Is this normal?

I had electrolysis done for the first time about 30 hours ago, and this is what the area looks like now (i’ve attached pictures)

Does this look normal? How long will these take to heal? I’m pretty worried to be honest.


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No. One of the bumps on your neck looks pus filled to me. Is it painful to touch? If yes, you might need an antibiotic.

No nothing hurts at all actually… Its just the way it looks. Any suggestions?
Would you recommend stopping? I’m really not sure of what to do.

No, don’t stop, just let this heal completely. Show these pictures to your electrologist. Ask her/him if they think they could get the hair out without causing this degree of scabbing. How many electrologists did you visit for consultations and treatment? A small dab of tea tree oil right after treatment, followed by cold aloe vera gel would feel so good and prevent pustule formation.

I am not going to lie. I think this looks rough and unnecessary. I would be unhappy with this outcome for my clients. It will heal… Wash it with soap and water. Don’t touch it. Don’t pick the scabs. Mainly, have a discussion with your electrologist. If she wants you to do some other kind of aftercare, she trumps me. Ultimately, the final decision belongs to you. I would be cautious not to have this kind of reaction with every treatment, so do talk to her or go somewhere else.

These kind of skin reactions reflect poorly on electrolysis.

It isn’t fair for me to judge the situation without sitting alongside the electrologist while she/he is working but it might be a good idea for you to invite your electrologist here so that she/he could participate in troubleshooting and finding a good working solution.

I am wondering if the insertions are deep enough.
I am wondering if the probe diameter is thick enough.
There are so many variables to consider.

You can always help the situation by following good aftercare.
No sweating 24 hrs. after a treatment.
Soothe area with clear pure aloe vera gel; I suggest that clients mix it with bacitracin for the first few days following the treatment.

Wait for the area to heal before going for another treatment.

How many consultations did you have?
How many different electrologists have you gone to?

This is actually the only electrologist I’ve seen… Honestly I did a ton of research and in the area I’m in this was the most expensive and most recommended location I found. I was too eager to just start that I didn’t bother visiting any more locations. Now I’m wondering if I should’ve done so.

I’m just really put down right now because this is happening. I’m worried its going to scar permanently and that would just be horrible. I’ve been washing 3 times a day, putting on a disinfectant and polysporin. I also started using witch hazel today after people’s recommendation. I’m not touching it at all otherwise.

While doing the treatment though she did mention that my hair is pretty thick and deep. So she had to up the power or something. Would you think that’s the reason? Because my hair is just too resistant perhaps?

I have another appointment for next thursday to continue on the rest of the area. But I just feel really let down and scared.

I’m going to go down and get some tea tree oil and aloe vera to use tonight… hopefully that’ll help

how long do you guys think it’ll take for these things to heal? and do you think they’ll leave scars?

Please use small dabs of tea tree oil on each individual rough spot. Put aloe on top of the tea tree oil. Don’t overdue it with the tea tree oil. Three days worth may be just enough.

It can take three weeks to three months to heal. Many variables influence this. Scarring, I hope not. You will know that further down the road on some of the spots I see. Most people heal just fine.

Suzzy, Arlene suggested Bacitracin with aloe which would very good as well.

here’s another picture (this is today… so about 53 hours since treatment). The picture is attached.

Any more comments, pieces of advice, or just random thoughts are all welcome

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Is that aloe vera on your skin? Keep pampering your skin. I think this will look a lot better in a week or two. These are mean, strong hairs and the first several sessions can be the roughest. By all means show her these pictures so she can change something and help you.

yes it is! i actually went out and bought some after you suggested it.

So you don’t think this is an extreme case? It’s just because my hair is thicker than normal? All the other pics I seem to be finding on the rest of the forum seem a lot less severe.

Honest opinion, do you think my electrologist knows what she’s doing? Or do you get the feeling she doesn’t.

P.S. I know I’m getting really naggy, and probably annoying all of you, but this is making my heart ache… I appreciate all your help, honest! Thanks a ton again!

That is in NO WAY extreme.
This, on the other hand, is:

Yours will heal, and you won’t have any permanent damage. Believe it or not, even what I showed you here, actually healed ok. NEEDLESS TO SAY, this is NOT my work.

Just one thing I would like to point out, There are people near me who charge nearly double what I charge, and my work is better (if I do say so myself, but you can’t hear the voices of the people who have seen the competition…unless you watch my customer testimonial video on my home page).

Nothing beats doing your leg work to get sample treatments from as many practitioners as you can.

Okay. Cheers for the aloe vera! Use that as liberally as you want. No comment on your electrologist. Just share with her your pictures and tell her yo u are upset with this degree of scabbing. If she won’t re-strategize to try and lessen this reaction, then you can exercise your free-will and move on to someone else.

Did you see poster Karii’s pictures? I have seen worse, but there are no journals here that take us from a treatment like yours to what the skin looks like18 months later, which is too bad because you would be reassured. Maybe you can be the first to follow through with picture updates. Karii hasn’t returned with an update, which is too bad.

I know you are worried. Take good care of it and stay positive. I THINK you will be pretty calm within a couple of weeks or so. Seriously, let it heal completely before resuming.

James, how do you know that person healed well? Did he submit a picture many months later? I remember this guy, but don’t recall the outcome. All I remember was this utterly shocking picture and that he was in a rock band. This is the worse picture that was submitted here in my memory concerning over treatment.

Yes, he did show me pics of his healing. Never believed me that it was UTTERLY UNNECESSARY to look like that during treatment though.

Suzzy, you mention that the electrologist you chose is the most expensive in the area. Please keep in mind that when it comes to services, the professionals charging higher rates are not necessarily better electrologists - they might just be greedier.

Nevertheless, you will probably heal just fine but I think that something can be done to have less tissue reaction and faster healing.

thank you guys! Seriously all of you have been fantastic and I feel a lot better. I’ll let her know this has happened and we’ll see what we’ll do.
I’ll keep this page running and update everyone as time passes and I get more done! Hopefully it’ll provide some insight to another poor soul who’s losing her mind!

Yes, suzzy, that is what we call paying forward and it would have been so helpful if that rocker dude came forward a year or two later to show us a new picture of the area that was over treated on his chin.

An important side note here - did you ever get a medical evaluation as to why you have all this thick, very coarse hair?

no i haven’t… I’m actually only 21, and this hair is literally everywhere… it’s a real pain… It’s always been like this though. Ever since I can remember: all the way back into 6th grade and possibly even earlier.
I tried laser when i was 17, kept it up for about 8 months and the results were pretty awesome. 2 or 3 months later and it all came back. biggest disappointment of my life to be honest. Ever since, I’ve been waxing and plucking and epilating. I’m just getting really tired of it. And the waxing leaves a ton of pimples around my side burns. It’s like you can never have the best of two worlds: it’s either the hair or the spots.

It might run in my family though on my dad’s side. My mum’s as smooth as a baby, my sister has a normal amount. But it apparently runs in the family… although people hide this stuff really well so i’m not entirely sure…

Oh and quick update: I’m looking into a different electrologist. James made a good point: I really should’ve done more research. So I called around and found someone who owns her own place and has over 13 years of experience (as opposed to my electrologist who apparently only had 2 years). I set something up with this new one and will hopefully have better luck this time around.

Yes, indeed! Good luck on that. Giving the electrologist who has two years of experience feedback about your over treatment, complete with your pictures, may actually help her do some self-analyzing about her work so she can improve.

Please give some thought about getting a hirsutism workup with your physician. It very well could be a family history thing…