I Need advice.

I’ve been getting electrolysis done on my sideburns on and off for two years now… I’m happy with the results . I have less facial hair. I still have hair when I don’t go in for weekly treatments but it’s nothing compared to the amount of hair I used to have . However the removal of my sideburns have made my other hairy areas stand out even more… I’m not sure if I should get my neck ( throat area) done as well… here’s a picture, I need some adivce from the professionals, how far should I remove the hair to make it look natural. My neck hair never bothered my untill I had my sideburns done.
<a href=“http://www.flickr.com/photos/30925687@N05/3455068870/” title=“neck by hairygirl4ever, on Flickr”><img src=“http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3651/3455068870_c80528e289.jpg” width=“308” height=“500” alt=“neck” /></a>

I can’t see the picture. Can you re-do?

For reasons I do not understand, “Flickr” images don’t show up on HairTell, but “Photobucket” pictures do. If you could post that picture to a Photobucket.com account and then use the image code, it would show up.

Based on that picture, you can either get a reduction in the area below the Mask line, or you can shave or bleach it. I think shaving would be the only temporary method that would do well here, as blonde hairs that long would still bother you in my opinion.

James if I ask her to remove only the thick and long hair , will it look odd?

You could do that, but what I notice is that the overwhelming majority of female clients who come in asking me to “Just get the noticeable hairs” simply find more hairs to fall under the description of “noticeable” as I take out each new level of hair thickness, and or darkness, and or length.

One starts with the plastic bullwhip-like hairs, and then progress to the black-coat-thread-like hairs, and next thing you know she is asking you to remove the brown ones too. Worse yet, when she asks you, the unmistakable accusitory tone is one that says, "I don’t know why I have to tell you this, as you should have removed all these last time(last year, or in the first 6 months that I was seeing you)

That is why I told you to shave, as it would give a visual difference all over.

If you were my client, I would just remove as many hairs as possible that were anywhere from dark, accelerated vellus, through terminal.

I would ask to get the longest hairs. It may not hurt to get a clearance or two just to make all of the hairs thinner and less noticeable. Then you can just ask her to thin the area out a bit to blend it in.

Omg. This is like removing upper lip hair and leaving the middle part of the lip alone so one looks like Charlie Chaplin or Adolph Hitler (if I dare say this name).

THis is what happens when clients instruct their electrologist to only work on certain area or the electrologist does not see the bigger picture to advise the client as to how to handle this. My approach would be to strongly urge the client to shave and then come back in three days and just let me loose to clear the whole area with Picoflash or microflash thermolysis. It would take about 2-3 hours per side with this much hair to get a great thinning. You would need more clearings spaced every two to three weeks for the first 4-6 months and then it is down hill from there as you spend less time on the table. If the electrolgist won’t do long sessions, then you need to go weekly for an hour. You will never go anywhere with 15 minute appointments with slower modes of electrolysis. The whole area could have been completed by this time if the real effort started right at the beginning. Put the time in on the table up front and you’ll be rewarded by month 9? 12? 14? 16? 18?

Think faster modes of thermolysis for this amount of hair or you will be playing around with this for five years!

I second your motion my friend.

I often tell my large area clients that they should get all those movies and DVD box sets they always wanted to see, but never had time to watch in the early going, but that eventually, I am just someone on your holiday greeting card list. When it happens, most can’t believe it.

Regret having to give bad news, Roma. Those hairs that still remain, because you do not bother you, end up being thicker and darker. If not removed, will check when passing some time.
It is urgent to remove the area of your neck, otherwise you will see that every time the contrast between the area removed (sideburns) and area of your neck is greater.
You blame the hormones or perhaps other methods of hair removal used in the future, but the real culprit is the time. Is the cause of your hair will become thicker and darker, because I can see you are still very young.

The hairs will only become thicker and darker if her hormones are unbalanced, or drug interactions cause it, or if her heredity dictates it. No one can do anything about Heredity, but all the other causes of unwanted hair removal are preventable.

I will go in for another appointment this week , and ask her to remove these hair as well. the problem is I can only do an hour every week, I can’t afford to do more. I’m also getting my stomach done as well which is a very big area… she used picoflash thermolysis the last time I was there for my stomach, but she used her clareblend elegance in thermolysis mode for my sideburns. So I should ask for the picoflash for the face as well?? and also shave the area before going in??? thanks for all the replies , my goal is to go in almost every week , which I have been doing for the last 9-11 months… I want to this problem to be behind me by next year, I have other things to worry about , then to hide my face from embrassment.

You should ask her if she wants you to shave prior to the treatments. If I were working on you, I would want you to just do nothing, as having your hairs in their natural state allows a better chance to see what they look like when left alone, and makes choosing which ones to remove easier. Shaving is only helpful to me when one is planning to remove the all, because then, it doesn’t matter what hairs are longer, darker, thicker or thinner, lighter, shorter.

Not to confuse you, Roma, but just to show you the differences that exist between electrologists, I would prefer shaving because there is a so much hair, so close together. That amount of hair slows me down, whereas sweet baby James (love that picture!) might not be slowed by the density of hair present.

Either way, pre-shaving is a personal preference among elecgtrologists. By all means, if the client is adverse to pre-shaving, it doesn’t throw me off course, just slows me down.

The next point I want to make is this: the picture shows a clear bald looking area and a clear forrest of hair that’s very noticeable. Shaving would disguise these clear cut borders so others wouldn’t notice.

The urgency for addressing those hairs of the neck due to a practical issue. The hairs of her neck are still very thin, its roots are too shallow so the tissue damage is minimal. If it is now removed, your skin will suffer very little and will recover in less time. It is clear that excess hair on you is a racial or genetic problem. Latinos own origins (I’m latin). Roma, Believe me, the hairs of your neck will worsen if not subjected to electrology. Picoflash is a good option to treat fine hairs and most telogen. An expert electrologyst should remove more than 800 hairs/hour. COME ON. YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS!

Thanks for all the adivce guys. I decided to shave the area today. I’m thinking about getting a full clearance first and then have her only treat the very noticable hair that grow back . I can’t imagine being able to remove all of that hair … I will post pics when I get a full clearance . I also need to know how much i should remove to make it look natural should i remove all the hair within the black line? and leave the red area alone?? what do u guys think?? i dont want to remove too much, I had this problem before where i had removed too much from my sideburn and made it look not so natural.

I always have that problem with women. I try to tell them that I want to make them look natural, and they are trying to make themselves look like Barbi Dolls.

If you want to look natural, you would leave the hair in the red circle alone. If you DO work in the red area, you want to have a beautician give you a shape, and then have the electrolysis provider work to make that shape permanent.

I give the same advise for eyebrows as well.

I’d leave the red area alone as well and focus, focus, focus on the black circle area and there abouts.

The density of hairs in the black area does not seem very important. If I had to work that area I would recommend not to shave before. As in the picture is perfect to go clean all unwanted hair.