Consumer fights Centre Biotechnique Avance scam

From a reader:

Hello Andrea I am one of the ripped of customers of Global
Electronic Supply or CBA or whatever they call themselves this group of deceivers.

I contacted you some time ago, I bought a DMD 6000 laser epilation machine that costed me 4000 dollars and it is completely useless, I have always thought to revenge but I didn knew how to build a website.

I have created a new blog dedicated to this particular scam, please advertise my blog in you website and forum, I want to join a group of deceived customers to prevent more people from loosing their hard earned money.

My blog is

Thank You Very Much

I’ve been scammed bye this company also.I want to go to the FBI but could use more peoples cases so it would be more likely that something will be done. My email address is

Funny thing is, there would be more done if they really were selling what they claim to be selling. Our experience is that since these people are selling flashlights that do nothing, and no physical damage can be done with their products, nothing gets done about all the money they are vaccuuming up.

You will find more than a few stories about their rip-off in our pages, and from quite a few people.

Good Luck

Very True. If you comunicate with anyone who has been scammed by these people direct them to me. I found peoples posts on other web sites but theirs no email address so I can’t correspond with people.

I see alot of people have used a credit card as there means to purchase these pieces of garbage (I was less fortunate). How does or why doesn’t the credit card company’s do something about this?

Well, see, here is why these companies always have some kind of stall tacktic to try to keep you from reporting a fraud to your card company for at least 61 to 91 days. At that point, you have no recourse but to pay the Credit Card Company based on your card holder agreement.

The card company will reverse the charge even if they can’t get their money back from the scammer, should the customer complain in the proper time frame, and in the proper way.

I even saw one scam for a lotion you slathered on that instructed you to wait 90 days before attempting to submit for a refund, because it would supposedly take that long to see the full effect of their product.

Register a complaint here:

Contact the US POSTAL AUTHORITIES. There may be some laws regarding “Internet Sales Fraud” THAT ARE SIMILAR TO POSTAL FRAUD.


Hello, I purchased any item for this website and so upset that it is a scam. I was wondering if there was any lawsuits or anything that I could join to take these people down! I am furious!

hi …I’VE BEEN INTERESTED IN ALL THE HAIR REMOVAL SCAMS, there are a number of things you can do that will not cost you anything.

did anything you did for them to communicate with you come via the mail?
If so you can go to US Postal service. They have a department to avoid scams like this… it is to prosecute FRAUD, but I it has to involve the use of the mail system to perpetrate the fraud (even if it was only one piece of mail). If any mail was sent to you or from you to them the mail was used. They can shut off all mail IN and OUT of their mailbox. This includes checks, bank statements, advertising, and packages as it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to use the mails to DEFRAUD. IF NO MAIL WAS USED… I do not know what you could do. If they are from Canada …US Customs mat be helpful. Check with FDA as their device may not be legal as FDA can not approve a defective device as it has to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE to get FDA approval.

Try Federal Trade commission, Better Business Bureau. If they cant help they may know what else you can do. BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU SAY OR POST ABOUT THEM… If you do anything to hurt them… they can sue you.

Here is an FTC complaint form. They look for patterns. If there are several complaints against an entity, they may decide to investigate and take action.