Feeling Sad

My 12 yo daughter is stoically undergoing electrolysis on her top lip. She’s determined to clear this area. Unfortunately for her there is a lot of hair on every part of her body. Ive posted about this for years. Its not improving with age which is what I used to tell myself would happen so that I didn’t worry myself sick over it.

Blood tests, drs appoints, endos = no answers.

In an ideal world she would like a hair free set of buttocks (I’m not joking), a hair free face and a belly button that didnt have a treasure trail running from it to down below. Arms, legs, feet - over caring about. Do you recall I said this poor girl was 12.

We are in New Zealand. There aren’t many choices for great electrologists here. We travel several hours to one in Auckland who is good but we can only go once a month and she is a very busy lady. An hour appointment once a month isn’t getting us anywhere.

Im at a complete loss as to what to do for her. She’s a beautiful, kind, caring, girl but its brutal out there. I could personally wring peoples necks when she comes home from school saying they call her moustache girl.

Laser is out. Im not prepared to risk making anything worse for her. Its light soft brown hair anyways. Birth control pills, spearmint tea, ??? Can anyone recommend this? Waxing, creaming, shaving - too temporary. This hair grows fast. Also she gets bumps and rashes so Im guessing these aren’t going to be good for her.

I desperately wanted to learn electrolysis in order to help her but my youngest got type 1 diabetes as I was putting pen to paper to enrol overseas in a course and I can’t/won’t leave her now.

Im not sure why Im writing this really. Theres no answers but Im just so upset for her.

If any great electrologists are ever in New Zealand looking for a home, bring your machine and you can stay with us as long as you like!

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I feel for you, but please know that you have options.

There are electrologists in Sydney and Melbourne who have clients fly over from New Zealand for treatments spanning across several days. It would require you to plan well in advance so that you can do as few treatments as possible and save on airfares, accommodation and other costs.

If I were you, I probably would be learning electrolysis, but my major concern would be getting more than enough solid practice on myself and other volunteers before working on a child. Even then, if I didn’t completely trust my skills, I would probably leave the facial areas to someone more qualified. There are many DIYers here who have taught themselves with books and practice, some have even become electrologists. Whether or not it’s a good idea for you personally, I can’t make that call. There are some decently priced machines out there though.

Have you considered body hair bleach for at least some of the areas? Just be careful that she doesn’t have a reaction.

Hi Scurvy

Yes I definitely wouldn’t let myself loose on her face if I learnt. I have a lot of material I had started to read through prior to enrolling but would feel better being shown initially then learning from a book. She has lovely skin and I’d only let a good professional near her. I’ve wondered about the Sydney and Melbourne electrologists from time to time. Is it possible to get a good clearance in a week? Wouldn’t be the most fun school holiday ever but this girl is motivated enough to go through with that. She’s had enough. If only hair didn’t regrow!!

Scurvy, we’ve tried jolen, nair and Marzena bleach. None have given perfect results. Is there a better one you know of?

You would need to speak with the electrologists in either city to determine how many hours and days would be necessary for an initial clearance. You would probably need to select the more obvious and uncovered areas for treatment first and then build up to doing others according to your time and finances.

A DIYer turned professional electrologist, maybe Seana, can weigh in here on whether or not you should learn electrolysis with the ultimate goal of treating your daughter. I, in my personal and unprofessional opinion, would honestly be tempted to learn, practice on myself for a few months and then very cautiously attempt treatment somewhere less visible like the buttocks. That’s just me though; I’m not necessarily correct.

This is the first clinic in Sydney I would be contacting. It looks like they may be pricey, but that’s the reality I guess.

As for body hair bleach, I’m afraid I can’t recommend any since I don’t use it myself. I’ve seen good results on some people and thought it might offer you a temporary solution.

Thanks. That’s the place I had in mind or Clinical. The Apilus machine sounds great.

Christine O’Connell is an electrolygist who posts on this site and is based in Sydney who might be able to help if you are willing to travel.

Here is a link to her website http://www.clinicalelectrolysis.com.au/practitioner.html

I contacted Christine directly when my daughter was starting electrolysis and she was able to recommend an electrologist in Melbourne who does thermolysis with the Apilus. I know all methods work but my daughter finds this more tolerable and she is able to move quickly removing a lot of hair in one session.

Marathon sessions in Sydney might be good if you can’t find someone in NZ provided your daughter can handle it. I know how you feel, but if you work out a plan over time with electrolysis it does get better.

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My heart goes out to you and your daughter, Fairygirl.
Have they doctors recommended a drug (in pill form) called ‘Spironolactone?’
It will prevent new hair from growing in the future by blocking the
testosterone receptors. I don’t know if it’s given to girls your daughter’s age,
but it really does work.

Read the threads by ‘MamaBear’ as she and her daughter are going through a
similar struggle.

you rang?

Christine would know a few people for austrailia, but from OP’s description her daughter’s condition is likely going to require too much treatment to not be done by someone local. And your attempts to learn could be your best chance at resolving the issue.

There are as mentioned resources that can be used to learn, and there are 4 text’s I generally recommend, they are:
Michael Bono’s the Blend Method available at Texas Electrolysis Supply for I THINK $42
Electrolysis Thermolysis and the Blend by Hinkle and Lind
Medical and Cosmetic Electrolysis and temporary hair removal by RN richards available here: https://www.amazon.ca/Cosmetic-medical-electrolysis-temporary-removal/dp/0969474636
and Milady’s Hair Removal Guide.( which seems to have been updates to Milady’s Hair Removal Techniques) by Helen Bickmore, available here:

I can also suggest the distance Learning program from Swansons Canadian Institute of Electrolysis, this will supply you with study materials and guidance, but you would still be advised to do practical instruction with someone nearby . You can contact Phyllis at swansons if you message me privately I can give you an email address.

Then there’s the "tried and true " method of studying all this on your own first, and pestering the professionals here at hairtell when you have questions on details.

Blend is a good starting modality but it’s not going to happen overnight. It will take time.Learning thermolysis is a little more doable when working on someone other that yourself such as in your case.

Regardless I recommend you take the dowagers advice and get to the bottom of the cause of the hair growth. If it is hormonal in nature this is correctable as was advised you. Spironolactone is one a variety of antiandrogen drugs used. Thyroid issues can also very commonly cause hirsutism. Getting to the bottom of the cause of the issue, is almost as important as removing the hair that is growing already.

Regardless, yes, given the conditions facing your daughter, I would be in support of your learning electrolysis. And dont be so hard on yourself about “starting with a face” . I think I spent about 6 hours practising on an arm , before attempting ( and then completing) my face. so it can be done, without the predicted scarring and maiming for life that many claimed I would have. But I would still start with blend until you are a little better with insertions but I think thermolysis is what is going to end up solving the problem for you. It a very precise skill to learn, so start with the blend first.

yell if you run into trouble.

Hi Fairygirl,

Try me for free with no obligations if u come to Australia. For more info please visit my Facebook

I have some communication with this person/school in NZL … give her a try …

Theresa Styles, Lecturer, Diploma in Beauty and Body Therapy School of Health & Sport

Eastern Institute of Technology, Te Aho a Māui
Hawke’s Bay Campus

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
501 Gloucester Street, Taradale, Napier 4112
Private Bag 1201, Hawke’s Bay Mail Centre, Napier 4142
DDI. +64 6 8301376



It passed 1 year after our email correspondence and I thought that your decision was to take electrolysis course in NZ. I still think that this is the best solution for solving your problem.


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I dont think such a thing would be available in NZ I dont think dimi. From her original post I got the impression she was going to have to travel to attend a course which she couldnt do because of other family needing care.Thus why I recommended some diy learning options. The Hinkle book should be covered in any electrology school and so there’s little point in not reading it ahead of time.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I appreciate it.

Dimi, I was all set to go for the Beauty School in Palmerston North (would fly there once a week for practicals and do correspondence the rest of the time) and then my youngest was diagnosed with a medical condition so I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her at the time. I may relook into this when we have things under control more. I feel its not ideal but really my only option to learn here.

Thank you. I quietly worry so much about all this. Its affecting her confidence now. It breaks my heart that a 12 year old is worrying about this issue. There was talk of trying a birth control pill but Im a bit nervous about that time of thing.


I hope that you will get everything under control and will have time to start learning electrolysis.We will help you.


Thank you Dimi. I appreciate all your help with this.

Hi again,

Thank you for your contact info for people in Australia. I will contact someone over there for their thoughts and send photos through so they can see what we are dealing with.

Do you think it is a worthwhile thing to do - fly over and get several days work done? It will cost a heap of money - flights, accomm, treatment etc and I would hate to feel like we didn’t achieve much. Is it a good thing to try and get a clearance of sorts and then just keep on top of it with monthly one hour long treatments here? Would something like four days be long enough for treatment I wonder?

I know this is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string! It just feels like a bit of a mission to organise and I will need to take my younger daughter with me too as I still don’t feel like I can leave her with care yet.


Two things to consider.
Firstly finding a good electrologist with a high kill rate who is willing to do marathon sessions on a twelve year old - Sydney would be best bet given distance

Secondly and more importantly I think is whether your daughter can tolerate marathon sessions. Only you know your daughter and can judge that, but my seventeen year old can only really tolerate 45mins at a time even using EMLA and with the Apilus. Electrolysis hurts some areas more than others.


Additionally to MelB77 concerns:

  1. I do not recommend marathon sessions on the face on your daughter!!!

  2. Find an electrologist which uses high magnification vision tool (the best is surgical microscope). In this case the insertion of the probe will more accurate thus less pain,higher kill rate and less post-treatment side effects. The good vision tool is most important than the machine.

Learning electrolysis,buying electrolysis machine and good vision tool I suspect will be cheaper and more beneficial in long run.