How to find the right clinic in your area

So, you read the FAQs and now know that you’re definitely a good candidate and know what type of laser you need for your particular situation. Now, you need to find a clinic with expertise to get you results. Here are several things you can try to find one near you:

  • You can run a search on the forum using the search box at the top right corner with your city name or state to see if there are clinics in your area which have been recommended by contributors in the past. Don’t forget to run an “Advanced” search to expand the time period to at least the previous 1-2 years.

  • You can run a Google search once you know what laser you need. For example, search for “San Francisco GentleLASE” at and see what comes up. Make sure to call each clinic to make sure they still have the right laser.

  • You run a provider search with your zip code on the following laser manufacturer websites:

Candela GentleLASE Alexandrite or GentleYag ND:Yag in the US:

GentleLASE Alexandrite in the UK:

Lumenis LightSheer Diode:

Cutera Coolglide ND:Yag:

Or on these sites:

American Society of Dermatological Surgery for clinics in the US

General Clinic Directory in the UK:

  • Lastly, you can check your local Yellow Pages or for listings in your area, and call to confirm that they have the right type of laser

Of course, as mentioned in the FAQs, do check out at least 3-4 clinics and compare everything before you make your final decision.

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the best way to find laser hair in your area is referral and NOT by some MD who is getting a piece of the pie. I used to see an MD in NJ (first place was a derm ofc, 2nd an OB/GYN ofc). I had spotty hairy areas and been thru the bar mark burns are well. I started going to a medi-spa in Pearl River NY and have not been happier!!! I donated my razors!! FINALLY I am hair free this summer!! Kudos to Kelly my laser tech!!

If you’re a true consumer, maybe you can provide us with more details on type of laser used, what areas you’re treating, etc. Results depend on experience of the person you’re getting treated by, the right machine and settings, etc.

Yes, I am a true consumer. I was originally treated with IPL which is NOT the best method for hair removal (now I know). I started with full leg hair removal. I went to an MD who used an older gentlelase unit but was left with spotty areas. Both the MD and tech left me with bar marks, etc. THankfully they cleared. I was referred to a tech at a medi-spa in pearl river, ny and received treatment with the latest Gentlelase/Alex unit. She did a PERFECT job on the first shot (and they say there is no such thing as perfect? LOL) I am thrilled and scheduled for additional areas for hair removal. Their pricing also fit my budget. Kelly is the best! -Kath

Hey lagirl. Your stories were very encouraging. I’m new to the forum and also new to really taking charge of this hair problem. I’m African-American and my skin type would be somewhere between a IV and V. How can I determine the type of laser best suited for me before I even find the best clinic out there? I’m very cautious about asking various clinics because they may say anything to get me to choose them.

Given the area and your skin type, you should also have a consultation with an electrologist and weigh the pros and cons of each method. Make sure you read the Laser FAQ here carefully as well.

If you read the FAQs at the link below and take a look at the form we post to help ask questions at the consultations, you’ll be able to judge whether you’re a good candidate.

Please start a new thread and we’ll be able to address your problem specifically. This thread is meant for general knowledge.

p.s. If you’re African American, you’re probably at least a type V, likely VI. So a Yag laser is necessary. Also, you need to have coarse hair. Otherwise, electrolysis is a more appropriate method.

I would have to disagree with Vickie. Most electrologists are unfortunately still very biased to electrolysis. The ones on this forum have come around to understand the benefits of laser. But I still wouldn’t trust most to tell me the unbiased truth about which method is best just like I wouldn’t trust most laser operators to give me unbiased information about electrolysis. The problem is that either one is mostly unfamiliar with the other method and often only learned the negative aspects which helps promote their business.

Anyone have any experience with American Laser Centers?

I switched techs because after a few yrs of IPL, I thought the benefits were not worth it all. There is a center in my area, and I paid for full body treatments which should take about 2 yrs to complete. They guarantee that after two yrs, if hair grows back within 2 yrs after that, the treatments are free.
They have both laser and IPL, but I want to stick with laser now being IPL did not seem to reduce the amount of hair coming back.

They suggest 10 weeks to wait per treatment area to be done again.

After 7 yrs of treatments (Candela GentleLase, Lightshear,
Palomar IPL) I have a lot of experience and still a lot of hair which :frowning: should be gone by now… but no luck. Yes I am satisfied of the difference, but I could have bought a house, with cash, after all this time…

If you continue to post here, the quoted information above would be helpful if you would put it in your signature. Then, we can see what brought you here in the first place. It helps us answer questions without shuffling through old posts. Include specifics about your hair density, thickness and color.

There have been a pattern of complaints from consumers over the years with American Laser Centers on this site as well as other sites. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission)
has an area on their website devoted to consumers that have specific complaints about commpanies that may overpromise to keep clients coming back for more. It sounds like you did not go there? but rather another place? GentleLase is a good laser. What area’s did you pursue? Skin color? Hair color? Hair thickness? Please offer more information. You may not have been a good candidate for light-based treatments and someone should have told you so. More details would certainly be helpful.

Seven years is a long tme to pursue hair reduction and still not be satisfied. If the FTC see’s a pattern of complaints from consumers about a certain business, then they may decide to pursue an investigation. One complaint will not set anythng in motion.

Is there a reason why you have spent all this time and money over the last seven years without seeing results? There are certain critical issues and behaviors that must be in place for hair removal/ reduction to succeed.


PLEASE fun a search for this clinic here! There is a ton of feedback. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything good about them. You have used much better lasers in the past (that you list). If those didn’t get you results, this won’t either. You should look into why you didn’t get results with the previous treatments. The most common reasons are low settings or hair that shouldn’t be treated in the first place (too fine, too light, etc). Please read the FAQs here ASAP.

I recommend the Soprano XL which can deal with your type of skin and hair. There is not any advantage with MD, an experienced tech will do well. One thing I can assure - you wont have burns anymore…

This is not true and completely misleading. Soprano is a diode. It can burn the skin like any other machine if the settings are set inappropriately for the skin type being treated.

Well sure, but someone who uses that machine night and day is not likely to make mistakes, specially since the Soprano is very hard to set incorrectly.

That’s what everyone who uses any machine says.

Either way, this thread is here to help find clinics, not to push your machine.

Hi everyone,

You might find this website useful:
It lists 100+ laser clinics. :slight_smile:


Is this a complete and updated list?

Thanks Rita for the link.


Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent priced place in Toronto that specifically uses the GentleLASE Alexandrite? All the links in the OP are for US or UK, it doesn’t search in Toronto. I found one that someone had posted on here before but abdomen was $250 which is pretty steep.

Use Google. Enter something like “GentleLASE Toronto” or “GentleMAX Toronto”.

Also, prices are usually negotiable.