Don't let it die..

I love this forum, I’ve got lots of advice and information from here. If it wasn’t for this site site I would never have done DIY, with me One Touch… I got so much encouragement by just reading some of the posts… LoveToZap and Michael Bono… Thanks… :-)… You guys keep this site alive!

Well we certainly try.

I’m not sure Michael will be hanging around, he has indicated to me he was going to be leaving, in support of his friend Josepha.
Unfortunately it is often the result of drama or personal attacks that practitioners with decades of experience and strong support for hairtell part ways with the site . Members who have made hundreds if not thousands of contributions.It’s one of the more unfortunate aspects of hairtell, most especially as it is largely un-necessary.

Keep your chin up ( and graduate to a better machine than a one touch, please!) , hopefully things will regain some normalcy soon.


It’s part of the cycle on Hairtell I’ve seen since 2010. The laser section is dead now after regular contributors some with MD credentials and laser technicians were hounded out.
Then when dissatisfied customers would rant on here after experiences with Hairtell electrologists, those electrologists disappeared under the radar. Good publicity is good, but bad publicity is damaging to a business. So why expose yourself on here and threaten your business? Nobody reads Yelp reviews as much as Hairtell gives exposure. It’s the reason why out of hundreds if not thousands of electrologists that lurk and read Hairtell (but don’t admit it), only a few dozen registered to participate and only a handful actually contributed regularly.

No one should pay such a high price for saying “no”.

I’m about to retire, Fenix. Probably 2016 is the year of my retirement. So my business is the least of my worries. Sometimes it’s not about business, sometimes it’s just about injustice and lack of control over a forum that belongs to you.

All good points … of course I got some “sticks in the eyes” too. Does it hurt? You bet!

But now that I’m old, I don’t care all that much about myself (it’s a good feeling, actually and there is some new freedom in this attitude).

However, I’m a very loyal person (to only a few) … I don’t have two faces … I only have one. Hairtell is only mildly interesting to me … but it’s … well, you know.

It is because of this site that i was able to see dr. Beate and have a real electrolysis session. Had it been her treating me in the past i wouldnt have sustained extensive scar tissue all over my body. So i believe this site is quite useful and must be kept alive. The information that is being shared here prevents people from ending up like i did. It would be a shameful waste to have it simply die and fade into obscurity…

Oh my Hairy … the site is not going to “die.” It will, however, get a fresh new batch of people and that’s very good indeed.

I live by several ideas and one of them is, “Everybody can be replaced.”

Same here. When I first came here through google I was still using waxing, sugaring and shaving methods. Then I went on to laser which was a failure for me, and then I found out about electrolysis and found a world class technician who has been able to give me a better life. I’ll always be thankful to hairtell for that, otherwise I’d probably still be lost today.

The posts appear to have been removed ( just now it seems). so hopefully that will put the issue to rest. I know Andrea is often involved in media business, and often it isnt in her power to intervene in a timely manner. I hope some of the people boycotting the site, will reconsider their position. Talent is a horrible thing to waste.


I do my share of boycotting, too, (not on this site). Oh, Freedom!

And it needs Younger people. Younger than me, although i do not plan to retire.

There’s constant new blood. We do currently have issues with talent retention though.Sigh, and its for reasons I’ve long pointed out.

Thing is though that over time, some/most will return.This site, as useful as it is, gets under your skin once you’ve posted here a few years. Oh, and I’m not going anywhere.( except to work , and that is keeping me busy quite a bit these days).

With a return to normacy ( and gosh I sure hope with a certain account disabled) I suspect you’ll see most dwindle back eventually so that at least is a good thing.

I do think though that with Andrea often unavailable, we need more than Dee alone on the moderation team so issues like this dont cling on for days and disrupt normal question and answering and site operations.

I don’t have the power to censor and delete posts. Andrea owns this website and decides who she needs to send a private message to with a warning or eventually a ban. I can make minor corrections and deletions, lock threads and I can notify Andrea when things are heating up and that about covers my role here.

No professional, young or old, will want to post here if they think they will be disparaged like Jossie was. Frankly, I’ve seen and have personally been involved with this kind of negative behavior for years and I’m sick of it.

Part of not being a target in any business involves having a good rapport with your customers and vice versa, customers having a good rapport with their practitioners. Where does communication go wrong? I don’t know, but when all goes wrong, tempers flare and ugly things are done.

As usual, I will participate here until Andrea decides to close this website or asks me to leave. I will always do my best. Additionally, I will always know my place in regard to what Andrea asks me to do and not to do with her website. It’s her “house”.

Interesting links :

Many foreign customers received treatment from Josefa, and all are quite, or very satisfied, to the point of return several times it needs until removing completely and permanently their unwanted hairs. But no one can predict how a crazy person will react.

I will complete this message, answering to both DeeFahey and Mickael Bono’s videos : it was absolutely not about communication problem, let me explain :
This persone first contacted me, in the same language we both speak (French) in a French forum.
She asked me to contact Josefa to have an appointment with her and I answered completely at ALL her questions in french.
Josefa also (a new time) explained her the treatment and answered at all questions. When she come in Spain, I met her and we spoke together a new time about hair removal and electrolysis in particular. At this time, she seemed happy about the treatment.
After the appointement, she wrote back asking about her red dots and Josefa answered a new time that this is completely normal. Josefa showed me the mails that this person sent because she asked me for helping to translate the best way (all mails were answered in French). We both saw this lady was an unstable person. Thus Josefa decided to not work anymore with her. (You all saw how she reacted trolling this forum)

So there are NO problem of communication, don’t miss the point…

As many of you know, Josefa and I are in contact. She asked me to make you get this message:

“I very much regret not having time to say goodbye to all of you, but these last days have been quite difficult. My time in Hairtell has given me a lot more pleasant than sad moments, so I would like to tell you all, thank you wholeheartedly.”

The critical point seems to occur when we as practitioners decide to cancel the cooperation. We are violating the narcism of those people.

And that can be pretty dangerous: i had to deal with someone who not only suggested i would pretend being a physician (because of using my PhD which is in Geophysics) but even went to a pharmacy and wanted some pain killing drug i had prescribed according to her (i do not prescribe anything, i am not a physician). Luckily the pharmacy called me back. So i could clarify the issue. But both incidents were dangerous because it was tried to bring me in the light of acting criminally.

Adrien dear,

Thank you for sending Josefa’s message along. We all love her so much. Please tell her that. I will email her soon, as well. Frankly, when I saw the very long post that rosedust wrote, I read about two paragraphs and already knew it was a deplorable pack of lies, so I stopped. I refused to give attention to the rest of the post. I will not participate. I refuse to see. No Personal attacks are permitted here and in the future, I anticipate that there will be a protocol to aggressively and immediately squash out of control posters like a big, juicy bug.

Wishing there were “likes” here! This is a spot on response - and fits many situations!!!

There you go!

I’ll just add that I’m sad to see Josefa and Bono go. I have learned a lot from their presentations of what electrolysis can and should be. They changed our total expectations from electrolysis like none before and were the 2 electrologists in the cyber space that opened our minds to full body electrolysis, when before customers and even electrologists would see this method as viable option for small areas or mostly for the face.
They also gave us a glimmer of hope that more electrologists would develop the skill to reproduce 3x body clearance method which wasn’t heard of before they showed us this possibility.