good.

AEA CPE’s are often better, it really would help if the practitioner has a newer machine like an Apilus SX-500, or a Silhouet-Tone VMC, but you can’t always get the best everywhere in the country.

Happy Hunting.


wohooooo, man u were scammed

let us know how u take it lol


hehe man, can’t stop thinkin of this… i would love to pluck a beard that is stubbly… seeing the face being pulled an inch away in some cases… just to have the skin snap back on the face!!! this is for free. i’d seriously do it for free


and to get paid to do it! ahahha she must be outta her mind

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Thanks for your answers.
You’ve been very helpful.

I don’t make much at this pizza job.
It took me a year to save up that money.
Are you sure that there is no way this will work?
The woman doing my treatment talks alot.
She constantly talks about people that have gone through the treatment successfully with permanent results.
Why did the treatment work so well for them if it’s fake?
Im starting to wonder what I should do.

In the meantime, I’m considering other options.
Maybe in another year, I’ll have enough to try something else.

I was hoping if somebody could explain for me the differences between these needle type options (what is the proceedure like?):


(It said in that website that blend is the most effective. What exactly is the treatment like?)

As for how I’m taking it:
I’m ready to cry my eyes out like crazy over losing all the money I worked so hard the whole year to save up for.

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If I were you, I would demand my money back. You were scammed and it’s not your fault. Andrea can probably give you some advice on trying to get your money back.



hairman, the method they are using on you has not been shown to cause permanent hair removal. in fact, the FDA has stated that claiming these things cause permanent hair removal is a violation of federal regulations.

If you are seeking permanent hair removal, you need to go to someone who slides a hair-thin metal probe into the follicle to treat each hair.

You should definitiely get your money back. Who are you going to in Ft. Lauderdale? There’s a woman who sells Super Phaser Gold at Smooth As Silk Salon. This is a scam to be avoided.


Thanks Andrea.
Are you the owner of this?
I’d really really appreciate any advice you can give me in my particular situation.

The woman that has been treating me is a Jamaican woman named Beverly.
Her compay name is “Nails Tanning Etc.”

I cant believe I put myself in this situation.
Im so dumb.
I was so depressed all day at work this evening about losing all of my money.

Im supposed to have another appointment on Monday morning for the treatment so I have no idea what I can do.
What should I say?
I’m pretty sure the woman will refuse to give me my money back.

Please give me some advice, if you know any rights I have because I’m completely clueless.
Heres the whole story:

I met the woman last year at the flee market (October 2001).
She approached a friend of mine with bumps on his face.
She said she could remove all of his hair permanently.
I was interested for my own face, and got her phone number.
I called her, and asked her about it.
She told me it was about $100 per treatment.
She told me it was permanent, mentioning stories about current customers that come to her after they tried other methods that were not working.
She said she was the only person that does this kind of treatment.
I began saving my money.

Seven months later, I visited her salon (May 2002).
It was pretty messy, and her machine didn’t have a label on it.
She said it was because she didn’t want others to copy her, so she removed it.
I never gave it a second thought.
Her instruments were very sterile.
She told me a little bit about how it works.
She told me that it was about 10 sessions, and she could do my beard/neck/upper-lip for about $100 per session.
I told her I wasn’t interested because I wanted my entire face from my beard/neck/upper-lip and also my nose, forehead, and the rest of the tiny hairs that grow all over my face. (my entire face)
She said that it was 2 totally different treatments, and I could start with the bear/neck/upper-lip first, and continue with the rest.
I told her if I was going to do it, it would have to be all at the same time.
So she told me she would give me a break at $120 per treatment for 10-12 sessions.

I started saving and saving all the money I could.
I make $5.08 per hour at my job (that’s my hourly wage after taxes).
I get about $200 per week.
After paying rent and all my bills and starving myself, I am able to put a little bit away each week.
Soon I had about $1000 saved up, and if I needed more, I could sell my TV or something.

So a few days ago (this past Wednesday 12/4/02) I visited her.
She told about Microdermabrasion.
Microdermabrasion eliminates all of the spots and bumps on my skin because I suffer from severe acne.
That is about 10 treatments every 7-10 days.

She said she could do the entire hair removal procedure plus the Microdermabrasion.
After the end of the treatment, all of the hair on my face would be gone.
Plus I would have clear skin, what she called, Nu Skin from the Microdermabrasion treatment.
All for $1200.

I could give her $900 initially, and pay the remaining $300 balance over the course of the treatment.
So I gave her the $900, and she said they were real busy so she would have my receipt printed up after my session.

That was my dumb mistake because on the way there I kept telling myself not to give her any money until I saw everything correctly in writing.
I don’t know what it was that made me forget to do that.

She went ahead and started my treatment right away.
I laid on the bed thing, and she did the Transdermal electrolysis procedure.
Then she wasn’t able to pull my hairs out with the tweezers.

Then she did the Microdermabrasion.
She rubbed some kind of thing around my entire face that released all these tiny crystals.

She kept on mentioning how she was giving me such a huge break and not really making any money.
She said she was giving me such a huge discount because she knew I didn’t make that much and I really wanted my hair removed.

After it was all over, she made me sign 2 identical printouts.
One copy for her, and one for me.
The printouts I signed showed my total to be $900.
On it, she handwrote: Balance of $300 for hair removal package.
Then I signed.
Then later, I saw something weird on the printout.
It said on top in print:
Permanent Hair Remov - $200
Microdermabrasion - $700

Then at the bottom was my total - $900.

At first when she explained it to me she told me it would be one whole package for one whole price.
Now on the receipt, two different things appeared.

I am now afraid that she might say that she doesn’t have to pay me back anything.
And if she does, the $700 doesn’t count because it’s not part of the hair removal.
The first time she mentioned it to me, she said it was all one fee.
Not two separate fees.

After my second treatment friday morning that still didnt work, and visiting the hairfacts site, and the response here, I finally realized it was a scam.

All I want to do is get my money back so I can go to a real specialist.
If I were rich, I wouldn’t even care about going through all this trouble to retrieve my $900, but I’m not, and it’s going to take me forever to save it up again.
Im sure many of you can relate.

Please let me know if there is any possible hope for me.
This whole situation is killing me.
I can’t stop thinking about how long it took me to save this and how fast it was thrown away.

I promise if you can lead me to get my money back, your kitties will be well fed.


I’m not a lawyer and don’t know FL law, but maybe small claims court is an option. You normally don’t have to have an attorney in small claims court. If she promoted the method of hair removal as electrolysis, that is fraud, because with electrolysis you have to use a needle and insert it in each hair follicle.



this is like wow… can u say household damage? aka. mysterious rocks being thrown through windows:) :grin:


Hairman, my heart really goes out to you…I’m so sorry that this has happened. First of all, you are not “dumb”…the important thing is that you keep in mind that hindsight is almost always 20/20 for anyone , not just you. Everyone else, whether they care to admit it or not, has found themselves in a situation where they look back and wish they could have done something differently. …Not to mention the fact that this woman is obviously a great salesperson and probably has plenty of experience with scamming people.

I agree that you should try to get your money back and wish you lots of luck with that process. I also thank you for sharing your experience here…it may not only help you, but also the rest of us while we are choosing our hair removal methods and practitioners.

Hang in there, hairman.


Thanks for the support dragonfly and andrea and rjc2001.

I just went there this morning to get my money back.
I secretly brought my tape recorder so the entire conversation was recorded.

She really kept on mentioning how she all these clients that did the needle thing and ended up with holes and scarring.
She said they were doing the needle one for years and it had no effect.
She said they came to her, and it worked with no needles.
I have her on tape saying a few times:

My main issue was the reciept.
I still upset at my self for putting the money in her hand before seeing aything in writing.

She told me both procedures would cost $1200.
I gave her $900.
She did the first treatment.
After I came out of the first treatment, she gave me a receipt.

WHAT SHE SAID FIRST (bfore I put money in her hand):
Both treatments for $1200.
Further more, she told me that all of my hairs on my beard/upperlip/neck/forehead/nose (entire face except eyebrows)
would be completly permenantly gone when the treatment was over.
I can give her $900, and owe her the remaining $300.

WHAT SHE SAYS NOW (a few days after I put the $900 in her hand):
Both treatments ARE NOT $1200
They are seperate prices.
The microdermabrasion is $700 for 7 sessions.
She received $900 from me.
$700 paid for the microdermabrasion in full.
$200 shall go towards the 12 sessions for hair removal.
I owe her $300 for the hair removal.
Most likely all of the hair will not be removed before the 12 weeks so there is a chance I would have to go back for more sessions at about $60.

The WHAT SHE SAYS NOW part is all on tape
I just wish I could go back and record her saying the WHAT SHE SAID FIRST part.

I made it seem like I was upset about the fact that they broke it into two prices without telling me instead of leaving it at the one price of $1200.

She said the best she could do is cancel the microdermabrasion, and write up a new receipt saying that $800 will be for the hair removal.
She said that the reason it has to be $800 instead of $900
is because I had one single session of the microdermabrasion.
Therefore, she has to charge me $100 for it.
She still wants me to pay her the balance of $300.

I have no idea what I should do now.
Should I just let her keep the $900, and continue for the microdermabrasion?
Does anybody even know anything about microdermabrasion.
Id really appreciate it if somebody can fill me in about that.

I am checking here constantly throughout the day to see if anybody replied to me.
(not many people do so im exited when I get an answer)


It sounds to me as if this woman got you into her “salon” by promising you permanent hair removal (which she knew wasn’t legit) for a set amount of money…once you agreed and she got you into her salon, she sold you on adding on a completely different procedure (microdermabrasion) and then billed you under THAT procedure instead…basically to cover her own butt. She did it because she knows full well that she won’t be providing you with permanent hair removal…if you let her get away with it and continue going to her, you will end up spending more money than you had planned to and she will keep suggesting new “procedures” for you to have done (by her , of course). The fact that she picked the label off of the machine and her answer to you about why she did it just shows that she is trying to hide what she knows is a scam. She is scamming and taking advantage of people ON PURPOSE…she KNOWS that she is doing something WRONG…even if you decide that you want to continue having microdermabrasion done, don’t let her do it…you don’t even trust her anymore (and you shouldn’t), so why continue to go to her? At the least, you should be able to get the money back from her minus the cost of the first treatment. You can probably get it all back if you let her know that you are educated about what she is doing there…the last thing in the world that she wants is for you to get the word out about her. She knows that you are onto the scam and if you are firm enough with her, you can probably get a full refund or close to it…she knows she’s doing something wrong.

About the microdermabrasion…you will get mixed reviews about it…I personally like it, but do it myself at home (because of the cost and it is also a “less aggressive” approach…more gentle on the skin). I’m not real sure that it is a good idea to do it on skin that is broken out, though…it may make things worse. I think it is mainly used for reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars as well as giving the skin a smoother look. It’s pretty much just another form of exfoliating the skin.

Hope that helps. :smile:

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Keep insisting on your money back. It sounds like she may be trying to bargain with you. Persistence on your part will pay off. If she won’t budge in the worst case you can say that you will go to the local news media. This can be very effective. Do any of your local TV news stations have a consumer reporter? How about your local paper?



I emailed a note to the local tv station advisor the other day.
I pretty much copied what I said here.

Tomorrow I have to go all the way back there to try to get the new receipt saying
$800 for the hair removal.
(I told her I wanted to cancel the microdermabrasion and continue with the hair removal in order to get a receipt that did not say $700 for microdermabrasion.)

I never mentioned how throught all of this she continues to give me guilt trips about how shes helping me out so much and that I don’t appreciate the deal she’s giving me, and how she’s not makeing ay money and losing it but she does it because she loves it.

By the way, I didnt know microdermabrasion could be done at home.
How much does it cost to do it your self?
Can you tell me some success stories if it worked well?

Can anybody tell me more success stories about permanent hair removal using the blend method?
(or give me a link?)
Did it actually work well for you?
Has it removed all of your hair permenantly?
How long did you have to go to treatment?


Great idea about contacting the media!

Hairman, I am female and have been having pro electrolysis (thermolysis) done on my bikini area as well as underarms…so far so good! I am very happy with my results, but have only been having treatments since August of this year, so I still have a way to go. I also use the One Touch unit (galvanic) to work on other areas at home myself. It requires a lot of patience and practice, but I am happy with my results with it as well.

Also, Andrea has a ton of excellent info on the site that you should take a look at before deciding on another form of pro hair removal or corresponding practitioner.

I will be sending you a PM on some of the microdermabrasion info that I found to be particularly helpful…(just don’t want to get too off-topic here) :smile:

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The One Touch home unit is a needle electrolysis device that uses the Galvanic method, not Blend. Thermolysis and Blend are found only in professional units that require some training to properly utilize.


Yes, galvanic not blend for the OneTouch…must have been past my bedtime. :wink:

Thanks NoHair!


Of course this woman is guilt tripping you. If you feel sympathetic to her, you may become so pathetic as to allow her to keep your hard earned money for nothing!

Just steel yourself to ignore what she says in this vein. After all, if she doesn’t make any money on this, and does it only for the fun of it, then she really won’t miss anything giving you your money back, now will she? After all, it is not about the money to her, right? What are her expenses, anyway? She is at a flea market, the machine she has is certainly paid for by now, and her ongoing supplies are cotton swabs! She probably doesn’t even use rubber gloves.

Just get your money back! I wish I were near you, or could send you to someone in your area who can do your work for you. Unfortuantely, there is only one AEA electrologist in your area, and I don’t know her.