Electrolysis causing orange peel?

Hi everyone! New here!

I’m getting concerned with my ongoing electrolysis is causing permanent scarring. I’ve just passed the two month mark, with about 7, 30 minute sessions done nearly ever week. I did pluck for about a year beforehand, until the hair became really unrealistic to manage.

I’m starting this topic because I’ve become increasingly worried that I’m going to have permanent scarring from removal. I’ve definitely got orange peel skin happening, some of which has stuck around from the early sessions. It’s also very visible with or without makeup. Is this normal? Will it go away with time?

Hi Marith, I fiddled a little with your photo to bring out what you’re concerned about (reduced the color gain). Indeed, it seems like I have talked about this number-1 danger area for the last few decades … and still electrologists just “go for it” and create totally unnecessary problems. Yes, that exact corner of your upper lip is THE number-1 problem area.

The error is that the electrologist wants to remove ALL the hairs from that area … when they should be thinned gradually; leaving a few weeks healing time between treatments. Others will disagree because they can safely clear … however, there is never an issue if you take the extreme cautious approach. Why take the risk?

My fear is that this is not just the normal-healing “orange peel,” that usually shows-up on the chin and cheeks, but actual contraction scars that might be a new permanent feature of your face. Still, only 2-months might be too early to “throw in the towel.”

I wonder if you had any immediate post-treatment oozing or large scabs? Sorry, but when I continually read posts like yours, I feel like screaming and (if I had any) tearing out my hair!

Check out products with copper peptides, because at this point they might be beneficial. I have seen positive results from such products.

Sigh…yep there was oozing and scabs. I wouldn’t say they were large scabs, but there was definitely some present. Thanks for the recommendations!

Once I’m done fighting gophers and moles I’ll do a video on this subject.

Indeed, even after all these years of doing electrolysis I still get upset when I see this happening. It’s not just an “oopsy” … it’s something that never should happen under any circumstance. And always the fault of the operator. YOU did nothing wrong and don’t buy into the pathetic excuses I’ve heard over-and-over. Please let me know if the product seems to be working.

Additionally, an appropriate upper lip treatment should render zero oozing and if there are any scabs, they should be microscopic and not visible. The only sensation might be feeling a little “something” with your fingers … a little temporary “roughness.” But NO oozing and NO scabs!

hi mike, i just had my session of electrolysis yesterday for my upper cheek and i am also extremely concerned because i have a lots of small dents… i am afraid to have permanently ruined my skin. i told my electrologist ( adrien) that there is a risk of orange peel and he reassured me. but the skin is not looking good.

Eudes, was that Adrien Sanchiz? If so, I put high faith in that boy’s opinion. If he tells you it’s alright, it’s going to be alright. Having looked at your pictures, I can doubly say this is so. Those are tiny manifestations and in fact, they may not even be from the electrolysis, they may be hairs themselves coming in! Regardless, with recent electrolysis, there is going to be evidence of the healing process. This is NORMAL . IT will resolve. Being a nervous nelly wont serve you well! Dont sweat every single nick and scab. It will all resolve beautifully.

yes it was him indeed. i’m sorry to be so stressed, it just that in real life there is really some small holes in some spot. looking like indent scar from acne, that is the only thing that worry me. because there are some spot that look perfect ( flat), and others more “pitted” , and those were spot were there were previously “big” hair that i felt needed several touch . like he had to do the electrolysis 3 times on the hair because it was not easy to remove.
i also felt like some of the hair was like " plucked", and i have recently read this was not a good sign
sorry for my bad english ( i’m french)
and thanks a lot for youre help and knowledge that is really helpful

I gave you a cursory explanation of the “little holes,” and could go into great detail on the subject. Maybe I’ll do a video on what swelling looks like in areas with large sweat glands?

However, I don’t think anything anybody tells you will mollify your stress on this issue. You’re just going to have to “tough it out” … be stressed-out for a while … and wait until the normal healing process is finished-up. You’re going to realize that you wasted a lot of negative energy over NOTHING!

After that … I recommend that you discontinue electrolysis treatment, because this is not for you. And frankly, Adrien doesn’t need the stress either. A super stressed-out client can ruin your life. I’ve been there! So, do yourself and Adrien a favor … “don’t do it honey!”

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thanks sir, you have relaxed my concerns about the " hole" near my nose ( i have understood the concept of the gland etc),
but it is also the " small hole" near my upper cheek that concerns me ( i don’t know if there are pores here previously)

what is also the best method to remove hair ( before doing electrolysis)? shaving or plucking? for the face


You are in good hands with Adrien. I agree with all that Mike said and my opinion matches my expert colleagues. Be very thankful that Adrien is your electrologist and thank you for the photo and questions. All very good!

thanks so that is really a myth that shaving causes hair to regrow thicker?

according to youre knowledge how long should i avoid sun exposure to allow the area near my nose ( with the gland/holes) to fully recover? usualy there is no sun where i live but exceptionaly its sunny here.

thanks ! i am really glad i have found this nice forum!
here in france there is no electrologist, i had to travel the whole country to see adrien to do the procedure.

i only hope the area near my nose with the gland will get his former aspect back. i know people who has this " enlarged pore" aspect and i was lucky not to have it. but Bono explained me it was just normal swelling so i will prey and hope it come back to normal ! i wil keep you updated

Human clinical studies

Trotter (1928) : The first paper that clinically demonstrates shaving has no effect on hair growth

Saitoh (1970) : This paper cited in the hair growth cycle section also demonstrates shaving has no effect on hair growth.

Lynfield (1970) : Also demonstrates shaving has no effect on hair growth.

i am just afraid to end up with this kind of skin permanently on this area. i have found a picture on the net to explain it

this is the perfect exemple of how my skin is looking now , and what i want to avoid at all cost, because before it was really smooth here.

bono told me it was normal swelling and it would get back to its normal aspect but damn i just checked my skin and it looks like that

You have naturally occurring huge pores. Did you post a before picture? Did you have hair removed on your nose and the skin right next to your nose?

When a very coarse hair is removed, you see the opening where the hair occupied space. It will heal, but KNOW that some people have big pores because that is the way they were made thanks to genetics.

If you can’t accept that then don’t put yourself through the process of getting permanent hair removal. I need to see a before picture. Not many people have porcelain skin. Maybe you did?? Our skin is not flawless. Maybe yours was??? If this is upsetting you, then it is early enough to stop treatment.

yes i had hair removed on the skin near my nose. and no my skin was smooth before, never had pores before here.

each small holes were like electrolysis was performed.and before it was perfectly smooth, never ever had pores here before.