Electrolysis scars

Hello! Electrolysis left me with small pitted scars and I’m considering laser resurfacing. Is it safe to have this procedure after electrolysis? I had my last electrolysis treatment 3 weeks ago. Is there anything else that might help with scarring Thank you!

Can you upload a picture? How do you know that you are scarred or if you were perhaps over treated and need more time to heal? What was your aftercare like? What did you use on the area?

A woman with PCOS started with me three months ago because she had gotten punctate marks from her former electrologist (she thought they were scars). The hairs were gigantic 80 unit hairs. To minimize this problem I decided to use the Laurier needle. She is getting no scabbing from the treatment, yet is still developing “pitting.” The culprit? Probably the myofibroblast.

I know some of you think my focus on wound-healing is meaningless “hoop la,” but sometimes it’s important to know what may be happening. The myofibroblast is a specific cell that attaches itself in the wound area and “pulls” the wound together. You often see this on cuts and notice that the margin of the wound will look bumped up. This kind of “bumping” is sometimes noticeable on the chin (and side-burn area) and is often unavoidable. It’s too simplistic to say any problem you see was “overtreatment.” Wouldn’t it be nice to know, or recognize, what exactly is going on?

Anyway, we are going to finish this dear woman and I am certain the punctate marks will totally vanish … they always do as the myofibroblast relaxes and stops “doing it’s thing.” Specifically to the woman asking about laser resurfacing to correct the problem (Marilou): you are WAY to early to consider such a procedure. Full wound-healing takes 18 months in all cases! The skin always looks 100% better. Wait a good year and if you are still seeing problems, perhaps a mild peel of some sort will help (a very mild chemical peel would be my first choice; not laser.) Only three weeks after a treatment is WAY too early to declare failure! Question: I’ll bet the marks you are seeing are on your chin?

This is when I beleive that nutrirional deficiencies or imbalances, may be responsible for delayed healing. I read many years ago, that carrots and celery that have obvious splitting are mineral deficient. What are your thoughts?

Whatever you are seeing, please discuss your concerns with your electrologist. Call her tomorrow and maybe she will ask you to stop by so she can see you up close and reassure you. We have no way of evaluating you over the internet.

Christine makes good points about nutrition.

If a little more energy was used and the follicle was treated beyond necessity, it may take your skin longer to heal, but it most likely will re-structure like Mike said. Just give it time. This is why it is important to communicate your concerns with your practitioner. She/he may want to choose another strategy. You actually are doing your practitioner a great service by talking to her. None of us get better without feedback.

Can you describe in detail what you did for aftercare and how your skin looked after your session and beyond?

The first several treatments in the very beginning are usually rougher than subsequent treatments, but in the end, all looks great.

Although nutrition is important, most of us in the “West” are sufficiently fed so that healing is seldom a problem (we are probably over-fed, actually). Furthermore, not all unwanted post-treatment manifestations indicate “overtreatment.” As I mentioned, my patient has virtually no post-treatment manifestations at all (I’m using Laurier, and frankly a very timid amount of current). Still, she has developed punctate marks, most likely because of her active skin cells. Dr. Chapple examined her and told both of us not to worry; this is normal and, in her case, not avoidable.

A month ago, Dr. Chapple “repaired” a small deformity in my lower eyelid. He expected no post-surgery trauma at all. But look at what happened (see photo). I’m fine now, but the point is that the healing process is not always predictable. The surgeon didn’t make a mistake at all; my own skin “freaked out.” I look just fine now and the surgery was 100% successful.

I totally agree with Dee to PLEASE communicate with your therapist: don’t get angry or fearful … communicate!

James would feed Michael A, C, D, E, zinc and maybe astraxanthin and see if he doesn’t heal faster. :wink:

Okay, so where are those big ears you are always talking about? I see very nice ears.

This is interesting. I do not get such complaints as the above poster describes. James, what about you with complaints of punctuated marks. We are basically using the same equipment and probes. I have been following several clients over the past two years where I have been using Synchro thermolysis as the only modality for their course of treatments and guess what? For several of my severely bearded PCOS ladies that present with the most messed up skin ever due to shaving, waxing or tweezing and resultant ingrowns, they are getting finished in 12 months! Well, 98% finished and the condition of the skin is fabulous. I was stunned to see a client today who fits that description and she is at the 11 month mark! I will put more info to this situation in the PRO section, tomorrow. I have others to include as well. This Synchro modality is revolutionary, but I am still studying the numbers by following even more clients to see if this pattern remains the same. The most striking part is how nice the skin looks in the end. Maybe here in Ohio, the weather makes skin anti-myofibroblastic prone. (that is a joke, Michael).

To the original poster, can you submit a quality picture of your punctate? What area are you seeing the holes?

I’ve been having electrolysis on the face for over than a year. I used witch hazel and tea tree oil after the treatments. My skin recovered within 2 hours after each treatment, so I’m not quite sure why I got these marks. As you can see in the photo, it’s very obvious where electrolysis was performed. Surprisingly (at least for me, I don’t know if you can explain this) I don’t have any pitts on my upper lip and chin where I had more stubborn hair, but on the sides where I had fine long hair. I’m considering laser resurfacing for other skin problems that I have. So, my question is if it’s safe to have laser resurfacing only after 3-4 weeks after I had my last electrolysis treatment. I’m considering Laser Genesis, which is a non-ablative laser.

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What other skin problems did you have? (thanks for the great picture!)-

This does not look electrolysis related. It looks like pitted acne scars.
Do you have any before picture prior to having electrolysis in this area?

Have you completed your treatments with electrolysis for this area?

What does your laser specialist say about treating this area three weeks after having had electrolysis.

I can truthfully say that I have never had this kind of skin outcome with ANY of my clients, especially, when doing long, fine hairs. The energy levels used are so low for those hair structures and you say you healed fine in the past. Again, you must take this back to your electrologist for discussion.

I know you want your laser resurfacing question answered regarding the 3 week timeline, but I’m thinking this is best answered by the center doing the work.

Yes, these are electrolysis scars. I’ve never had a huge issue with acne. I upload a before electrolysis photo. There’s no way I’m going back for electrolysis. I’ve got to fix the scars now.

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Do you have any makeup on in this new picture? It appears that you do. When you said that you had other skin problems, would you care to share further?

Is Laser Genesis a business? Non-ablative light devices minimize the need for downtown because they do not destroy the skin completely, but they don’t show dramatic results with just one treatment. You will need several sessions over a matter of months. They are not real lasers. They do stimulate new collagen formation and skin remodeling. Are your treatments going to be with an IPL or a PDT? Either device stimulates new collagen production.

I still am unconvinced that your skin reaction, with the unevenness and large looking pores, was caused by electrolysis from three weeks ago. Some people naturally have large pores. It has crossed my mind that this may be an advertisement for Laser Genesis. Some things are not adding up.

With my inquisitive nature I couldn’t help but look and having compared the two pictures side by side I don’t personally think it is a fair comparison. The before shot looks as though it’s been taken with make up, the skin can’t be seen properly because of this, it’s a totally different colour and looks like liquid foundation with possibly powder over the top. In spite of this and if you look carefully it’s still possible to see what have been described as pits underneath. I can understand having a picture of an area after treatment if you weren’t happy with the result but why would you have a before picture as well especially when it isn’t a true picture of the skins condition. It doesn’t look as though you have any hair in that area that needs treating. Did you take the shot having used a temporary method of removal to see how the area looked? It would have been interesting to see the area without make up and with the hairs in place. As dee has said you should go back to your practitioner and identify your issues, I’m sure she or he will put your mind at rest. Considering any kind of resurfacing before you’re finished with hair removal mightn’t be a good idea. I’m totally with Dee on this one “some things are not adding up”
I’m forever a skeptic :wink:
Dee my progress is slow :frowning: thanks for asking, too many distractions at the present time, Thanks for your help and the help of everyone else who’s chipped in with their opinions and expertise

Guys, I just tried to find a before picture that showed pretty much the same part of my face. Yes, I do wear make up in the before picture, as I didn’t have any without make up. As for laser Genesis, and advertising it, I decided not to do it because I did a bit of online research and found some horror stories about skin reactions due to this and other lasers. At the moment I can cover my scars with a primer and make up (not very well, but still…), but if laser destroys my skin even more, I won’t be able to cover it and will be even more depressed. So, no laser for me. It seems to me that whenever someone shares a negative story about electrolysis you’re quite harsh towards them.

This statement implies that perhaps you have been a lurker for awhile(?) before registering yesterday and making your first post or else you wouldn’t have concluded seeing a pattern of “negative stories about electrolysis…equaling…harsh replies”.

The non-ablative approach with IPL or PDT is not laser as I described above. I don’t know what happened to your face and you never described the other skin conditions that you said you had going on PRIOR to electrolysis. I think you said the holes were just noted after your last treatment on your face, three weeks ago after having had electrolysis for a year, whereas, your lip and chin, that had larger hairs were unaffected? I’m scratching my head and wondering how that can be. Did you have rough healing on the facial areas? Did you call your electrologist today for her opinion?

Electrolysis gets blamed for far too much when it is not the culprit. I am trying to search for information by hopefully asking all the necessary questions because I know that true scarring is rare. I apologize if I offended you.

I will be the first to say that some people actually DO get scars from their electrolysis. I have seen a lot of them as I have traveled the world. I have even contributed the odd missed insertion here or there myself. While people who get treatment from me do not come out with a face full of scars, holes, divots, and discolorations, there are many others who are, unfortunately creating that type of situation, due to poor treatment skills, and/or poor equipment and/or poor utilization of the equipment they possess.

In the end, however, someone like Dee and myself are left to wonder how it is that people getting those results, don’t look elsewhere to see if that is as good as it gets, before they have a face full of that type of manifestation.

Ah, good you checked in, James. Do you think the first picture of Marllou looks like scarring and pitting? What should she do about it?

It sounds like she had no warning signs, she just noticed this, so there would have been no need for her to seek out other electrologists. Her lip and chin were treated and there are no issues with the skin.

My observations have been highly favorable in regard to not seeing scarring when a client comes to me who has had a series of treatments with an electrologist other than myself. When clients move here from some other city and seek me out to continue their treatments, I comment about how nice their skin looks, complementing the job their previous electrologist has done. I see women who had electrolysis done 10 years ago by someone else and through my loupes, I see lovely skin. Of course, I tell my client what a beautiful job her former electrologist has done. Rarely do I see scarring. Perhaps the difference is, you see many trans women who may have not been to electrologists that were experienced with their special needs or maybe they had tried to treat themselves at one time.

By the way, I need to return your call about someone we both know!

If by lurker you mean that I looked at previous posts before registering Dee, yes, of course! Isn’t that what people do before joining a forum? I tried to find people who had similar issues with mine before joining. Anyway, thank you all for your responses. I’m going to a dermatologist next week. I’m afraid his going to suggest laser though. BTW I have a few broken capillaries that’s why I was thinking about laser Genesis; supposedly it treats capillaries/rosacea as well, so I thought why don’t treat both scars and capillaries at once? Now I’m very skeptical about laser treatment.

Good luck solving your problem. Will you let the community know how you resolve this? Thanks for your input.

I would be just guessing, but it looks to me like some one may have cleared the area with one treatment setting, when the hair there needed to be done with multiple treatment settings.

What I do is to take the largest hairs, at the highest setting, and then go back for the lighter hairs, if they are a lot thinner, at the lower setting.

What COULD have happened here is use of the higher setting on hairs that were not as thick or deep as the ones around them.

Either way, it should heal up nicely.