Electrolysis or Laser

i am a female 19 years old. i would like to try hair permenant hair removal for my whole face…i havehuge side burns an little hair on chin and upper lip and small hair all over my face. i was thinking of electrolysis but i heard it would take a long time. and i am scared of laser because it may no work as many people have said. what would you guyz recommend and approximate time that lctrolysis will take.

thank you guyzz…

A picture would be helpful.

What is a long time to some, is not a long time to others. Electrolysis is a indeed a series of sessions spread out over 9-18 months. You must be consistent and you must get the area cleared asap. Even if it means swelling for a couple of days, it is worth it to get the hair cleared. Once you get all the noticeable hairs cleared, the visible impact will be awesome. You will feel like relaxing a bit, but don’t! Keep your seat belt fastened, because as new hairs come to the surface, those will need to be treated. We have to go with those unrelenting hair growth cycles and nothing you or your electrologist can do, can control those hair growth cycles. Treatments will be longer and closer together in the first 3-6 months and then they will spread out to every 4-6 weeks. Time on the table will be shorter as you journey toward the last months.

It has to be done correctly, so get those consults. Get recommendations from people that have finished as well.

thanks for the helpful comment. i don’t have visible hair now because i thread it. 9-18 mothns doesnt seem that long…i had heard that it can take minimum 2- 4 years… and an other question how should i be prepared for the treatment. means no bleaching? and removing hair for how long? and what do u think laser or electrolysis for whole face?

thanks again

an other question…can you recomend someone? please

Definitely electrolysis. Unless your hair is coarse (like a man’s beard) then laser can make your hair WORSE and cause more growth in this area.

During electrolysis, you can bleach the hair if you want to, but you need to stop threading immediately. Every hair that is plucked or threaded or tweezed will not be able to be treated. It could be as much as a year before it goes back into the proper phase to be treated! If you thread, it could easily be 4 or 5 years before you finish. If you stop right this minute, you could be done with electrolysis in under a year.

i am sorry i didnt understand. it can take 4-5 years if i keep getting it threated while doing electrolysis? and if i leave threading now and start electrolysis it will take 1 year ? i am confused…

If you keep getting threaded, you will take many years to finish electrolysis. You may NEVER finish. If you stop threading now, you can finish electrolysis in 9-18 months.

thanks for the comments princess kitty.

wats better way of removing my sideburn nd upper lips becasue i m not thinking of starting electrolyis and i cant just stop threading it is gonna look awful…may be after 1 year or so i will start electrolysis? how long before should i leave threading or any kind of temporary hair removal before starting electrolysis?

most of my female clients look finished in an appointment or two, and then we work to make it permanent over the course of 9 to 18 months, while keeping the lady looking finished the whole time, if she co-operates.

thanks james… i wish i lvied in bufalo i would deffinelty come to you…i have an other question how long before do i have to stop threading before starting electrolysis? and can u recomend any electrologist in the long island, NY area?

I would stop threading for a month or two personally, but it’s actually up to you. The more hair you have on your first electrolysis appointment, the faster you will be done with electrolysis because more hair will be treated (they can only treat one hair at a time, and they can only treat it once it’s long enough to see).

But the most important thing is to stop threading forever once you start electrolysis. If you are not getting electrolysis for another year or two, then obviously you don’t have to stop threading yet.

an other question… how much should i expect to pay for the whole face electrolysis. approximates please…

IT’s impossible to give such an estimate. We have no idea how many hairs you have to treat. Electrolysis treats hair one at a time. An average electrologist can treat 5-10 hairs per minute. You can estimate how long it takes by estimating how many hairs you have to treat. Also, multiply what you see now by 3 since a lot of the hair is dormant at any one time.

thankxx for the comment LA girl. can u recomend an electrologist in the long island, suffolk county area?

and what do u tihnk of laser for whole face and neck since i have light but alot of hair? i feel its gonna take forever with electrolysis.

You can’t do laser on light hair!!

If you can find someone who does electrolysis well, then you’ll be looking at spending less time on it than you’d spend on laser in the end with your hair type :slight_smile: And in all probability you’ll spend less money too.

With laser, you’d probably end up having 10 or so appointments before you were forced to concede the laser on light hair is useless. You might well have more growth than when you started because laser can encourage growth on the face.

With electrolysis, it might take you a month or two to get a full clearance, depending on how long your appointments are. After that, you’d only need to go in once every two weeks or so to get the new hairs that spring up. It might take a year, but 10 laser sessions would take more than a year. Electrolysis is a great option for the face! And if you find a great practitioner, you could be looking at being hair free in a year, which is fantastic :slight_smile:

This might help

Great comments, emilily. You said it well.

Shahana, Never ever consider to use laser on your face. I did this horrible mistake and grew monster like long hair all over my face and neck. That was the worst decision of my life. Those 3 years which i spent with these hair on my face were the worst three years of my life.

I started electrolysis two years ago and now I am almost finished. I started with 4 hours every week, now I am down to 1 hour every 3 weeks. Also never pluck them because the plucked hair are the last one to go. There are 4/5 bad hair which are still coming back. The hair which are still coming back are the one I used to pluck.

omg 2 years and 4 hours every week is a long time… i called this electrolysis and she said it will take a year to finish. i dont pluk i use this machine on my side burns and upper lips…its like a epilator…would that be considered as pluking?

Yes, that is plucking. Plucking is anything that rips the hair out. You are ripping it out really quickly, but that is still plucking. You will definitely need to stop.