From Italy, with love (and hair).

Hi everyone.
Sorry for my poor english. I’m an italian girl and I live here in Italy.
I have PCOS. In the last months, i developed a lot of hair on my body. The hair isn’t coarse (except on my bikini, pits and lower legs, but this is normal). It looks like i have accelerated vellus on the 90% of my body. My entire arms, my face (chin is the worst part), my belly, my chest, my lower and upper back, my shoulders. Everywhere.

I started Dianette 1 months ago so i hope this will help.

I can easily manage the hair using bleaching product but, you know, the hair are still there, light but healty and proud :smiley:

my chin looks like this (when is bleached. my real hair are dark):

in photograpy is less noticeable but in “real life”, is exactly like this…and obviously is the part of my body that bother me the most.
What do you think? can i remove it with electro?
Do you think that it’s a good idea or it’s better to continue bleaching and learn to accept this?

The problem is that in certain light is reaaaaaaally noticeable. Like in my car mirror. OMG. When i am in my car, it looks like i have a beard :o

i also have to tell you an important thing.
I suffer of body dismorphic disorder. So i exaggerate a lot my problem, obviously. Everyone around me say that the problem is reaaaaaaally light. And the hair they see on my body is really thin and not disgusting. But of course i see myself like an hairy monster.

So, my questions:
What do you think i have to do?
Can i get rid of this thiny hair with electro? Starting with my chin and then doing the other area (like my shoulders and between my breast…)?
Bleaching is safe? I’m really afraid because a friend told me that bleach makes the hair stronger and longer and coarser. Is this real?

And the last question. I read on this forum that wax isn’t good. And i really agree with you, in my experience. But i cannot understand WHY everyone tell me that wax make the hair thinner and better. WHY? this is a lie, so WHY? Why everyone believe it? Wax doesn’t work on me because i have PCOS? I really don’t know.

A kiss and an hug from the sunny italy.
Ps: do you know a good electrologist in Milan?

hi samafe
your english is perfect, dont worry about that!

Dianette (or Diane 35 also called)works very well to control PCOS hormones I found, and it helped me with hair growth. I dont know how old you are - but if you are not financially independent, perhaps electrolysis will not be easy for you to fund - as it is expensive. In this case, you could try Vaniqua cream, which you can get on prescription from the same doctor who diagnosed you with PCOS.

If you are really ready for some pain (!) and what the experts promise is a permanent solution - then go for the electrolysis. You will have to look around in Milan yourself and try to find a place that suits you - the technique the person uses (thermolysis, galvanic or blend), the price, the atmosphere etc.

As somebody with same issues, here are three suggestions for you - first and most important - the PCOS is likely the main cause of your hair growth, so even if you remove all hair, it will come back if you dont manage those hormones! Keep taking the Dianette and consider using Vaniqua cream. Talk to the doctor who diagnosed you.

Second piece of advice - and you will see this written in lots of places on this forum for girls with PCOS- DO NOT laser, as this may stimulate follicles that are dormant right now.

Third piece of advice - DO NOT use tweezers or wax, as this can also stimulate new growth in dormant follicles. I know it sounds terrible, but better to use a razor or depilatory cream. You may worsen the situation.

I wish you luck and also, its true - very often we are the only people who really see our own hairs and the situation is not that bad; so take some time to think about what you really want and dont rush into anything. Electrolysis takes a lot of commitment from you (going to painful appointments every week for months!)and is costly…but it does work…at least thats why i’m doing it!

take care bella

But Vaniqua ist costly as well, it does not always work and it even might stimulate hair growth after stopping to use it.

Regarding pain - especially in such a situation short Multiplex pulses on a Platinum might lead to a comparatively comfortable treatment, both in terms of healing and in terms of reduced pain.

Thank you, lan.
I’m 22 years old and i didn’t know that i have pcos until i stopped the pill in january. in this 4 months i develop a LOT of hair everywhere.
they are fine and non thick (i think because i never touched them) but they are dark because i’m a mediterranean girl.
I really don’t know what to do.
I have to bleach every week and i’m tired. Now i’m developing new hair on my neck in this first month with Dianette…What’s happening to me? I’m scared.

I went to a lot of doctor.
2 ginecologist–> PCOS, Diane. They cannot tell me more.
1 dermatologist–> the worst thing i ever did. she told me that i have to use laser on my face. i immediately run away. She looked at my hair saying “Yeah yeah, there are a lot of hair…”. I’m depressed since that day.
My gp–> such a sweet heart. She told me that the situation is not that worst and i’m desperate like this because of my body dismorphic desorder. I want to trust her but when i look at the mirror i just want to cry.

I really don’t know what to do.

Can i continue bleaching? I’m afraid this thing is making the hair worst :frowning:
I have to bleach every single week! and in the last days the hair started do be noticeable…why the bleach last this little?

Electro-question: how long does it takes to remove this type of hair? is difficult?

Help me, please.
Sorry and thank you.

I will try to take some photos.

Hi there,

I have the same problem. Not just my chin but my neck, jawline and cheeks were all like this. I also have black hair and have bleached it for the past 10 years. I also bleach my chest/torso and sometimes shoulders/back. The upper arm/shoulders have very fine hair that I don’t think I will get removed but the fact they are naturally black makes it look weird when I remove the hair on the rest of the arm so I bleach them :slight_smile:

Bleaching does not make the hairs thicker or stronger. Many women start to bleach when the hair first becomes noticeable. They mis-attribute it becoming thicker and stronger to the bleach when in reality even if they had done nothing, it would have happened. I know lots of women who in their early 20’s started developing more and coarse chin hairs.

I have had electrolysis to remove much of my facial hair. I still have a bit to go but not much. All the longer hairs on my chin have been removed and density decrease. The remaining ones are about 1-2mm length. I will go for a bit of a further reduction until such a point as the hair doesn’t show for the most part. Although I imagine I will still be able to see tiny hairs in a car mirror in strong daylight! But that doesn’t matter to me. I have tiny hairs on my upper lip remaining (after completing electrolysis). I can see them in some lighting conditions but to the eyes of other people - they say I don’t have hair there anymore.

Oh by the way, I had to bleach every single week too. Since the past year, since having a lot of work to reduce the hair, I don’t HAVE to bleach every week but I still prefer to. This is because the growing hairs are emerging black and make my skin look grey and dull, so I prefer to keep them bleached. If for some reason I can’t bleach on the weekend as I usually do, it’s not a problem. Before it was a big problem!

However, after the end of this year, when I complete more of a reduction, I hope it will go to every two weeks. Again, the reason is because I am leaving the tiny hairs and I prefer them to be blonde rather than black.

Thank you stoppit :slight_smile:
I’m really happy i can continue bleaching without making damage.

The hair on my chin are 2-3 mm long, but there are some hair 4-5 mm long. The hair on my cheecks are 5 mm long also. the hair on my upperlip are coarser because i wax them since i have 15 years. If i’ll undergo electro, i will take care of the.
My friends and my parents say that they don’t notice the hair on my face. Everyone says that doesn’t notice (except the dermatologist, who looked at me with a x10 lens). HOW can they don’t notice!? 4 mm long… :frowning: I notice them all the time.

I did some research online, in Italy is really difficult to find electrologist :frowning:


I was taking a look at the old thread in this forum and i found that DFAHEY (an electologist) told this:

Shaving would be better as bleaching falls into the catagory as a temporary method that can stimulate hair growth over time. For the short amount of time you have described, I’m not sure that will cause any issues.

Please, tell me that it’s only a nightmare. if i cannot bleach, i cannot go out. Please. Is this true?

I’ll tell you what I think. I know you will not like, however, I think you should know what it can (probably) happen.
Diane will decrease the size of the hairs. This is only temporary, ie for as long as you are taking. A few months after stopping the intake of synthetic hormones, your body will tend to make the type of hair that you should have at that time, ie, thicker hair. You believe that Diane has been responsible. In fact, it is not, responsible for this increase over time, Diane was just a false illusion. I hope that cyproterone acetate does not make you fall into a depression, this is a very common side effect, so please, if you start feeling any symptoms, talk about it with your doctor.
Bleaching the hair does not affect the hair root, so do not worry about it.

I know it, Josefa.
My ginecologist told me everything. The pill works only when i take it. When i stop it, the hair grow back.

But i’m only 22. What else could i do? I have new hair everyday…i HAVE to stop this thing. I’m desperate.

And yes, i’m REALLY DEPRESSED. But i’m depressed since January, when i started notice the hair increase…

What you think is the best thing for me to do? :frowning:

Follow the wise advice of Stoppit, she has experienced the same thing you are experiencing now, and she is trying to help others avoid making the same mistakes, taking the shortest way to be free of hair.
I would like to know something, do you have any extra weight? If so, I would replace hormone therapy for a good diet to reduce weight, prescribed by your endocrinologist, of course.

No, i have no extra weight…my weight is perfect for me. So i cannot do anything about it :frowning:

Thank you for your advises :slight_smile:

Great!, probably your ovarian disorders will be resolved soon. Another question, could you see if the growth pattern matches that of a family member? need not be the branch of the mother, perhaps some of the paternal aunt?

Oh, as for your depression. No reason to be. Your problem can be solved forever within hours.

I want to show you something. Your electrologist can use many tricks to display even more invisible hairs that you can imagine. Deflect light from the lamp so that the hair shine, hair dye if the hairs are in areas that can be hidden, apply mascara, etc.
This time we used the ethyl chloride to determine the density of hairs in the area. Look at the type of hair was removed, and see how beautiful skin is a couple of weeks later. The work was done with a IBP.
Before (28 March)

After (18 April)


i am/was in the same situation as you. i stopped taking the birth control pill in april 2010 and then all of a sudden developed hair everywhere.i got diagnosed with pcos about 4 months later. i think im the same type as you,not overweight, mediterranean typ and i have vellus hair all over my body. i started electrolysis (face)right after my diagnosis, and it really works!!! even though i couldnt get my hormons in balance (because i was trying to conceive and just had a baby 3 months ago :slight_smile: ), electrolysis did reduce my facial hair a lot.i also started it on my arms, chest and bicini…i really dont know what i would have done without it. i also feld so lost and depressed. before my pcos outbreak i feld pretty confidend and actually beautiful, after i was just trying to hide more or less,but now i almost feel like my old self again.
dont let your self down by stupid pcos, try to fight it :slight_smile:

Hi samafe,

The hair growth due to PCOS is your problem right now. Even if bleaching did make the hair thicker and stronger (I find it hard to believe) your condition would override this anyway.

I know a number of people who have PCOS. My cousin is one but the doctor said it was not severe enough for medication but it DID make her facial hair increase. The advice from her doctor was to change her eating habits completely to a diet with much fewer carbohydrates and lots of exercise. For the hair, first she started bleaching and then after speaking with me, has taken care of it with electrolysis.
We also suspect that my sister and friend both have this problem although it is not yet diagnosed. The fact that they both have regular periods means the Dr’s here do not pay so much attention. Neither has been referred to an endocrinologist yet.

However, let’s assume they both have it. The Pill would just be a temporary method to alleviate the symptoms (for them), only while they take it. For example, in the case the hair, acne or weight problems. My sister is also a completely normal weight but one of the tell tale signs is a huge amount of fat accumulated around the stomach area akin to a pregnancy of quite some months in. She also started a ‘diet’ (when I say diet I mean eating habits) which consisted of cutting out all refined carbohydrates and also eating less carbs in her diet generally. It made a good improvement in many ways, especially the abdominal fat, except of course the hair which once is there, is there to stay. She has made good progress with electrolysis as well (her diary is linked in my signature). Our father has type II diabetes which is prevalent in our family and there is a strong link with diabetes and PCOS which prompted us to try the diet change.

I think it is important for you to find out why your doctor has prescribed dianette. If it is purely for the hair, then you should realise that it is only temporary whilst you take it. And as you are doing, you may want to continue on your quest for permanent hair removal. And additionally doing some more research into PCOS (with the help of your Dr.) to see if there is anything you can do to keep the condition under control.

Thank you, Josefa. the pictures are awesome.
I really wish you were near. i definitelly want you to work on my face :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, i have no “living” women in my dad family, but he’s incredibly hair. i think is one of the hairest man in the world, no kidding :smiley:

my mother’s sister is a little bit hairy, but she only has moustache and sideburns. no chin hair at all. she has pcos, and my mom has pcos too but her “side effect” is acne, not hirsutism.

Thank you SO much. You’re exactly like me.
I feel so lonely and depressed…and no one can understand me because they think that the problem is “not that worst”. But is an hell for me, because i’m a pretty girl and the hair on my face are ruining my self esteem…

thank you, stopit.
i know that the pill only “cover” the problems. But i can’t live like this. i feel ugly…it’s such a new thing for me!
I really don’t know what to do…it seems like everything i do could make the thing worse…
i didn’t pluck because i read here that is a big NONO. so i started bleaching because i thought it is safe…if even bleach can make damage, i really don’t know what to do :frowning:

pics coming soon!

pictures taken by a friends not for showing the hair, so i know that they aren’t perfect pictures. but now you can understand what i mean.

pictures taken yesterday. i bleached my chin hair 10 days ago. the hair are still light but there are some hair that started to become darker…and some hair that are growing (black roots).

Pictures taken in sun light…it was a really sunny day…is this the right light?

REMEMBER! Real hair are dark.

REMEMBER2! i suffer from body dismorphic disorder. Please, tell me the truth. What you think i have to do? Electro?

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Based on what I see in those pictures, what you have thee is what I call zero socially significant facial hair. What you have there proves that you are human. If you had hair that was dark, and visible from 4 feet away (what we call, conversational distance away) then we would be ready to talk about doing some work.

At this point, my lawyer wants me to say that for Entertainment purposes only, you may want to consider increasing your Essential Fatty Acids (high in Omega 3, 6, & 9) sunflower seeds, and cashew nuts every day.