Electrokysis caused fine hairs to be thick!

Hi everyone,

I have experienced that electrolysis made the fine hairs on my face become thicker. I was getting treatments in the beard area, chin, & cheeks. I did my research before starting electrolysis & I am shocked with the outcome! I assumed that my electrolysis was “under treating me” and was plucking. It is a devestating thing! Now I need a solution to make the thick hairs go away. What do you all suggest me to do? Should I continue electrolysis with someone else or turn to laser?

I doubt that was the case. But it would be helpful for you to provide more details so we can judge appropriately.

  • How old are you?
  • Male or female? Assuming female, but please confirm
  • How many treatments have you had? When did you start?


I am 21 years old (female). I started in December 2011. I have had more than 26 sessions for a total of 28 hours! I went in so many times and each time i told my self to give it time. Since I stopped having treatments the hairs are a nightmare! I am just an ordinary girl who had had a bad experience & I am afraid to try anything new. I wish I had never started any type of hair removal on my face! There is no way to get my skin back now! My entire face (cheeks, beard area, chin) are full of hairs that are so thick & long & there are some thin ones here.

Has anyone tried taking medications to make the facial hair thinner & less noticeable?

If your electrologist is plucking the hairs, then he/she is doing a poor job and you won’t see results. After 28 hours, you should notice some results. The fact you don’t is concerning. Where are you located? I’m sure there are recommendations for an electrologist nearby


This is what I assumed that my electrolysis has been doing. But here’s the problem it’s right on my cheeks (I can’t even hide it even if I have my hair Down!!) I think I am the only person with this case! I know people have problems with facial hair but I think mine is the worst!

I live in Northern VA & I need a recommended electrolysis with a gold kill rate.

Has hair growth begun to appear in areas that were not treated?

Oh wait, I remember you now. I gave you a list of recommended electrologists in Virginia. I got that list from a transgendered website where people recommended electrologists they have had successful treatments with. I’d pick the one on the list closest to you and try them out. I’ve had positive experiences with nearly everyone I’ve tried from that list (for the CA area obviously)

  • Christine is asking because you’re at an age when you’re still developing hair. It’s the prime age for it actually. So even as you’re killing hair, new hair is growing in. However, if the treatments are good, you should still be seeing results.

  • Are you feeling the hairs actually being plucked during treatments or they release without much pulling by the electrologist?


Yes hair has appeared in areas where they were not treated. What is so frustrating for me is that all my hormones are in normal range and the doctor won’t take my case serious. Also electrolysis did not help in that case either.


I used your list and I called the Springfield location but its no longer get an electrolysis place, it’s a hair salon now. The one in Vienna had many 1 star reviews on Yelp so I am afraid to go there. The only one that is left that’s close to me is the Alexandria one. I called them already & booked an appointment.


I understand that the hair has to do with mg age. But I should have been seeing some results & not a horrible outcome right? To be honest, i felt alot of the hairs were beeing plucked. Do you think I should start medication for a while to help my face clear as well as getting good electrolysis treatments?


Do you mind sharing with me the transgender website where you got the list from.

Thank you

Have you been to an endo doctor? Do you know the reason for the growth? If it’s substantial, then you may need some type of medication. If it’s average, it may just be hereditary. I would make sure to judge the skill level of the electrologist when you go for your next consultation. Make sure the hair is being pulled out without much resistance after being zapped.

I am going to see an endo soon. But is very costly to do all the blood work cuz I am not insured. I am going to try a couple of other electrolysis.

My question is if a thin hair say on the bear area is treated, will it grow back, & if yes, will it be thicker or longer?

Thank you everyone for your replies

Here is the list I used to find electrologists:


Thank you Brenton

Laser is notorious for inducing hair growth, especially on women face. Some people see induced hair growth as late as more one year later after last laser session.

It does seem like there could be some other stimulation of hair growth occurring here. Has your practitioner noticed this and if so what is her opinion?


My electrolysis doesn’t seem to care and that’s why I stopped going to her

The hair doesn’t grow back thicker unless it’s plucked consistently over a period of time. Then it can happen. If you haven’t noticed ANY difference and the hairs seem thicker (do you have photos from before you started to compare? You should do it this time around if you don’t), then she may have been plucking. But you should also have felt plucking. The other contributor could have been your hormones causing more growth over the last year.

Electrolysis in itself does NOT cause hair to increase in density nor to grow thicker, unless the patient is receiving faulty treatment in the form of tweezing. If new hair is growing outside the treatment area, this is a hormonal issue unrelated to electrolysis.

I assumed that I have been mistreated all this time and it is very frustrating! How can I reverse what has happened?

Do you guys suggest that I try another electrolysis.

I am open to anyone who is experienced with references in Northern Virginia, D.C., or Maryland.