I have a serious problem

Alright well…im 14 and within about 6 months ill be entering highschool. In 7th grade some kid mentioned that i had hair between my eyes and i immediately freaked out. That day iwent home and used scissors. Then i plucked. And my worst mistake was i bought one of them pen sized electric razors nd it made it grow worse. As you all know kids are cruel and i cannot go through highschool with a unibrow or hair in general. Its nota full unibrow but if i didnt shave it every day it would be. Electrolicist(sp) is probably too expensive and even if we did have the money i doubt i could take the pain…Does anyone have any suggestions…i was consider the finally free hair removal but im confused. Plz Help,thanks

The good news is that if you can afford to get scammed by finally free (it is a known scam well reported on this site) you have enough money to do the small space between your eyebrows.

Now the bad news is that is the place on the body with the worst growth phase, so you will have to go every week to start, and then later once a month, but seriously, you could pay for this with the money you make saving returnable beaverage containers if you live in a state that has a deposite law.

Speaking of your location, stop right now, go to your profile and put your location in it this very minute. We can’t help you find someone to end your hair troubles permanently if you don’t tell us where you are. For all you know, we could have an electrologist willing to do free work on a 14 year old who reminds her of herself when she was a kid, and you would miss out on it because you did not bother to fill out your profile.

(yes, that is my pet peeve, but it is serious, we can help you much more if we know where you are, and since this is world wide, you could be anywhere)

I bet you spend more money a year on Pizza than you would spend to get rid of this hair problem.

How much pain is this? Like i have a good pain tolerance but for some reason i imagine this to be pretty painful. Oh and my profile is setup now.

What you feel will have lots to do with many factors that are variable, but most people have no trouble at all with work in the area you are talking about. It is not like you need work on your upper lip or anything.

If you want to get as close to feeling nothing as possible, Drink good clean water every day, all day (anywhere from half a gallon a day, to one ounce for every pound you weigh)at least 4 ounces per hour. Get a good night’s sleep (8 hours is best). Eat right (you know green veggies should be in there somewhere). No Caffeine! If you have caffeine in the 72 hours prior to electrolysis, it can be up to 4 times more sensation than no caffeine. It doesn’t matter if it comes from soda-pop, coffee or tea, caffeine is bad news here.

I think we have people on here from your area, and we may even already have practitioner reviews from your area as well.

Good luck and keep in touch.

So what steps do you suggest i take from here?

And also, you said drink lots of water. Does it burn,sting, and correct me if im wrong, dont they stick a needle in or is that something completely different. I mean, ive read stuff about electrolocis and ,most are negative views such as it hurting, being expensive and taking over 10 visits.

There’s loads of positive stuff on this site about electrolysis OhioJamSk8er. Yes, electrologists do use needles, but they don’t puncture the skin at all. Permanent hair removal can certainly take over 10 visits, but when the hair is gone, it’s GONE. And you don’t ever have to think about it again. Ever. That’s why electrologists stay in business. If you have a decent pain tolerance, fear of pain should not keep you from having electrolysis. Assuming you find a competent practitioner, they should work with you to find the most comfortable experience for you. If need be, you can also take Advil or use topical anaesthetic. A lot of people do, and a lot of people don’t. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

None of my clients ever use topical creams on the eyebrow area, even the ones who use it on the lip and chin go without it on the unibrow area. Find someone good, and in this area of the body, pain is a NON-ISSUE

I hate to be bugging you with all these questions but just by ball parking, after totally getting rid of the hair,how much do you think the total (money) would be…like final total

Keep in mind, its not a full unibrow, but i shave it , and people can tell. Now it is also growing like under my eyebrows, like above my eye and eye lid but below my eyebrow.

Your first appointment may cost you $30 to $60, but after that, you would be paying $15 to $30 and then maybe $5 to $10.

Could you find $20 every 3 weeks?

You are asking me to give you a price when I know nothing about what is being done. That is like asking me to tell you how much to paint your house, when I don’t know how large your house is, nor what material your house is made of.

Pulling a number out of a hat, I would say good range could be anywhere from $60 to $200 spread out over 18 to 24 months. Now how much do you spend on pizza in two years?

Oh…thats extremely cheaper than what i figured it to be. Ive heard it was in the hundreds to thousands. Well that definitely helps out knowing that. And im pretty sure we can afford that when we spend over a 1000 on pop a year. But yeah thanks.

You said the finally free doesnt work. Well would it work for a smaller patch of thin hairs. I mean i dont have a bush between my eyes. Is there any possibility that it might work for my condition.

Remember that guy who had a crush on you? Know how you won’t even consider marrying him? Well, how about going steady? No? How about just a date to put him out of his misery? No? Well, would you just make out with him once because it would mean so much to him? No?

What is James Talking about and has he lost his last marble?

Well, doesn’t work means it doesn’t work. If it worked on one hair, it would work on all the hairs, and if it doesn’t work on all of them, it won’t work on any.

Im starting to think you have lost your marble lol. Well thanks, i appreciate the help. I might look into a electrolis

I was thinking, this is a needle. Is this needle like other shots . I mean wouldnt the between the eye area be really dangerous. I mean sticking a needle into my skin multiple times right between my eyes, couldnt that harm me?

Go to our sister site www.HairFacts.com and spend some quality time reading about electrolysis there. You will find out there such information as the fact that electrologists insert a fine wire probe into an opening in the skin, and if it is done properly, the skin is not broken by the metal at any time.

It is perfectly safe, and in fact the first electrolysis was performed by and eye doctor on eyelashes! I did not mistype, I did not mean to say eyebrows, I said eyelashes. Yep, the things just millimeters from your eyeball.

So how safe do you figure it is? We even have close to 150 years experience to back up our claims. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

OhioJamSk8er wrote:

I was thinking, this is a needle. Is this needle like other shots . I mean wouldnt the between the eye area be really dangerous. I mean sticking a needle into my skin multiple times right between my eyes, couldnt that harm me?

Response to OhioJ:

The electrolysis needle is not like the needle used for injections. The electrolysis needle is solid - it has no hole. The needle’s purpose is to conduct electricity.

We don’t pierce the skin, we insert the needle into an already existing opening using the hair as our guide.

If so, whats the painful part of the procedure. I mean does it hurt connecting the needle with skin, or does it hurt with the electricity or what

In my experience, I don’t feel anything when the probe is inserted, but do feel “heat” when the current is turned on. The amount of heat I feel varies from one hair to the next, but it’s tolerable, especially if you think about the fact that any discomfort you feel is what is killing your unwanted hairs.