Emjoi Optima

This epilator is said to have a larger head than other epilators so you can remove more hairs at a time. The problem is, wouldn’t that hurt even more than a “regular epilator”?

Have you tried the philips satin ice? Of the few epilators I’ve tried, it is by far my favorite. I just love the soothing ice pack. I hate emjoi products. As for the pain issue, no pain no gain :wink:

take an aspirin or tylenol beforehand. I do that when I do some home electrolysis.

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I have a Emjoi, Opitma.
Actually, since this Epilator has two rows instead of the usual one row, it does a couple of things.

1St - Since the two rows rotate in different directions your skin is taut. So skin pinching and pain is drasticly reduced.

2nd - Even through it has 36 tweezers total, only 6 tweezers are actually in contact with the skin at any one time. The benefit of two rows is sort of like the Marc 3 is to shavers, for each pass your actualy like getting three passes.

As far as pain and other items for my personal comparision, I have used, the Satinelle and a Remington, and they were painfull, loud, and had a weak motors.
The only feeling I have with this Epilitor is like a constant pin prick.
I hope I don’t sound like a Emjoi Rep.

Aguila, what do you mean that your skin is taut? Do you mean that the emjoi automatically makes your skin taut, without you having to do it yourself? That would be nice.

Also, does it seem to get all or most of the hairs in one pass? I have an emjoi gently gold caress, and it takes several passes to clear an area. I wander if the pain is a lot less than the emjoi I have.

After reading your post, I may look into getting one.

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OK, since the Opitma is a twin rotating depilator, they rotate in opposite directions(as in a outward motion) thus making your skin taut. This way you get far less skin pinching and glides across your skin easily. Another thing, I never exfoliating and body scrub. Yes, I have been doing this for quite a while, but after the third time, it worked so well,I didn’t need to prep my skin anymore. I believe it’s the twin design that makes the difference.

Nice idea,huh.

I believe the Opitma is the only twin rotary depilator being made at this time.

Ok,,,, with the twin design, your are getting 6 tweezers making contacting on your skin at one time in a smaller width footpath. But since it has two rows working at the same time, you get more hairs removal per pass.
In a single row design, yes you can have 5 or 6 tweezers making skin contact at one time, providing your body is flat. For ex. Try doing you shin area. A wider witch footpath is no benefit but a twin footpath is. So you can get them little hairs also.

I know the caress and caress gold work well, however, I believe this twin model is their newer and far better design.
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Thanks for the response, Aguila. The Optima is around $100. Do you think it’s worth the investment? I’m seriously thinking about ordering it this week, if it’s really that much better than the Gold Caress. My big problem with the Gold Caress is that it’s very painful and it doesn’t get all the hairs. Now, I could stand the pain, if it got most or all of the hairs, but having to go over the same place over and over again is pure torture. The Optima sounds like it will swipe more hairs.

Is it true that you can also use this epilator (the double one that you use) in the bikini area?


Yes, you can use the Optima on any part of the human body(as in any, on male or female)
Thats one of the features, I liked. I really didn’t want to shave one part, wax another part and Epilate another part.


I myself only brought the Optima  after hearing many other peoples review. I already had a Remington and Philips Epilators. They really sucked, too much pain and didn't get the fine hairs. 
So only after some people, who have the Optima, finally convinced me that this "Twin Rotary Epilator", is been able to Epilate without all the aggrivation of those "single rotary epilators".
The Caress, Gold Caress, Gental Gold Caress and the others models that they make are still a "single rotary epilators. Thats the whole problem.
A twin rotary rotates in opposite directions thrus keeping the skin taut and is able to glide accross the skin. Of course the  strong but quiet motor really helps.
Because, I allready spent enough good money for two pieces of junk,,,,, I sure didn't want to throw any more good money on a third piece of junk.

Sure $100 is quite a lot of green but if it works, then it's money well spent,isn't it?

Check out this site for 3 reviews at epinions.com:

I have seen Optimas on E-bay. Some guy in West Palm, Fla. bids out the Optima. It might be worth a bid. But Sharper Image and a few net.sites do sell it also.

The only thing, I wish they included would be universal voltage. It's great for people who travel. 

OK,,,,I'll get off my soapbox ,now.

But I hope this info helps you guys?   :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, well I just recieved my Optima today. I ordered it brand new off of ebay. I’m kind of nervous about using it. Like I said I do have another emjoi product, but it’s just so damn painful. Hopefully, with the emjoi optima, the pain will be worth it if it gets all the hairs.
I think I’ll start with my arms. I’ll probably nair it tonight, and then epilate when the hairs start to grow back.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted. :slight_smile:


Congrats on your new toy.

Since your starting with using nair to clean away the hair, when the hairs start coming back, it might be a little uncomfotable the first time but after that Mickey Mouse. Not to bad because the duel rotary action will help a lot.
Do it the frist time right after the shower.
In the future you can epilate anytime.
Be sure to exfoliate everyday in the shower and a little aloe after using your epilator.
Are you thinking about doing your whole body eventually?
I do my whole body, nothing from the nose on down.

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Aguila, yes, eventually, I’d like to have my whole body epilated. I’m a male, but I also like to have no hair “from the nose down”. I’ve gotten my face (mostly)taken care of with Epilight, and I hope to epilate the rest. As far as body hair goes, shaving is NOT an option. I hate seeing the little black dots and the stubble that grows back immediately. That’s why I love the idea of the epilator, but getting past the pain is tough. But I hope to follow your example, and maybe I’ll get used to it after a while.
I’m starting with my arms. Then, I’ll move to chest, stomach, and maybe private area. And after a while, maybe I’ll tackle my legs. But right now, I’m mostly concerned with upper body. I would say that I’m medium hairy, so I think this will be possible.

Thanks for the tips!


I’m glad I could be of help.

Sure, you will be able to do your entire body with the Optima.
Just do various parts at a time.
Eventually, you can just do it anytime, you see them little hairs sprouting out.

Keep us informed of your progress, ok?

Aguila, how is maintenence? Does it take a lot of time to maintain your “hairlessness”? Do you find that the hairs are growing back thinner?


Anytime you remove hair by waxing/epilating the hair folicule is new, so it’s much thinner than the hair that is left to grow normally.

Maintaining smoothness is easy.
Of all the temp methods, I think this duel Optima is the best.
The thing to remember is different parts require different attention. The following will apply to both males and females.
First to seperate:
Face - First take two advil(for the first time waxed). After the face is waxed at least twice, (three if second is uncomfortable), the hairs will finally start to get easier to remove(it’s the same for males and females)and then you can use the Optima every other day. The only difference is the amount of hair and since males have more hair on the face than women so more pain the first time, but still painful for women. The first time waxing your face will hurt big time and your face will be red for 2 days, so do this on Friday. After shaving for many years what do you expect in a couple of days. Remember, you have many more nerve endings in your face so adapting to an epilator will take more time, but in the end your face will not only look cleaner, never a 5 oclock shadow, but be much smoother. Hint - Nobody likes wisker burns on either face or genital.
Pubic area - Will need to be waxed at least once. After that you can use the epilator every 2 to 4 days to be smooth. Hint, keep skin taut. But don’t worry, if skin gets caught, the safety works. Trust me, it does and no pain.
The rest of body, you can start out using the epilator but first time trim hair to 4mm so the machine will remove the hair quickly and not temporary hang on the tweezer before pulling. The first time, is uncomfortable but you can do it yourself. Maybe have a couple of beers before and your will need a few afterwards the first time. After the first time, Mickey Mouse. You may only need to do these parts once or twice a week. Me only once a week.
Once your body and hair is used to removing hair and you have learned the right techniques you can do your whole body in 15 min’s(women a little less, because of less facial hair).
For the first few times, only use the epilator after you shower. Later, you can do it anytime.
After the above, use plenty of aloe and exfoilate daily with a natural sponge or similar.
I think I answered everything.

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Thanks for the tips! I didn’t think about using it on my face, I can only imagine the pain for a male; but since my facial hair is thinned out since I started getting flashlamp treatment, it may be possible to epilate; I don’t know. I thought I heard that it was not reccomended for males to epilate their face. Do you know of any males that do this?

Thanks again for all your advice.


Actually, I do know of two males who epilate their faces and the place that I have gotten my waxing done has done a few males faces.
So other males have escaped shaving their faces.
I can see why, they recommend not to do your face, with so many nerve endings. Far more than any pubic area has.
But if you want to escape also, just wax two or three times, then start epilating and set yourself free from shaving, stubs and shadow.
Since your facial hair is already thinned out, sure it would be worth it for you. Think about it, no more shaving.
It’s like I said, IMHO, I think the Optima is the best temp solution out there.

I’m going to look into the Emjoi Optima. It can’t be anymore painful than the Emjoi Gently Gold Caress.

Got the Optima per your suggestion, Aguila. Thanks. It is much better than any I had tried previously. I had been shaving “this area” and used the Optima yesterday to epilate it instead. I probably should have read your follow up saying to wax first. :fearful: , I made it through it, and all is smooth sailing. I may come back with questions, but so far so good. Thanks again for the suggestion.


I’m glad that your happy with the Optima.

No, you don’t have to wax first, but it makes things easier. Now, just run the Optima on the areas everyday and soon only new thin hair foilcules will be growing. Right now, look at the thickness of the folicule and wait a few weeks and see how much thinner they will look.
Remember to keep skin taut and exfoliate everyday.

Keep us informed on your progress,ok?


I will keep you posted. Thanks again for the information. I’ll keep looking for your helpful tips!