Electrolysis nightmare... pls help

Electrolysis over-treatment… scars a year later… misery. I had electrolysis for about four to six months last year .up until January 2021… from a woman who stated to have over 40 yrs experience … I have super sensitive fair skin. I got treatments every two weeks… and my skin looks absolutely awful, still. Each time after treatment my skin would leak sebum and look horrific. I have pics of it now… still looks horrible.

The large scab is from a mole/skin tag I had removed just a couple days ago. Other than that … all electrolysis.

Here are pics from Jan 2021 a few days after my last treatment when I couldn’t take it anymore

Comparing the two … almost a year apart … looks like not much has changed. I barely socialize or see anyone bc I am so embarrassed and have panic attacks every time I try. Any suggestions are welcome… desperate at this point.

My skin is shiny in the first set of pics from Shea butter .

Leaking plasma over extended treatments is indeed a bad sign and indicates overtreatment. That the damage is visible after a year of no further treatment is a even worse sign I’m afraid.

Sue. . See a dermatologist to see what can be done in terms of resurfacing . You have a strong case for malpractice.

Thank you so much for the fast reply ! Even though scarring is listed as a potential side effect of the treatment you think I could still sue?

I’d let Mike Bono pop into this conversation. He’d have a lot to say that is relevent. But my opinion is yes and you should be.You cannot sign away your rights in this way. Liability of the practitioner remains.

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I’ve been hoping he would respond lol. But also I haven’t been to any other doctor about my skin yet bc I can’t afford it … do you think the damage alone would be enough proof ? I’ve been considering even going to like therapy or something but also haven’t bc of $

Good job on the photos. WHY is there still inflammation? Why still red? These photos look like 24-hours after photos.

Furthermore, yes, there are TWO “danger spots” on the face; and this is one of them. I’ll read your post over again to ascertain when you had your last treatment … and these photos.

Also, I think you mean “leaking serum” not “sebum?” (Sebum doesn’t “leak” but blood serum does.)

Ok so I did just wash and exfoliate my face like a half hr before I took the first set of pics. Maybe it was more red bc of that. I’ll try to post a pic upon waking up when my skin is calmer.

There is tons of ‘vascular redness’ on my chin tho, [as the cosmetic derm put it when she removed the ‘mole’ from my face just a few days ago ,… tho she called it something different that I can’t repeat bc I’m not smart enough. but I did say I thought it was a cherry angioma and she said “oh no it’s way beyond that, it’s a collection of blood vessels clumped together…”]

I wonder if that ‘mole’ was also due to the electrolysis over treatment ? I have pics of it as well before it was removed. Sorry for the rambling but. So much has stemmed from this and I’m rly suffering.

I have what I think are atrophic scars and extreme hyperpigmentation, definitely. And yeah my skin was leaking yellow lymph fluid??? Is what the electrolysis at fault said. After the very first treatment I had horrible scabs and my face was SO swollen, but I didn’t know any better and didn’t take pics. Wish I would have. Oh and the hair is still there … no less than it was before.

I just purchased this product called ‘NewSkin Silicon & Collagen Polishing Crystals’ marketed for the treatment of atrophic, depressed, ice pick, keloid, boxscar, and indented scars. If anyone has any opinion on whether this may help my face lmk, or any suggestions as to what I could do to help it. I just want my skin back to semi normal how it was before… rly emotionally and mentally screwed up over this. So sry for the entire book.

I’ll give you a more in-depth explanation in an hour or so … right now, heading to the ocean for a swim. Was the doctor’s word “angiogenesis?” There are indeed, several other potential problems I see ahead. I really get sick to my “guts” whenever I hear stories like this. WHY don’t therapists know of these danger areas? Instruction on these areas should be a top priority at electrology schools. (leaking blood serum … aka plasma … the “leaking lymph” has been memorialized in our textbooks … but, that’s not the case. Not lymph, blood plasma (serum).

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From your statement about hte hair still being there, well I would expect this … In 6 months of treatment is not enough time to clear the face permanently. Resist the temptation though to do more electrolysis until after this has been litigated. You dont want to confuse the issue, and someone else working in the area will do exactly that. Liike the other case here right now that is similar, let the skin rest and heal. Lets not exfoliate heavily . Time is your friend. IT will improve, we just dont know how much. And yes, DO go see a dermatologist. This should also give you more evidence to back up any potential litigation as well as it will give the dermatologists recommendations for remediation. IT’s a vital first step.

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Thank you so much, any response is much appreciated !!!

I will try not to exfoliate too heavily … how often should I gently exfoliate in your opinion? I just feel like my skin looks better when I do.

Also I am aware that it takes much longer than 6months for the hair to be gone, but I figured I’d at least see Some improvement , however small. Tho I have not seen any at all.

I also have tried to get into see a derm and they couldn’t get me in until MAY. I just know the statute of limitations to file a claim in PA is 2yrs so. Want to try to stay within that time range.

File the claim.

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Erin … Seana is “spot on” and ditto to everything she said to you

Let me emphasize that rubbing and scrubbing on your skin will have no effect on deep scars (if that’s what’s forming). I’d say stop “exfoliating” all together. It’s not going to help, or do anything … except make your skin red and irritated.

Indeed, the (light) rubbing and scrubbing can make your skin look better temporarily. But really, what you’re doing is causing some inflammation (that puffs the skin a bit) and brings blood into the tissues for better color. However, what you seem to be doing is “off the charts!”

For deep scars … scrubbing will not help. There are products that your dermatologist might suggest … but, it’s best that the dermatologist explain these products to you and not have me send you off in the wrong direction.

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Pertaining to the pictures above, this looks like fresh work. It does not look like skin a year later after treatment. No way.

Maybe Erin has been applying a strong “product” to that area? Were a person to apply Retin-A on that spot a couple times per day … and just keep it “going” even when irritated, I would expect the area to look something like that? Maybe the “exfoliation” is in the extreme on that area only? Maybe Erin can give us more details on what she’s been doing to that area to “improve it?” Photos never tell the whole story.

All valid questions. Interfering with the healing skin frequently makes the situation worse. Suing may be a problem. If I were an attorney, I would ask all those questions and a hundred more. A year later does not equate to having skin looking like this, as related to electrolysis.

I agree Dee Dee. Erin needs to document with time-lines and detail all post-op attempts. I’m aware of another landmark case going on right now. The damaged person (laser) took special care to document everything and collect numerous expert witnesses. Her case will never get to court and the case will be settled. She will collect the appropriate amount of money to correct the situation and she also has a stellar attorney who is highly respected (a former Republican Congressional Representative). Like they say, “You can trust me, I’m Republican” … well, mostly?

So, as with getting to the the truth for any situation in life, I always have a lot of questions and “what if’s?”. The title of this thread Electrolysis nightmare… made me want to dart in and see what happened? Seeing skin like this one year later is damn nearly impossible if it hasn’t been interfered with and subjected to God knows what! So, what other things can cause what we see in the picture a year later? Something was being done to the skin that the skin did not like. Maybe it was aggressive exfoliation? I don’t know? I wish Erin luck. I hope truth prevails for both parties.

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