Current Laser/IPL Models

Currently manufactured models of lasers are the following (by brand name - type of laser - manufacturer):

Acclaim 7000 - Nd:YAG - Cynosure
Apex 800 - Diode - IRIDEX

Apogee 5500 - Alexandrite - Cynosure

Apogee 6200 - Alexandrite – Cynosure

Apogee 9300 - Alexandrite – Cynosure

Apogee Elite – Alexandrite/Nd:YAG – Cynosure

Aurora – Intense pulsed light (IPL)/RF - Syneron

Comet – Diode/RF - Syneron

CoolGlide CV - Nd:YAG – Altus/Cutera

CoolGlide Xeo - Nd:YAG – Altus/Cutera

CoolGlide Vantage - Nd:YAG – Altus/Cutera

CoolGlide Excel - Nd:YAG – Altus/Cutera

Cynergy PL - IPL - Cynosure

DeLight - Flashlamp - Radiancy

Dualis XP – Nd:YAG - Fotona

EpiLight - IPL – ESC/Lumenis (This device is actually a flashlamp and not a true laser for hair removal.)

EpiStar DS series - Diode - Nidek

EsteLux - IPL – Palomar

Fidelis XP – Nd:YAG - Fotona

Galaxy – IPL/RF - Syneron

Gemini - Nd:YAG - Laserscope

GentleLASE - Alexandrite – Candela

GentleYAG – Nd:YAG – Candela

LightSheer (SC, EC, XC, SP, EP) - Diode - Coherent Star/Lumenis

Lyra-i - Nd:YAG - Laserscope

LPL - IPL - Lambda Scientifica

Lumenis One - IPL/Nd:YAG - Lumenis

MediLux - IPL - Palomar

MeDioStar XT - Diode - Asclepion-Meditec

NaturalLase 1064 - Nd:YAG - Focus Medical

NaturalLase LP - Nd:YAG - Focus Medical

NeoLux - IPL - Palomar

PhotoGenica LPIR - Alexandrite – Cynosure

PhotoLight - IPL - Cynosure

PhotoSilk Plus - IPL – Cynosure

Pitanga – IPL/RF - Syneron

RubyStar+ - Ruby - Asclepion-Meditec

SkinStation - IPL - Radiancy

SmartEpil II - Nd:YAG - Cynosure

SoftLight - Nd:YAG – ThermoLase/Danish Dermatologic Development

Solis - IPL - Laserscope

SpaTouch - IPL – Radiancy

SpaTouch Pro - IPL - Radiancy

StarLight - Diode - Star Medical/Coherent

StarLux - IPL - Palomar

VascuLight Plus - IPL/Nd:YAG – ESC/Lumenis

VEGA - Nd:YAG - Lambda Scientifica
Discontinued models include the following:

Athos - Nd:YAG - Cosmos
Chromos 694 - Ruby - Mehl/Biophile

Depilase - Nd:YAG - Depilase

Depilase - Diode - Depilase

E2000 - Ruby - Palomar

Ellipse – IPL - Danish Dermatologic Development

EpiLaser - Ruby – Palomar

EpiPulse - Ruby - ESC

EpiTouch - Alexandrite – ESC/Lumenis

EpiTouch - Ruby – ESC/Lumenis

IPL Quantum HR - Flashlamp – ESC/Lumenis

LaseAway - Alexandrite - Silver Creek Medical

LaseAway - Ruby - Polytec PI/Lambda

Lorad - Nd:YAG - Focus Medical

MedLite - Nd:YAG - Continuum

MLT R694 - Ruby - MLT International

MultiLight - PhotoDerm - Flashlamp – ESC

PhotoDerm - Flashlamp - ESC

SLP 1000 - Diode – Palomar

SmoothLASE - Alexandrite – Leisegang/Cooper

This list is going to be so helpful. Thanks you so much lagirl!

I’m not sure how old this is. I should add

Sonata - diode
Soprano - diode

Hi…First of all I have to say thank you so very much for sharing your seemingly inexhaustable amount of knowledge on LHR and hair removal in general. That being said, what have you heard, if anything, about the Sciton Pulse Dual Nd Yag?


It’s supposed to be a good Yag laser. It has scanning technology that supposedly helps prevent missed spots. Don’t know how effective it is. Haven’t heard anything bad about it.

How do you know which one to buy??

Lagirl, are there any low end models of IPL’s that run for less than 5K? I’d like to find a used IPL, not for permanent removal, but for temporarily “IPL epilation” to use in my home for my chest and stomach. I’ve read of Phillips I believe coming out with a system in home use calling it “laser epilation” i believe, which is pretty much what I would like to accomplish.

I’m not sure if a cheap effective one exists. It might be worth getting a used professional machine, though I don’t know how safe it would be to use at home and if it’s legal in your state.

Just to clarify, all the machines that say “IPL” are Intense Pulse Light systems and the following phrase next to Epilight applies to all of them:

“This device is actually a flashlamp and not a true laser for hair removal.”

I saw some machines from this site and would like to know if these will work. Seems like some of the lower end models (LD2k, LD20K) are quite affordable compared to going to a professional laser treatment center if you’re treating extensive areas. They seem to be pretty confident in their products with that 100% satisfaction guarantee also. Thoughts?

there are a bunch of threads on these machines. if they worked, we would all be using them instead of paying for professional treatments. and clinics would also be buying $2-5K machines, instead of $50-100K ones.

please run a search using the search feature to read more on these and other home machines.

Thank you so much, Lagirl, for sharing the information. :slight_smile: that’s the most useful “hair-removal” forume I’ve ever read. :slight_smile:

I have a question to the list of lasers you posted. In my region the choise of Candela lasers is not that wide, I’ve found only 1 GentleLase so far. :slight_smile: (don’t know if it’s alexandrite or not, I’ve made an inquiry with them) Or, are all gentlelase are alexandrite?

And I found another laser used by one doctore, named GentleYAG.
I’ve never heard anything about this one. Does anybody has any experiance with it?


both of these machines are listed above in the list.

alexandrite, diode and yag are types of lasers. the machine names are models by different manufacturers. eeach type of made by varioues companies, and some area better than others. which you need depends on your skin type. please read the FAQs to determine which you need. both of the above are good machines, so which you need depends on your skin type.

I met with someone that is highly skilled and very confident! She uses the Scition Yag and IPL. SHe says IPL is great to great a deeper wavelenght and finer hairs. She says it is all in the skills of the person, not just the machine. Anyone had luck with this machine? Everyone is so Gentelase and I met a women too who says she has great luck with it, but on brazilian woulnd’t go with higher joules and if the hair is in anagen, you can kill a hair at 10 or 12 joules. HElp!

please read the FAQs. you’re trying to compare apples and oranges. the link is below.

What about aculite?

Does that use one of the listed machines (IPL), or is it a system in it’s own right, as the website seems to imply?

It’s an IPL


A colleage of mine is thinking of buying an Axiom IPL for hair removal.

To date, I have never seen anyone who has had any lasting permanent hair reduction with an IPL. Have you heard anything about the Axiom IPL? I think it’s new. Is it on your list under another name?

I have learned to trust you and I respect your knowledge.


I haven’t heard of that one specifically. However, the technology of IPL is not as good for hair removal purposes as a true laser. If their main purpose is to provide the best hair removal possible for their clients, I would strongly recommend getting a true laser. GentleMAX by Candela is a new machine that combines alex and Yag machines for light and dark types into one. They may want to look into it instead.

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