electrolysis with jozefa

Hi guys
im very interested in making an appointment with Jozefa, who works in Malaga, spain, but i dont know how, seeing as i dont speak spanish and i live in Poland, can someone please help me out? i heard she does marathon sessions and such. iv read many threads about it and people seem to be quite satisfied. i just have a problem with getting in contact, i tried calling but no one spoke English there.
any help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Try sending her a pm on here but be aware she is really busy and may not be able to see you until much later in the year…everything I’ve read and seen of her work looks amazing so I’m sure worth the wait!

Did You try to mail her through the forum?

I’ve been wanting to increase my electrolysis business, so I think I will be moving to Malaga Spain to work with Jossie … he he he

Josefa, I want you to know that you are missed on this site. If you are taking a hiatus from reading as well as posting you won’t see this, but in case you are reading, I hope you are busy enjoying yourself and getting some much needed sleep! I can’t imagine how you do all that you do.

Ditto Josefa, I hope all is well.

Hi Deanna, Christine. Thank you for your kind words. All is well here. The long days of work have never been an obstacle to reading, and torment readers because of my posts full of grammatical errors (thanks to San (?) Google translator), the reason for my reluctance to participate is because I am not able responding to all private messages. The last thing I want is for these people think I’m ignoring them. I love visiting Hairtell. Thanks to this forum I have met wonderful people, exceptional clients, amazing colleagues, and splendid manufacturers. However, as a good friend told me some time ago, I can not take care of all cases of people with hair problems. (You’re right Follizap).

This is not new to me, I can not remember the years I’ve felt this frustration. Before Hairtell were Spanish customers, after Hairtell they are customers everywhere. Cases of partial or total failure of Laser and IPL, cases rejected by other electrologists because it is a very extensive area, or too thin hairs.

I have read a cute JohnSheff saying all electrologists hide an agenda here. Well, in my case, he’s right, I have a personal interest in participating in Hairtell, and is because drivers of “tanks” as someone called us, are still scarce, and very, very necessary.

PD: When you want Michael, you know that you would be very welcome here. I know of some who would be glad not to cross the Atlantic for your treatment. Sorry for the residents of Santa Barbara, you have to move your ass to come to Malaga. :wink:

Hello Susk. I think that in Poland there is a delegation of Dectro, (Apilus manufacturer) Have you wondered if someone makes marathon sessions in your country?

Jossie, one of my private messages from Feb. 13th is in the pile of messages you have not opened. As a colleague of yours, do you think I can get a private email to communicate with you? I promise I won’t share it with anyone! Glad you are fine, my love!

Lightening struck! Actually, I may have it. I will fish around and look.

Is dear Jossie missing in action?

I have just PM’d a message to Josefa in the fingers crossed hope that she might have a free slot early March (red faced fool) before seeing this post. It is a real shame that given the size of Europe, that we only seem to have Josefa with her level of skill and equipment.

I hope I get to see her at somepoint in 2013 :-)I am sure it will be worth the wait.

I am writing on behalf of Josefa. She says that what you said in your thread is unfair to other electrologists in Europe who do an equally good job. Electrologists such as Mairi from Scotland and Beate from Germany have the same equipment as Josefa and also do similar marathon sessions. Their work is equally effective.

Josefa says she will respond to your PM as soon as she can.


Dear All,

I am sorry I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Like other posters here I just want to find someone who can help me and I had been reading Stopits story and lots of posts about Josefa by her and others about her groundbreaking work.

After many years of having given up, I have had holes made in my face back in the 80’s and 90’s, I went to Parkside after Stopit recommneded them so I place much weight on her choices.

I now stand corrected and am v. pleased that there are other choices.

I have found Mairi’s details and CherryTrees, I will now look up Beate.


Hi Tereish, no problem, but you must understand that this is a very uncomfortable situation. We all do as much as we can. I can not accept new clients, and as far as I’ve read, many of my colleagues are in the same situation. I’d like to help you, it is likely that in the case of small areas, your case could be resolved in a matter of hours, but I can not move anyone, considering that these people have a reservation made many months in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

This reminds me of a situation that occurred some years ago at an electrolysis convention.

The speaker was a hot shot advertising person who spent an hour chastising the electrolysis professionals assembled for not spending more money advertising. One was shown all these grand plans on how we should all be ever expanding our advertising budgets so that we could go from small print media, to a full court press with all media covered and multiple promotions of our business.

At the conclusion of the presentation, when the question and answer session came up, I found the speaker’s attitude towards the lady’s questions, and statements to be dismissive in a heavy handed kind of way. The entirety of the presentation came off to me like someone who had not enough time to prepare for this audience, and just gave a stock pitch that had no in depth research on the group the presentation was to be made.

I took my usual place as the lightening rod, and stepped up to the mic. I explained to this person that the presentation was all well and good, if one were selling a prepackaged product, like Coca-Cola. In that case, one wants to sell as many units as possible, and the more people buy, the more you make, and if all the Coca Cola in the world were sold out tomorrow, there would be new bottles and cans in the stores in a day or three. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is about selling our time, and we can’t make more time. It does us no good to have 100 people calling us trying to book an appointment for this Monday morning. A carefully researched advertising presentation for electrolysis would have considered that we need to have a steady stream of a small number of clients delivered to us a little at a time, so that we actually have the ability to provide them the service that they require, and we have enough time to give their case the time needed to show progress in a reasonable amount of time.

I would say that those who say that some people are on this site trying to drum up business don’t understand this same principle. In short, we are here to help people, not to get the world to beat a path to our door. It is not that we don’t want the business, it is just that we can’t provide service to everyone who wants to see us all at the same time.

Oh the stories I could tell you about weeks where I am requested to be in several cities at the same time, and yet some of the requesters seem to think that it is unreasonable for me to expect to confirm the appointment with prepayment and for them to pay travel costs. Let’s see, should I pack up 350 pounds of equipment and truck on down to “East Nowhere” on speculation, or should I take the confirmation for a resort in Hawaii all expenses and expected treatment time pre-paid. :confused: Such a hard choice.

Even in the event that the choice is between a speculative trip and staying home with a day or 3 off, the free time wins over potentially getting stood up because the baby sitter fell through, or work called the person in.

Hmmm, I think I have gotten off on a tangent. I will stop now. Long story, short, good practitioners are doing all they can for the clients they have, and can only take on so many new ones, as the old ones require less time (and eventually no time) and it is easy for our schedules to get filled and booked up months ahead of time.

Can someone point me about Beate in Germany? is there a thread or post about her? i would like infos, like City etc,

This is her hairtell profile I think:


There is a link to her website on it.

Hi. I’ve also Tried to contact josefa, but do understand that she is busy. However, is it in general that you won’t Take in new clients or is it possible to come see you later this year?

Where Can I contact the one from germany and Scotland and Read about their work?

I try not to reply on behalf on Josefa but I know lots of prospective clients are reading this so here goes. (Hope you don’t mind Jossie).

When I created our diary in 2011, it was not with the intention of bringing attention to Josefa. We (Josefa and I) wanted to get electrolysis back on the map and let people know what can be achieved. Yes, telogen hairs can be treated. Yes, the Laurier probes are excellent in reducing extraneous damage and for treating shallow hairs. Etc! There are some excellent practitioners out there, many of whom are on this forum. But the electrolysis landscape will only change and move forward if clients demand more, rather than accepting the many myths out there and then resigning themselves to the fact that electrolysis is not for their hair situation - it is for every hair situation.

I have my own list of HairTell posters who then went on to visit her for treatment - those that messaged me for advice and information. I can only imagine how many more, silent readers, would have contacted her directly.

So you see, for the last 2 years plus, demand for her time from foreign clients who require full days or weeks has become so high that her Spanish clients are angry with her since they cannot book any time with her. Clients visiting her at the start of this year (i.e zaphairzap) booked a whole year in advance. Since then, the waiting list can only have increased so I imagine the wait is even longer.

I do not know anyone who works as hard as my dear Josefa. I don’t know how she can perform electrolysis for 12 hr a day and still be on top form. But she does it and that too without even a break for lunch.

That she devotes time during which she should be sleeping to replying to posts on this forum is just another example of her commitment. She posted a while ago that she stopped posting because she felt bad about the mountain of unanswered pms. I’m glad she’s back because her opinions are much needed. But the reality is that there are many, many inquiries but no space in the book - at least not before the end of they year as far as I know.

Electrolysis in general requires patience. For those adamant that they only want treatment from Josefa, the price one has to pay is the wait.