Help - Bikini area is impossible!!

I need some advice on shaving my bikini area. I have coarse, thick hair & cannot shave on a regular basis or else I would bleed to death!! I can shave on a biweekly (weekly if I’m lucky) basis where it does not bleed, any more frequent & I am all cut up (I use a 4 blade razor w/ shaving cream). I get a lot of bumps as well. I’ve been reading a lot of posts & am going to try the Tend Skin (or the homemade equivalent).

I have had professional waxing, but found this to be quite painful with so-so results, horrible ingrown hairs & some bad bruising.

I am also researching laser hair removal & think this may be a great option b/c of my fair complextion & dark hair.

Any advice or helpful tips would be much appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Laser would be a great option for you in this area if you are indeed a good candidate and the correct laser is used by a skilled technician. I would go for it and end all the skin “pain” caused by waxing and shaving.

After you receive laser, you will probably need electrolysis to clean up the few hairs that are left, or you may need nothing further if those hairs do not bother you.

There are some tips for shaving that can lessen reactions like you describe, but you will have to hunt for that information by using the search function of this website.


Have you tried epilating? It’s like waxing, but it’ll work with very small stubble, sometimes even with stubble you can’t see.

Epilating will keep the hair from growing back for several weeks and even if you do choose to go back to shaving, there’ll be less hair to shave each time as you’ll be working with different growth cycles.

Shaving irritation comes from, well “shaving” so many hairs at one time. It doesn’t really come from the razor friction on your skin. So the less hair you’re shaving, the less (if any) skin irritation you’ll get.

As far as the bikini area? I epilate my entire male body and I’m noramlly a hairy sumbitch. If you can get over the slight discomfort of the first few times, daily or weekly touch-ups are a snap. Here again, the less hair you’re shaving/waxing/epilating, the less pain you’re gonna feel.

I have not tried epilating - I will have to look into that. I just remember hearing horror stories about the epilady & never knew much more than that…
Thanks for the tips

I use a Braun Silk Epil 5270. It has 40 metal tweezer clamp things on a rotating barrel. The trick is to use it on relatively short hair. It comes with a oscilating shave head with an attachment that’s supposed to trim your hair to the optimal length for epilating. I’ve never used it myself, as I have been epilating mostly stubble.

Forget all what you remember or heard about the original epilady. That thing was archaic. We had one back in the day and yes, it was a horrible device, but modern epilators are much more advanced in design and work much better.

I do all of my body including anal crack and pubic area. That area probably hurts the worst, but I grin and bear it. Fortunately I have a bed-side commode that is open just under the seat, so I just reach under there and go to work. It’s blind work, but what else you gonna do (if doing it yourself). Pubic area is actually not bad.

Doing the legs is a piece of cake. No pain there at all. In fact, you’re more apt to feel the rotating barrel on your legs more than it ripping the hair out.

If you get horrible ingrowns with waxing I would really think twice against epilating. I loved my epilator at first, but after a few months I ended up with terrible ingrowns over my legs and bikini line. I haven’t used it in over a year and I’m still trying to get rid of all of the ingrowns it caused.

I agree. Plucking, waxing, and epilating all rip the hair out by the root, and if you are prone to ingrown hairs, you’ll get them no matter which method of ripping you choose. I have never had an ingrown hair caused by electrology. I’d go for that.

Shaving also causes ingrowns for me – or at least it used to. The Spiro has made my body hair a bit softer so ingrowns are much less a problem now.

I myself refuse to do lasers, but I doubt they cause ingrowns.

read my story. I had similar issues and don’t have them anymore thanks for laser hair removal. if you do your research (use this forum!) and find a good machine and person to do it, you will be very happy.

A four blade razor isn’t a good idea for the bikini line. All you really need is a double bladed razor and a good shave gel. I just use a slim twin disposable and the aveeno with soy shave gel which puts me through much less trouble than the quattro I used before and much less little bloody dots. Be sure to soak a little first.

Applying astringent like witch hazel afterward helps and baby powder is good for keeping you dry and reducing friction. (I’m not sure if the medicated yellow lid kind really makes a difference but if it works for baby rashes…)

After doing some more research, I do think epilating may not be the best option for me. I am still researching Laser Hair Removal to make sure I know the right questions to ask in my consultation. In the meantime, I will try going to a twin razor. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem you have and the most you’ll ever need are two blades. It seems like any more than that are just extra blades scraping over delicate skin. :frowning: But definitely, good luck with that laser. Even if it doesn’t wipe out everything completely, you’ll hardly ever have to shave when you’re done. :slight_smile:

Finally set my consultation (laser) for this week. I will give an update soon.

Laser is definitely the way to go. I’ve had two laser treatments and it’s made a huge difference already.

I went for my first laser session about 3 weeks ago - so far so good. The numbing cream made it painless & it took less than 20 minutes. So long razor burn… :cool:

can you please post ont he laser section of this forum and give a more detailed description of your treatment? if it’s painless, you may be getting undertreated. what machine are they using? do you know the settings? also, since it’s been 3 weeks, has all the treated hair shed at this point (b/c is should have)?

Compared to using No numbing cream - it seemed pretty painless to me. I had great results. Thanks.

I also think laser hair removal is the best thing that you can do. it’s not that painful, and it really works. read this article from …it also evens out the color of your skin so complexion wont be a problem.

you mean this is your only post and you’re in no way promoting your own site here?

That’s not what I hear from my clients who have had laser in this area or other areas as well.They say it hurts like hell. Permanent hair removal is ouchy, whether it be laser or electrolysis. We don’t want to mislead people here.

+1 - but it is worth it and it beats shaving. :slight_smile: