I passed!

I’ve just received my examination results and have passed with distinction. Grateful to this community for all the information over the years and helping me finally realize my dream of becoming a certified electrologist!


Hearty congratulations to you, kit! Did you join Electrology International yet? It’s a closed facebook site for electrologists only. You have to submit proof (a certificate) if you are an electrologist or other proof if you are enrolled as a student in an accredited program.

Where will you be practicing?


Thanks! I haven’t gotten my certificate yet, just an email from my instructor to tell me my results, so the waiting continues. I live in the Wakefield area of West Yorkshire in the UK, but am also considering commuting to Leeds if needed. Probably going to bolster my skills with some private tutoring in the meantime, and then take the transgender course from Sterex in July.

Sounds wonderful! Congratulations again. This is a great profession to be a part of and it will bring you lots of joy in the years to come.

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Absolutely get involved with Electrology International as Dee has suggested, and Hairshoot as well.You’ll find that electrologists help each other out a lot in those 2 places and they are great places to continue to learn.