How do I start a new topic?

Registered users who are logged in can start a new topic:

  1. Click on the appropriate forum (see Categories)

  2. Click on + New Topic just below your avatar in the upper right corner. It’s in the lower left corner of the image below.



I have just registered an hour ago but I cannot see the option to create a new topic on any of the forums. Do I need to do something special to my account? In the badges section I saw a badge for completing an interactive tutorial for new users, however I cannot find this interactive tutorial anywhere- do I need to complete the tutorial in order to post?

Please let me know if there is anything I need to do in order to post properly on the forums.

Thank you so much!!

To post, simply go to the relevant topic and scroll to the bottom. For instance, if you are looking for home use laser/IPL, go to the topic and scroll to the end.

At the bottom of each topic, it will say:

There are no more Do-It-Yourself Laser/IPL topics. Why not create a topic?

This is designed so people don’t ask the same question that’s already been answered.

Hello, I just joined this website and would like to post a new topic regarding my electrolysis treatment but I am unable to post a new topic? Is there a way I can or am I not allowed to?

I mean, I see no way to start a new topic and when I go to the topic page how can I scroll down past 12,000 pages of topics under electrolysis? Is this website not working properly or am I not seeing something?

please Help I am unable to understand how to navigate this site , tons of ads and hard to use and no explanations anywhere

new board members are restricted from posting new topics until they’ve been here for a little while. Be patient.
If you are seeing advertisements, you may want to check your computer for ad-ware, since hairtell doesnt have any paid advertisements.

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To offset the cost of the upgrade and maintenance, we do serve ads now.