Documenting my electrolysis journey/ Indian

Hi there,

I just want to document all my electrolysis journey over here

Actually i had an electrolysis session in September and in November i took second treatment and it caused some pits and hyperpigmentation so I’ve stopped the treatment for 4 months and i have again started to take my treatments as the pigmentation issue was resolved

Comparison pic before 1 st clearance and 2 clearance

1st clearance - 10 Feb 22 - 2 hours
2 nd clearance- 28th Feb 22 - 2 hours

And i got 3 rd treatment on 19th March 22 - 90 Mins session- below is the comparison between before the 2nd session and 3rd session

Hi today 7th april 2022,

i went for my 4th clearing, pictures before 1st treatment and today’s :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, Indian here too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So glad to find another Indian on this forum. Where are you based and where are you taking your treatments from?

Hi tanisha,

I am taking my treatment from kolors, telangana

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:pleading_face: That’s great. From the pictures, it looks like they know what they are doing.

I am eager to start my electrolysis journey too, just there are no good electrologists in my city Kolkata. :pensive:
Keep us updated on your journey. It’ll surely be of great help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sure Tanisha,

Four year before i have tried laser and nothing worked and also it made the situation worse, just 6 months before i have started this and you know what in kolors it self my first session went great but second session was done by some un trained person so i went through a lot of trauma, u can see those pics in my another thread and again after 4 months in have started to take the treatment again but from the person who did the treatment for my first treatment, I request u to go to a trained professional, cause you know once your skin gets worse you cannot bring back the damages made, hope where ever u are going is a best place and your journey goes well and safe

Yes true :pensive: this is one of my biggest fears too. Hairs on my face bother me but burns scare me worse.
There is an utmost lack of trained professionals in our country. Also since everyone is keen on doing laser, the electrolysis market is really small.
But laser is something which I can say works great on body hair not so much on the face maybe for a select few it does but the majority claim it doesn’t work in the long run. And clinics don’t tell you that in great detail.

My friend got electrolysis done from a clinic in Ahmedabad who claimed to have 20 years of experience yet the end result was horrible. Believe me, when I saw her pictures I almost cried thinking about what she had to go through. Her entire skin was burnt and blistered.
Did they use high setting on your skin during the second session? Are they using blend or thermolysis or pure galvanic? Do you know?
I am truly happy to see that your skin is almost back to normal now. Hoping for best results for you.

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Yea Tanisha i known the situation in india, electrolysis market is so small and definitely laser doesn’t work on women who have PCOS, as hormones play an immense role- yes actually in second sitting it is because of wrong insertion in needle and also high setting of frequency and i am not exactly sure on what type they use but for sure in next 15 days when i go for treatment I’ll get the picture of the equipment and post it in here

And also Allana of new york is also the best place to get electrolysis done - search their website not sure where they got there branches

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Thanks Keerthi :heart:

And Yes I was checking too
Allanna, Lilli and Furless electrolysis - these are a few names that I have heard - all are almost equally far from where I live so lets see
I will book consultations, have a session and let you know how it’s going.

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Hi Keerthi I am back here to ask you a few questions regarding your electrolysis treatment. I was advised to go in every 15 days so that they can zap my hair at the anagen phase. I wanted to ask if you indeed go in every 15 days? This is such an inconvenience for me because I can go in every 1-2 month but not 15 days . Asking because you already have experience. Thank you in advance

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Hi Tanisha,

No it’s ok hair can be plucked out at any stage donno why this misconception is being spread, u can destroy hair at any stage- actually my hair would grow around 15-18 days to reach a growth where it is in length to pluck after electrolysis and as the place is only 1 km away from my home i do visit in the for treatment as soon as i see any growth to get plucked.

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Interesting that a CLIENT knows this and the electrologist either does not know it, or hedging the facts? Indeed, often times clients do more study and research than electrologists.

For me … I would always go to an electrologist who was a client that had a lot of work … or did the work on herself to learn first hand. I’m happy to see that we have transgender women entering the field, because they really know the subject from both the medical and clinical aspects.


This is the machine they are using

5th treatment- 23 april 22 - 1:15 mins treatment

@Bono please see the above parameter is this fine to remove the facial hair, u can see my hair growth in the pics already atfached on the thread

I don’t know the Instantron machine so the parameters mean nothing to me. Even so, looking at numbers on a machine tells me nothing about the treatment. It would be like taking a photo of a car’s speedometer and asking if the car was being driven properly. Instantron, however, has a good reputation for being a solid machine.

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Thanks Keerthi and Michael. Your responses mean a lot to me.

Keerthi, would it be possible for you to share your whatsapp/instagram or facebook handle ?
I won’t bugger you except for a few details here and there from time to time :crossed_fingers:

Please let me know your any social handle so i can connect

6th treatment- 7th may
7th -12 may
8th- 21 may