Change in body odor?

I am trying to get an appreciation if this is something that women are noticing: Is anyone noticing a change in body odor (especially in the underarms) with laser hair removal treatments? The change could be an increase in odor or a decrease in odor.

We have seen a few clients with this concern and I am not sure if it is real or just something else. So this is part of an epidemiological survey.

If you happen to also read the Cosmetic Enhancement forum, please only respond here or there. I am asking the same question. Thanks.

I wouldn’t think that there should be any change in body odor by simply having this type of hair removal procedure done. I personally haven’t noticed it myself.

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I haven’t noticed a change and I’m having my underarms done.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve had a few people complain of increased body odor and I was just wondering.

I have noticed a great deal of increase in sweating and body odor with the laser hair removal treatments, as in, I didn’t really used to have any and now I can’t stand the smell of myself by the end of the day. I didn’t put two and two together until now and as I have started to research it, I am horrified. They did a study on one laser and the increased sweating did not subside even after the study ended a year later.

This was NEVER disclosed to me or I would not have done it. Even a small risk of permanent increase in sweating and body odor is not worth not shaving every couple days.

I can’t find whether they considered the fact that the hair itself absorbed some of the sweat before. And now that it is gone, the sweat is not blocked by anything.

Either way, if this is a big issue for you, I would recommend using CertainDri or getting Botox injections to fix the problem.

I was actually considering this, did any of you use the Nd: Yag laser? Which laser did they use on you…?

Nevermind, after reading that study, it says the Nd: Yag was used… unfortunately.

Why unfortnately!!!

Because it means the Nd: Yag for hair removal does not use the same technique as the Nd: Yag to treat bromhidrosis.

What? All laser hair removal lasers work in the same way. This sweating issue has been reporting by 2 people out of hundreds of thousands who’ve had laser hair removal done on their underarms. I don’t have any issues and I’ve had this done 5+ years ago. There are hundreds of stories of results on this forum without any negative side effects.

Plus, it’s impossible to say what the actual reason for the seeming increase in sweat is. I suspect a lot of that may have to do with the fact that there is no more hair to absorb the sweat.

Laser hair removals work in the same way, perhaps, but all lasers do not work in the same way nor are all lasers (e.g. Nd: Yag) used in the same way.

I’m sure the side effects are minimal, but the fact that they are possible lets me know that the technique is different for the treatment of bromhidrosis. You could be right about the excessive sweating, however, I’m not sure about the odor. Either way, I was just curious about some of these side effects, not trying to hurt anyone’s business.

Are you a laser specialist, bellaDoo?

I’m not in the business of hair removal, so any comments against it don’t hurt me personally. Don’t worry.

All HAIR REMOVAL lasers work in the same way, i.e. they remove hair with heat - the same way that electrolysis disables hairs.

ND:Yags can be used for various skin procedures. Other procedures besides hair removal are irrelevant to this discussion. We’re only addressing the settings on it when used for hair removal purposes.

sslhr, this is not the first time I have heard that clients noticing laser increases body odor. I am an electrologist and have had clients who have had laser hair removal on the underarms and have come to just remove the hairs that laser was not able to removed. I have had clients who have complained about noticing that the body odor has increased since they have done LHR.I would wait before i do anything like botox, because a some clients found that the problem subsided after a while.

Absolutely not. I’m interested in an entirely different field, why do you ask? Or is this sarcasm?

What is your problem? You clearly seem to have one. I’m just curious as to why you did a 180? You seem to have a bias towards laser, and well, I’m not on board for reasons that you are welcome to research as I have mentioned some of them here.

And no, they do not all work the same. Sorry. What’s relevant to you is simply based on your understanding of this topic.

The last person to have a bias only towards laser is LAgirl.

Please be warned that you don’t want this thread to deteriorate into jabbing back and forth. All are willing to carefully listen to you, but your tone of disrespect is not going to be appreciated. Do you get what I am saying?

Just stop, unless you have something relevant to say. Clearly, you were being sarcastic in your previous question.

I wasn’t being sarcastic by asking the question, but rather sincere in asking you to be kinder in your manner of approach if you want to get anywhere with getting feedback from other posters that may help you. Can you do that?