Home electrolysis

One of the most frequently-asked questions I get is about do-it-yourself electrolysis.

Home electrolysis tips

This method is easiest on just a few hairs in an area you can see directly or in a mirror. If you can’t see them, you can’t treat them, so sideburns and back can be difficult to treat.

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Nice to find this site! I was surfing a site that sold all kinds of equipment, globally. I was about to plunk down some money and then I found this site. I think I will do more research.

Anyway, about 20 years ago :frowning: I bought a probe type hair remover from I believe Inverness. I tried it on a 2" round spot on the inside if my calf.

It made the hair pores red and itch for a day or two, but was not uncomfortable. But it did work. To this day there are only 4 hairs in that spot.

To make a long story short, I did not have someone to help me continue at that time and then the little unit got lost. Now I have someone that wants to help (They have a steady hand and good eyes)finish the job at home.

Do they still make that equipment or does somebody make something equivalent? :frowning:

Hey Puff–

Good to have you here! Sounds like you almost bought from those scummy Global Electrolysis Supply people! Glad I spared you the trouble!

The One Touch is still made. Below are some links about it:

Hairfacts: home electrolysis puchasing information

Hairfacts: home electrolysis tips

Thank you…and yes you did spare me and my money.

That is it…the One Touch. I know that it wasn’t very sophisticated (SP?) but it did work. What is your opinion of it. The time it will take to use it is of little consiquence now.

Infact, my man will enjoy the together time and I will enjoy the pampering. :stuck_out_tongue:

What else have you seen on the market that works and wont break the bank (over $300.00)?

Does Texas Elecrolysis Supply have a good reputation? :confused:

Yes, they do, Puff! They have a good selection of pro epilators and pain reducing creams and topicals.

Texas Electrolysis Supply website

(note: this is not an endorsement. no claim is made as to the quality of their services. I have not received any negative feedback, just positive feedback to date.)

I have been researching the home electrolysis units available, and I was very happy to find this site. I have read all the info at Hairfacts and was thinking of purchasing the Emjoi Beauty Forever Hair Remover, but after reviewing this site I see that you recommend the One Touch product. What is the difference between these two products? My intention is to attempt to permanently remove the hair on my legs. I understand this may take me “years” to complete. but if I get started then it will be done sometime and I can hopefully give up the dreaded razor. I plan to start on the lower portion and work my way up. I would eventually like to do the bikini area as well. Any additional advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Welcome, npetty!

The Emjoi Beauty Forever is an electric tweezer scam. Electric tweezers like this have been shown to be temporary in clinical studies. FDA has stated “there is no statistically significant scientific data available at this time to support promotional claims of permanent or long-term removal of hair through use of the device.”

For more on electric tweezers, see:

Hairfacts: electric tweezers

For more on legitimate methods of home electrolysis where a probe is inserted into the follicle, please see:

Hairfacts: home electrolysis

Thank you so much for replying so quickly.

I will purchase the one touch today. I have found a site that has it for less than any other (not incl. purchasing from e-bay). It is $27.99 at ULTA.com. They do not sell the extra stylet tips but I found those at Folica for $5.95. I have not searched everywhere for the stylet tips though.

Do you recommend that I go ahead and purchase the additional tips to have on hand before I start my “project”? What is the life of these?

What other products do you recommend that I have to get started, besides the tweezerman slant tip tweezers and the basic cleaning (alcohol)
Is there any other products that would be helpful to prepare the skin/hair follicles?
And for afterwards, should I use a special lotion?

What do you think of the “new” shave minimizing lotions?

I am very anxious to get started, but really want to be prepared.


The tips can get bent easily, so some people prefer to have a few extra on hand. If you’re careful, they’ll last a while.

I explain the equipment you might want here:

Hairfacts: home electrolysis tips

I discuss the shave minimizing lotion under
the Shaving forum. Bottom line: they can make hair appear finer, but they have no effect on hair growth.

Check out the home electrolysis tips for plenty of info from those who had success. I personally don’t recommend it because the failure rate is pretty high, but some consumers have been very pleased with their results.

npetty…looks like we are on the same path. Want to race and see who get done quicker :stuck_out_tongue:

With a name like “Petty” Hmmmmmm…sorry I just had to say it.

Good luck. I am going to try to pick up a On Touch locally next week. If I can’t find one then I will order one. I also believe I will try some ELA-Max 5.

First i would like to thank Hairfacts for saving me a lot of cash :smile: .i was seriously thinking of buying a unit from “global e supply” until i read about them, enough said about that.
I’m a trans person m2f, i’ve had quite a lot of electrolysis but still have my top lip and under my chin to do, i’m looking for a good machine to finish the job, can anybody recommend a company or website where i could purchase a good machine that uses blend or just galvanic, i would prefer it to be in the uk.
Ros… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, i can recommend “One Touch” i used one a few years ago, it was slow but did the job…

                  Ros.   :smile:

You might check out this site, which has a device for about US$200-something:

Amanda’s electrolysis device (Australian)

There are a couple of caveats, though-- I don’t know what the regulatory status of this device is in the US-- it might be stopped at customs if they are not registered with FDA.

I do not know anyone who has purchased this device or used it. The manufacturer wrote to me, and appears to be honest and ethical, as well as an engineer.

I have not inspected the device personally, and I have no way of knowing about the manufacturers business practices at this time.

(note: this is not an endorsement, but a suggestion for further research. No claim is made as to the quality of this device or the service from this company)

Thanks Andrea.
It looks ok but i would prefere somewhere nearer England, i have to find a machine because my usual electrologist is moving in a few weeks. Ros.

You might ask your electrologist if he or she has any used equipment they will be selling when they move.

i have already asked, unfortunatly no go, she is moving equipment and all.
Well i’ll keep trying.

I’m interested in buying a home unit for personal use. I’m patient and will take my time, but I honestly have no clue which brand/model I should be going for.

If there are any that are under $50 and work well, I’d appreciate if someone would let me know a good brand and model that they’ve had good experiences with. I see a few different ones on various webpages but I’d rather ask before just randomly picking one out. Thanks!

Welcome, natalie!

For under US$50, your best bet is the One Touch, You can buy it at many drugstore chains and at beauty supply stores.

You can also buy it online, which I discuss on my site:

Hairfacts: home electrolysis purchasing info

Thanks, I’ll plan on purchasing one of those probably.

I’m a very patient and very precise person (with steady hands, too, I may add!) and am good at following directions. I know home electrolysis is recommended against but… if I follow directions, take my time, and use the tool properly, should I see lasting results? (permenant is what I’m going for)

Thanks for your advice!