How to be an awesome client

Text by Michael and video production by Josefa. If you like this, you may use it on your own website … ENJOY!

Just spoke to Jossie and she recomends THIS “Youtube” link:


Also, our own “Dee Dee” made several excellent suggestions to this video … thanks Dee!

Thumbs up, Michael.

Now here’s another idea for the producer and the director - how about a FAQ’s electrolysis video?

This is fab and in a very funny way also. Well done to all

Here is the edited version.

Excellent suggestion, Dee. We need to add to our list. The next project will be “Mistakes to Avoid as a Client”. And the “Warning Signs of Improper Treatment”

I hope that nobody feels alluded or offended. The vast majority of our customers are awesome and I am deeply grateful to my fate. These suggestions are inspired from mere occasional anecdotes. Do not forget that our goal is customer benefit.

Thanks Therese!

The youtube videos are no longer available?

Also, the “Warning Signs of Improper Treatment” video would be great!!

All in good time, my dear …

Thanks to Michael and Josefa for a great video (only the first link worked but I assume its the same one).

Much of this could also be generalized to service jobs in general, I’ve dealt with customers myself for a long time and I know how important their attitude is on my mood and my day (and probably my long term mental health).

I promise to keep this in mind in the future for my (very likely) electrolysis treatment.

Hi i have been trying to become a member of this forum for a long time and i have finally gained access!! I am a 19 year old female who shaved nearly every part of my body when i was around the age of 10. I have fine hairs all over my body which i find very depressing, i actually cry about this everyday and i feel asif there is nothing i can do to help the situation! I hate myself for doing such a silly thing when i was younger and i hate how it has such an impct on my life… I have recently been looking into electrolysis to help permenantly remove the hair and get away from the mistake but i have read many stories about it not being permenant… Is this true? I really dont know what to do as i dont know if it will be permenant or not

Well, one thing for CERTAIN … you can stop blaming yourself for shaving because the shaving did NOT cause more hair growth. This is absolutely not possible.

Thank you for your reply. I think by me shaving, it activated the growth of hair… For example… The lower inner arm had no visable hair to begin with but now does. After electrolysis treatment is done… Is the follicle sealed or just left as an open hole sort of thing? And is electrolysis definately permenant? I have read that some people have been hair free for a couple of years and then have hair grow back

Thanks again for your reply.

Ok Manchester.

Here is what Michael was getting at. Shaving, does nothing to the hair. It simply cuts the hair off at the surface. It does nothing tot he follicle . You did nothing wrong, the hair you have growing is simbly because of your age and the hormones active in your endocrine system. There is absolutely no way you could have shaved and affected the hair follicles in ANY WAY.

Electrolysis done properly disables the hair follicle and that follicle never grows another hair. So it is permanent. Your skin has a set number of follicles and once disabled they never grow another hair ever.

Some follicles previously dormant may develop a hair if hormone changes dictate it, but once disabled they too never grow another hair.

So relax. Electrolysis works and is permanent.You may want to consider though if they are fine hairs whether they are worth removing with electrolysis . Shaving may suffice.


Seana … I have just 3 words:

Beau … ti … ful

Thank you. It is fine hairs all over… Belly, back, arms, breasts, hands even bum! I dont want to hve to shave al of these areas all the time as it makes me feel like a ‘freak’. I am just trying to find the best solution so i can move on with my life without feeling depressed. I dont want to live life thinking ‘has it grown back’ thats whyy i have been looking into electrolysis as it is the only permenant way’. Will it be harder with fine hair to be permenantly removed or less effective? And even after electrolysis will i still be left withh the visible follicle or will it be sealed? Also is the hair follicle disabled or killed?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for all the questions

Electrolysis works perfectly on fine hair.

It does Adrien but the difference is fine hair can become very exacting and fussy, with lots of shallow insertions.

Manchester, I’m going to recommend you go look at Mr Bono’s wound healing module if you want both the long and short answers to the “skin healing over or remaining open” question. The answer is there!

Maybe such lengthly explanations are useful Michael.


I agree with Seana and would add that Manchester should go for an appointment with an electrologist to have her situation professionally assessed.

Gosh, hope my long-winded ordeal is helpful in some way.

(Loving our conversation one youtube Seana … tee hee)

Would you not recommend electrolysis on fine hairs? Do you think i wont get very good results or that it may take longer to treat with the hair being fine? Also, i am indian with tanned skin, do you think itll be a risk even considering being treated?
I will have a look at the video’s now…:slight_smile:

Thank you Seana and adrien