I want to be an electrologist but I feel an apprenticeship from a qualified professional would be best

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Wow inspiring it’s my dream as well to become an electrologist

Only there is nobody I can find who is currently seeks one

Hi John what country do you reside. I am in Melbourne,Australia and might be I interested in offering an apprenticeship

Really? I’m in the United States. Maybe I should consider moving there I don’t like it here anyway

I am from the United States originally, where I could only find a private school that cost (when last I checked) $15,000 with no access to federal loans for tuition alone. I was lucky enough to be able to move to England where I paid about $2,000 out of pocket for a basic level 3 course (or I could’ve waited until I lived here 2 years to qualify for a 19+ learner loan). I feel like my education was adequate but i had an advantage because a lot of the information they taught I’d previously learned here on this forum! I’m currently sitting around waiting to receive my certificate so I can start exploring my options, which is just fine with the current pandemic going on, but I recommend you watch Josefa Reina and Mike Bono’s YouTube channels for invaluable information and to further familiarize yourself with positioning and techniques. Good luck! You can do it!