Electrology on Unibrow for 2 years


I have been getting electrology (blend method) done on the unibrow region for close to two years now. The hairs are growing less dark and frequent, but after almost two years I figured that I would be completely done by now.

Anyone know if this is normal or is my electrologist doing something wrong? How much longer do you expect me to have to continue before I get COMPLETE hair free area between the eyebrows?


This sounds slower than average. During this process, has the frequency and duration of treatments, reduced ? If so, by how much?

Were they virgin hairs or did you wax/pluck previously?

Please tell us about how often you went. Did you tweeze at all in between appointments?

Blend is a fabulous modality. In fact, ANY electrolysis modality can “kill” hair.

Do want every single hair gone no matter how small?

I started out every week and now go about every two to three weeks. The hair growth is much slower, the ones coming in are finer and less frequent. The huge dark thick ones are starting to fully disappear, BUT TWO YEARS ALMOST!!!


Plucked for like 4 years prior. I know that will have an effect.

Plucked prior to first appointment for like 4 years.

Yes, I want every single hair gone. So 100% results. When the remaining hairs are super tiny then I can start making really rare appointments, but overall the goal is to get the entire area clean. And so far there are still somewhat big ones and every month or so some really dark thick ones like before.

Also I am still being red after the appointments. Doing the aloe gel, Witch Hazel, but for several days afterwards red and sometimes acne in the area.

I just read this: “I have been getting electrology (blend method) done on the unibrow region for close to two years now. The hairs are growing less dark and frequent, but after almost two years I figured that I would be completely done by now.”

Is this “for real?”

Um…yes. haha

Any words of advice?

Sometimes these (larger diameter) hairs are deeper than the electrologist thinks…sometimes the electrologist is afraid to give this area the right balance of current energy. These hairs will often release easily after a little current energy, so the electrologist “thinks” their technique is fine. Even with tweezing for 4 years prior, it should not have taken this long. Not really advice, because it sounds like you are almost there…

Two years … but WHAT?

I have a lovely client that came in a week ago and announced: “You know, I’ve been coming to you for 23 years — when is this going to work?” And, she was right.

She would come in, oh, maybe once ever two years or so (for 15 minutes) … and, with 90% of the chin hairs tweezed out! Indeed, this behavior went on for 23 years. Basically, what the hell am I supposed to do in a case like this? It’s impossible! I lectured her and almost beat her over the head … to no avail.

Duration (years or months of treatment) means nothing (just as “how many hair per minute” is nearly meaningless). What is meaningful is the total treatment time it took for the procedure. THAT is a solid indicator of the success of your treatment. “TTT” (total treatment time) is a comparable number that can be empirically dealt with.

I would guess that my patient has put in about 3 to 4 hours total over the last two decades. So, is her case in any way a reasonable case to judge the success of electrolysis?

Yeah, she came in a week ago and I expect to see here in a few years. At this point "Frankly my dear, I don’t give a … " (Rhett speaks)

Thanks for your reply. It was very helpful. My electrologist said the same thing that the hairs in this location are usually pretty gentle and usually don’t take this long.

Do you think that she is doing something wrong? How would I know?

I think you make a fantastic point, however in my situation I have been coming in EVERY one to two weeks for close to two years now.

I haven’t skipped sessions or appointments.

Given my consistency and the location that is being treated, do you think my electrologist is doing something wrong? Is this normal for some people?


btw, she is using the blend method.

Maybe you are being under treated then? This is a balancing act where we need to use the right energy level to disable hair follicles. Too little energy will partially affect the hair follicle, thus, this is why you are still seeing hair. Have you discussed this with your practitioner? It should not take two year of frequent treatments to rid such a small area of hair.

I suppose I am becoming irascible (you think?) … it comes with age I suppose. I agree with Dee, but would maybe state your case in a more “cantankerous” way: Your therapist is not getting the hairs!

Of all the methods, the blend especially is the “big bang,” and certainly should have cleaned you up in a short time (within 9 - 10 months at the maximum). Common understanding is that the blend is great for big hairs and not the best for the tiny “fuzz” … and, that’s a correct evaluation. (I don’t do blend on the fine, nearly vellus hairs either.)

I just finished up “Katrina” who had a much more-than-average bikini area (total time was a gigantic 21.5 hours … she tops the record. Then again, it was for “everything.”) I also did her complete eyebrows (yuck, ha ha ha), that had been tortured and tweezed for decades. What a MESS! Total time was about 4 hours — duration <9 months.

I did a fast computation on your case: if you went in every two weeks for 15 minutes (over 2 years), your total treatment time would have been 7.8 hours. Not especially unreasonable. Still, that seems like a lot of treatments (26).

Count up your actual time in hours. That will give me something to really “go by.”

I initially thought that it would only take about a year, thus now getting close to two years is getting ridiculous.

How do I bring this up to her? She initially told me it would take a year, but once we got to like 18 months,then she said that it usually takes about 2 years for most people.

Any good electrologist recommendations in east bay or south bay, CA?

Hi bb8900,

I gotta see this. I notice you are in the South Bay. What about this: I will finish you up for free. A drive to Santa Barbara, chill out for the day (Sunday is okay), check out the art show on the boulevard, walk on the beach, have a nice dinner (fresh caught fish?) and some local wine … and let me zap those Unibrows. (Have the wine first!)

I can probably finish you up in 4 treatments (4 - 6 weeks apart). Okay, it’s your call …

What a generous offer Michael! :slight_smile:

Oh, not generous at all … I just have a great sense of curiosity.

This is a simple job of almost no “hours” at all, that took 2 years? … Oh yeah, I really have to see this! I might even pay to have the person come up!

“Rumpen i Vaere!” ha ha ha

2 years? I’ve had 3 lightsheer diode laser treatments on my unibrow and i’m almost done now. i wanna finish up with electrolysis. 2 years seems too long…

Btw how do i control which hairs i want gone on my brows tho? do i keep a mirror there during the treatment? is that a custom thing or would that be weird to do the whole thing that way…