Electrolysis Diary

So…laser failed…now trying electrolysis…Apilus Platinum, areas to be treated uppers arms upper back, feet and other localised areas…Im ever the skeptic so lets see how this goes, its going to be a long process. I travel 1 hour 15 mins for couple hour sessions. Maybe even 3 if Foliizap is up to it. On the plus side the rate is low and Follizap was recommended to me through Michael Bono who frequents these forums. Pictures will follow…

2 and half hours worth of zapping…Two days after treatment. I shall keep trying to update as much as I can…professional opinions welcome. :slight_smile:

Looks good to me. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Can you (maybe edit the post) include info on what the area experienced previously. For example, did you have any laser treatments before? Did you shave/wax any time before the treatment and if so, how long before.

And perhaps follizap can fill us in on how many hairs were treated in the 2.5 hrs?

Looks like you are healing fine.
Some people scab, more or less.
You might even be able to minimize the tissue reaction a bit more.
Don’t go to the gym for 24 hours after your treatments, in other words, don’t work up a sweat.
Immediately after your treatment, apply a cold compress.
Slather the area with cooling clear aloe gel.
See if that makes a difference in scab reduction.

Laser history. Upper arms and upper back nd.yag. no shedding, 4 sessions. Upper arms upper back soprano xl shedding but no actual reduction, hair was miniaturized in my opinion. Most of the hairs are fine but i am back into gym now so getting what i can done till i go see JOsefa hopefully. Im sure Follizap will chime in at some point with the details or my next session which is on Wednesday…i will try and elaborate. Yes i have aloe and Follizap after care routine is spot on although i believe the skin will heal itself as when i applied lotion to my skin i sometimes break out on back. We are working in both anagen and telogen. The proof will be in the pudding. Ayesha i have never waxed but if electrolysis does not work. It will be my only option. I hope not though.

I bet my right hand that removed hairs will not return ever. Follizap has done a good job. A warning Geeeza, here there is only a very small percentage of the hairs that have to appear in the area. Please, do not think that are hairs of the electrolysis, it comes back from the laser.

Take hot baths with bath salts will help to dry the small scabs.

Your right hand, lol…Everyone will be wishing it better work or you will have to work at half speed!! :slight_smile: Yes we will try and maintain as we go along I guess after initial clearance…

I will try my best to ensure Josefas right hand remains exactly where it is in the same way that I am trying to ensure Geezas hairs do not return. I am a little concerned that all of the hairs in the area may not be present yet because they may have been stunned into a period of dormancy by the laser treatments. Unfortunately that’s going to be difficult to determine for sure and it already sounds like an excuse. The only consolation being that any hairs that do pop up can and will be dealt with by a method which does actually work ( Geeza :wink: )
I’d rather not get into the hairs per minute thing because I’m a little embarrassed by my speed at this time. I’m pretty new to this profession don’t forget and I’m more focused on trying to get my insertions right than I am in hitting lots of hairs in quick succession. The machine will count the number of energy pulses but because some hairs need treating twice this figure isn’t indicative of the actual hair count or more importantly the kill rate. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it :wink: I’m sure my speed will come in time and in the short term I’m trying not to beat myself up too much worrying about it. I’ve been using pico and one pulse to treat each hair with some hairs requiring two zaps where one didn’t achieve a good release. I can see that Geeza is feeling some of my insertions but in spite of this the hairs are more often than not coming out just as I want them to. (feel free to comment…)
I have to say it’s a little disconcerting seeing pictures of someones arm that I have been working on. I feel a little like a rabbit caught in the headlights at the moment so be gentle or I’m likely to dig myself a burrow and disappear into it :wink:
Geeza is keen to see results and he’s swinging by every night till Sunday so no doubt more pictures to follow, what joy :wink:

Follizap - don’t be embarrassed. We know you are ‘new’ and it’s amazing that you are letting your work be shared with us. The main reason I asked is to get an idea of how many hairs you managed to remove in the 2.5 hours. It will surely help any potential clients who are reading this to figure out how much time they may need with you.

Well, they can always ask privately and you can pm me if you wish because I am interested.

And I agree with you about everything else.

That is fantastic Follizap, your client is going to be very happy this time. Well done.

Follizap, pictures always provide a much tougher view that things are indeed. I know from my own experience. The insertion will be much less noticeable if there are no edges between the tip and the insulation.

Folli, I am afraid that in the end will you be addicted to coffee. :wink:

Update. 5 hours worth of treatment. Receiving treatment as we speak. Just switched to multiplex. Using 005 needle, seems to cause less prominent scabs. Hairs still out nicely.

Congratulations Follizap.
What town in England are you?
I need to refer clients.

Not sure congratulations are due just yet, last nights session could definitely have gone better…
Build up on the probe was slowing things down quite a bit and some hairs really didn’t want to part company with their host.
Both myself and Geeza are hoping for a more productive session on Saturday…

Great work!!! Follizap.

Just a tip lower the power to avoid to much build up. It is normal to get a little build up on the tip but if you are finding to much build up to the point where it is slowing things down lower the power.

Your insertion depth is consistently adequate?
You are using a #5 probe, this would be insulated?
What machine and settings are you using?

For a new tech., working contiguous hairs, it still looks deserving of a congrats.

Geeeza, if you want to facilitate the job of your electrologist, put moisturizing body milk tonight in the area to be treated tomorrow. This should influence the ease of insertion and reduce the amount of current needed. If Follizap agree, you can participate in the stretching of the skin (if your hand does not interfere in the work area). It’s amazing how this simple detail increases the number of insertions per minute!

I don’t have any body milk lol but will see if i can find some. Yeah i have been trying to help where i can even get in the way. We are getting there, once one arm done which will hopefully tomorrow, can move onto left arm then back.

Aloe Vera? even a simple hand cream might help.