Electrolysis on chin and upper lip gone wrong


Last year from frebruary through April I did four sessions of electrolysis on my chin and upper lip. On the fourth session the electrologist I believe did something wrong because a week after I noticed horrible scarring from the treatment. I now can’t smile that well and have fat loss in my chin area and on top of that have really bad scarring on the right side of my chin. I also notice that I’ve been getting tingling sensations all over the right side of my chin, lower lip, cheek and upper and lower teeth. What is happening and are these symptoms permanent? it’s already been a year since the first treatment. If someone has an answer please help me :confused:


A photo of the treated area would be helpful.


Sorry I’m new to this I just posted some pictures for u to see if you need more let me know


perhaps some closeups of the chin area where you think scarring has occurred would be helpful. It’s hard to see anything from these images.


I hope this helps


I did get two sessions of microneedling done so the scars look flatter and more smooth. In the first picture the scar on my chin on the side where my nose ring is that one is dragging downward and it’s really big, deep, and pigmented I don’t know how she managed to do that


well to start with I will say the skin’s complete healing process generally takes 18 months or more to finish.Hyperpigmentation which may make marks appear more prominant, usually takes this long to fade if serious.So what you see now may not be what you are left with.I do think I see what you’re talking about but it honestly just looks like a beauty mark.

I’m afraid I dont have all the answers for you but I do recommend you have a look at Michael Bono’s series “the Healing Skin” found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viKQcBAHLOI&t=0s&list=PLeYuCaeN4D7PpsKYHFJ7tKr0yJoIyTSQO&index=2



It might be hard to see in the picture but I have tissue damage where the dark hyperpigmentation is. It’s not the small birth mark it’s the surrounding tissue. Thank you for sending me the video. Another question is fat loss in the treated area normal?


I\ve never seen “fat loss” as a result of electolysis treatment so I’m going to have to say no.


So what explains the major fat loss in my chin and the tingling numb sensation after my electrolysis experience? :confused:


I want to add that it has been hard to move my jaw correctly, eat, and smile after the electrolysis and on the right side of my face, the area where I have the dark scarred pigmentation on that’s where it’s hard to move my mouth and where the numbness is. Is this nerve damage permanent?


So, a year has passed? Electrolysis is a very safe procedure. Scarring is rare to very rare if it is done by a professional. You had TEMPORARY skin HEALING side effects, which is normal for some. They are short-lived /gone within hours, to days to weeks. Scarring can’t show up until many months later, that is, if you had had repeated poor treatment. Electrolysis cannot interfere with smiling. It does not cause fat loss on your chin. Tingling sensations do not occur on your teeth or chin or lip after one receives electrolysis.

It would be advisable for you to see a physician to evaluate your complaints for other causes of the deficits you described (can’t smile, tingling, fat loss on your chin). Scarring is possible, but not likely, so that is about all I can see that could be related to your electrolysis story. You may have something else going on that can be diagnosed and treated medically.


This is what my chin looked like before
image image image image image
This is why it looks like now

My chin now is clearly crooked and there is no more fat there. Due to this my smile became crooked I’m thinking because muscles or nerve tissue was damage and I’m sure it happened from electrolysis. So I don’t know what to do now the lady that did my electrolysis blocked my number for some reason and it’s hard for me to find a lawyer. I did get two sessions of microneedling done which helped with the scarring and putting besides the big scar on my right side of my chin where I think this all happened from. Is it possible she burned me really bad and these are the effects I don’t know. I need help


I cant see any of the things you are stating in the pictures you’ve provided. As dee stated electrolysis simply does not do, the things you are suggesting.


well then that means the electrologist electrologist did something wrong because I’m not making up symptoms and I haven’t been stressing my health away for an invisible reason


I’ve been in the business for 39 years and have never heard the term “fat loss” from electrolysis.


I see nothing wrong with your physical appearance. Maybe what you are feeling is related to something else? Have you seen a physician to explore other possibilities? Electrolysis does not cause what you are experiencing.


It happened to me but I’m noticing some of the fat is slowly coming back. Maybe because I have a weak chin and most of my jaw consisted of fat. I’m thinking she overtreated the left side of my chin into a layer of skin that holds the fat and connective tissue and burned it.


I understand and I’m trying my hardest to accept that and feel comfort in knowing that but all signs of damage are pointing to electrolysis. Hopefully the symptoms are temporary but I am seeing a neurologist and he will perform nerve tests. Could a really bad scar cause mobility issues due to collagen damage?


No. Electrolysis is very safe and will not cause nerve, muscle or fat damage. It’s been around for 150 years. I work on many severe beard cases. We log in about 150 hours of intense electrolysis care over about 18-24 months. Nothing comes close to what you describe. That’s why you need to be investigating other causes.