Help! Male with over 2 years of treatment

This is the first time I’m posting.

I’m a 25 y/o white male, pale skin and light-to-brown hair. I live in California, where an MD has to run the facility where the laser is used. My dermatoligist/laser practioner was convinced that I had dark roots to my blonder hairs, so I should respond to treatment; of course, due to the nature of the technology, she couldn’t make any guarantees.

Two years ago (I was 23) I wanted to get rid of the hair on my chest,abs, arms/hands, lower back/buttox (where it was blonde), and the slight blonde patch I had in between my shoulder blades, along w/ the back of my neck, and the few dark strays I had poking out of my shoulders.

My dermatoligist started using a Lightshear Diode Laser on me. I worked my way up to a very high pulse level, and did over 11 rounds of treatment on all those areas, coming in every 6-8 weeks at first, and slowly taking longer breaks as I progressed further in rounds.

Every time I received treatment, the hairs would fall out, etc, but slowly over 2 months, they’d begin to come back.

After almost 2 years of treatments, on my chest/abs (where the hair was dark), and lower back/buttox (where the hair was blonde) there was significant progress. The lower back/buttox area was reduced to very fine, and very light hairs–almost invisible. The chest was reduced at least 60%, although there still was a lot left.

I have since gone 6 months w/out treating my lower back/buttox, and it has remained thin/fine almost invisible, so I’m begining to think this change is “permanent”, which is great. I’ve gone 3.5 months since I’ve treated my chest/abs, and it’s still 60% reduced from 2 years ago when I started, so I’m begining to think this reduction might be “permanent” as well, which although isn’t 100% smooth, it’s still a good start and not bad, especially if I can clear it even more with further rounds of treatment.

However, the shoulders, back of the neck, and upper back patch had only gotten worse. My doctor gave up, and said perhaps I should see someone else and try an Alexandrite lazer to see if that would provide better results. My doctor was confused as to why I was needing to undergo so many rounds; she’d hoped that 10 at most was all I’d need. But here, after over 11 rounds, I still had areas that weren’t responding to treatment.

I went through 2 rounds of the Candela Gentle Laze Alexandrite laser, and after a couple of months, the hair in these trobulesome areas started to come back (I treated only my neck, upper back, and chest/abs). This new practioner believed that I just needed to stay on top of it, and keep coming back for more rounds of treatment, perhaps for another 10 rounds even, and eventually we’d kill them-- at least the hairs on my upper back/neck-- which are the areas i want to clear the most.

I’ve since moved to Los Angeles, and I have to find a new laser practioner.

I went to the Candela website, and they have a very poorly designed practioner-search tool. Of the 6 or so practioners in LA that use their products, only 1 of them seemed to operate on a weekend (I’m too busy during the week to see a dr). I had a consultation, and their nurse thought I was borderline; they could maybe help reduce, but they doubted that my upper back/neck could be cleared. She thought my hairs were mostly too fine/light. But to my eye, they look pretty dark.

I’d like to get another opinion, but I don’t want to go to the quacks that advertise in the newspapers, etc.

So here are my questions:

A) Am I a hopeless cause?? I hate the sinking feeling that I might not be able to get effective, and permanent, treatment. If the Alexandrite and the Diode can’t help me, what should I do? This is too large of an area to rely on electrolysis.

B) How can I find a good doctor/practioner? Is there a State or neutrally run website that lists reliable (i.e. non quacks, con artists, etc) practioners in the state of California?

Please offer me any advice you can; thanks for your time.

It is my opinion that if you are sure Electrolysis is not for you, on large areas, which is my decision as well (I tried and saw that it was not going to work out for me), then I suggest you get a patch test with the Aurora. I have also gotten many treatments with Laser about 7 years ago with similar results as you, and I can tell you that after 6 years since my last treatment I consider the reduction to be PERMANENT. I have found the Aurora to be able to do for me what Laser couldn’t, in that my hair responded the way people reported their dark hair responded to Laser. I saw a reduction as well as REMOVAL of hairs. I Say get a patch test, because for some reason the Aurora works amazingly well on some people and not so well on others. I can only tell you one more thing, and that is you would be better off trying Electrolysis rather then Laser, because as you and I have both found out, Laser just doesn’t work that well on lighter hair. If you have never heard of the Aurora, then go to this website:, and search the RECENT posts in this FOrum about the “aurora” for more info. Also be aware that at your age you are still producing a lot of new hairs, and that any treatment you get, no matter how permanent, will entail touch up treatments every once in a while to deal with new hair, but it will certainly be a major improvement that will probably be very satisfying for you.

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What is the Aurora? According to, it’s not a permanent hair removal method, but a “long-term hair removal” product. I don’t want to wax, or employ a temporary solution. I am seeking permanency-- no stuble, regrowth, etc. Is that what this is?

I have no idea where you are seeing that info on the Aurora, but it is as far from waxing as Laser is. Could you tell me where that is said on the Hairfacts page?

Sure; I did a “search” on the hairfacts website, and here’s the specific URL:

I don’t understand if Aurora is a laser treatment, or something different. The website offers no links, studies, information or even pages; it’s merely a business card with their phone numbers. It doesn’t even describe what the products do, or the names of the products!

This leaves me very curiuous… what is this possible solution to my problems? doesn’t even really describe it.

In fact, this is all it says about it (!) :

There has been a lot of interest in this combination, but little clinical data, and even less long-term follow-up.

This leaves me VERY curious! Is it a form of laser??

Thanks again for all your time, Redhead…

You know what, it looks like they must be updating their website, because your right, their is no info there right now. Believe me, they have tons of info usually. Until the website is back up, check out “”, they swithed from the Diode to the Aurora last year at all their clinics, and they have info there. You can also look at “”, as they are also using the Aurora and have info.

So does the Aurora require any topical anesthetics?

I know that the Diode sure did. It was such a relief to switch to the Gentle Laze, which did not-- it freezes the skin w/ I think some form of cryogen so that the skin is completely numb moments before the zap. There is no need to prep or apply any ointments, etc before the treatment, which is amazing and time efficient.

Does the Aurora have a numbing device so that no topical anesthesia is recommended?

Please let me know.

Has Laser technology improved over the past two years?

As mentioned in my first post two years ago, I am a white male with pale skin, brown (w/ some blondish/redish) haired mail who underwent 2 years of laser treatment - 12 rounds I believe - on my entire upper body - arms, chest, abs, shoulders, back, etc.

I never had a thick hair problem, but I was never able to rid myself of the hair - it would always grow back.

I did all this when I was aged 23 - 25.

I’ve since been undergoing electrolises on my back for the past 1.5 years, which works - it just requires a LOT of work and time and effort.

I want to clear out my chest/abs, and I would like to use laser, but not if the technology hasn’t improved, as laser just did not work for me…

Anyone know if it’s improved?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

What happened in your situation depends on what laser you used and at what settings. In general, it’s hard to treat reddish and blond hair even still. the dark hair should be treated well though if they’re coarse enough and a good laser is used at correct settings for your skin type. can you provide more information about your experience?

I am a 24 yo male. I had about 11 laser treatments on my beard. The result was very patchy hairloss with lots of sporadic regrowth. Treatments were with American Laser Center on the Aurora and Comet. I had high settings. I was an “ideal candidate” with light skin and dark hair. I stopped four months ago and am waiting to see if it will all grow back. I hope it does since the patchiness is really bad. My advice is cut your losses. Young guys just have too much testosterone to get good results. Search on here. There are a couple other young guys with similar experiences to yours and mine.

mm…that, makes me wonder wether i get or not laser treatment, to remove back hair and chest mm…being 24 years old would not help that much :S if i wanna get a permanent reduction it may work? anyways…i will see what to do

It sounds like jimmyjames might have been using the wrong laser for his situation???

one thing is apparent at least. noone on these forums has seen great results with either. i’m suspicious of thei “RF” technology. in addition to that, ALC is notorious for unexperienced underpaid tech, so the patchiness is most likely due to not overlapping properly during treatments, especially on a dense area like the face. jimmyjames should have used an independent clinic who would care about his results and which uses well-trained techs and an good alex, diode, or a Yag laser.

mavraky, that was not a fact. it’s a personal opinion. for every bad experience, there are plenty of good ones. it’s up to you what you decide, but you should read the faq’s to get a better idea of what this entails.

I do think poor results were due to inexperienced techs and lack of overlapping. Still, even when I went for reshoots 3 weeks after to get any missed hairs I still had patchy regrowth. It’s just really difficult for young guys to get good results on hormonal hair.

the problem here with lack of consistency (i.e. retreating missed areas carefully AND every single time patches were missed) creates a pattern that disrupts the growth of all follicles. meaning that the more you do that and if you’re not very careful every time and overlap like you should etc, all those hairs that are still missed each time get out of synch in terms of hair cycles. that’s how you end up with patchiness in the long run. when you have a bunch of treatments and reshoots and some is missed every time. you get patches of hair that are all out of synch.

Dude, go get electrolysis. Stop all the doubt and wonder. I went through that too with a diode laser. Just get it started. $70 bucks an hour and just make regular weekly visits and buy package deal. It really is worth it.

It just pains me to see people like you surrounded by confusion when there is a surefire, no frills method of dealing with unwanted hair. Go get one session done, see formyourself.



How many treatments on IPL/diode did you have and how much regrowth did you get?

I’m curious since I had 9 IPL and 2 diode. I’m hoping it just all grows back uniformly.

he had 5 treatments with the Comet (supposed to be diode with RF, but so far noone has actually reported any results from this “new revolutionary laser”, so it seems to be just false hype) spaced only 6 weeks apart.


he had 5 treatments with the Comet (supposed to be diode with RF, but so far noone has actually reported any results from this “new revolutionary laser”, so it seems to be just false hype) spaced only 6 weeks apart.

…Hmmm… Jimmy James, I’m trying to think if I was ever cloned, or, if I got too tipsy, answered your post, then forgot I ever answered it. In any case, I’ll answer it before another Mantaray comes along.

I had five treatments with a diode. And, by going to the website, yes, we can all see it is clearly a diode, with a superboost given by the Radio Frequency combined. Anyway, I had five very high-powered treatments with just the diode laser settings alone. And, like the chorus of laser clients here, my hair shed and I thought I was hair free after spending thousands of dollars.

Some people would like to think that this is all some wacky story I cooked up. But believe me, the pain to my pocket book, and the burns that gdm laser gave me were very real. -About 90% grew back. No kidding. I actually had a better ‘Permanent Reduction’ when I used a rotary epilator that plucked the hairs out repeatedly. And, six week intervals are within standard range.

Others have also been treated with it. The poster GDubber was also treated with the Comet. He returned later asking about electrolysis a well. It’s made by the same company that makes the Aurora, which several have been treated with here, and it uses the same principles as the Aurora.

You know, I just tell it like it is. I have nothing to sell, no campaign, and I’ve tried everything. Electrolysis has been proven for over a hundred years. I now put my money there. And really, I don’t think you should bombard your skin anymore. Start thinking about your skin’s health. Skin cancer could easily creep into the picture. Like many others here that did the same, I’m now very happy.


no, you weren’t cloned. as hilarious as you want to sound, i just stated the facts. it’s also a fact that you just started electrolysis 1 month ago and have no way of evaluating the results yet. you were also “very happy” after your first four treatments with the Comet if jimmyjames wants to look through your previous postings. Your statements on electrolysis are not indicative of anything FOR NOW, but personal belief and desire for it to work.

there are only 2 people on the forums who have ever reported any results with Aurora and the height of those results was only 60% removal by BRR on the legs. BRR also switched machines after that to a true laser and experienced better results. Neither the Comet or the Aurora seem to be effective lasers. Personally, I wouldn’t get treated with either myself. The sun, fake sugar, etc have been proven to cause cancer. There hasn’t been a single study or article stating that about laser hair removal devices. Sure, you never know. But then maybe we should start recommending everyone to stay away from everything that can potentially caust cancer. You might have to lock yourself in a bubble and never leave. The list is endless by the way considering all the chemicals that are used in the food you just even eat everyday.