I am considering having my electrolysist work on the stray hairs around my eyebrow area. I’ve pluck them every day or so, and it would be nice not having to worry about that chore. I just have a couple questions first…

  1. is it at all dangerous, considering it is right near the eye? I would never risk losing my vision for this.

  2. eyebrow hairs seem to grow back endlessly, so would this take an extremely long time to do?

Thanks! :smile:

Eyebrows are perfectly safe to have done. Believe it or not the original electrolysis treatments were done on EYELASHES! (These were done in galvanic electrolysis by the way.)

You will find that although your first eyebrow appointment may be on the long side, you will quickly come to the point where you are spending just 15 mins every 3 weeks or so to keep it up, and then once every 3 months, and soon not at all.

I would suggest first having your brows done by a professional eyebrow shaper (plucker, not waxer)so that you have the exact perfect shape that you want to freeze for all time, and only then go see your electrologist a few weeks later. This way the only expertise you are asking of the electrologist is hair removal, not shaping.

Eyebrows get some of the best results in electrology. You will soon just wake up every morning with that Superstar look.

Thank you, I will definately ask for that now. :smile: I already have them in a shape I maintain, but probably I should go to a professional first since this is permenant.

How would I go about finding an eyebrow plucker? Is it a service offered at most beauty salons?

If you already have a shape you keep them in, you probably have what you need already.

As for the professionals, any place where makeovers are done would have a pro eyebrow person. Your local salon, the place where the “Glamour Shots” photography is done, there are many possibilities. They just give you the Superstar shape that fits your face the best.

Spend the money to get them shaped by someone who specializes in brows. One hair more or less can make a big dfiference in shape. Check arpound in the nearest big city for an upscale salon. Many will have a full-time brow shaper. In Chicago and other towns this size there are salons that do only brows!