This is totally off hand and has nothing to do with actual electrolysis treatment…well only in a round-about way buuuuut are there a lot of celebrities that get electrolysis done?
I know James has mentioned Bob Hope and Brooke Shields in the past. And I just saw a post by Andrea talking about the Governator removing his hair (although I don’t know by which method) so it prompted this post idea.
I see a ton of celebrities that have to do something! There is no way that every single one of them was born with those sleek hairless bodies. Although, Nicholas Cage and Ben Afleck both have hairy chests and are not afraid to flaunt it on screen. I like movies, not hairy chests; don’t get any funny ideas.
Speaking of movies, this weekend I saw “Hitch” and there is a seen in the movie where this guy gets his back waxed. I wanted to lean over and tell my buddies everything I have learned from these sites why that wasn’t always the best idea but then they probably would want to know why I was so informed about body hair!

Probably the most famous is Rita Hayworth, who had her hairline raised with electrolysis on orders of the studio. I just added before/after pictures in the photo section.
Margarita Carmen Cansino,

better known as, Rita Hayworth had her entire hairline revised by

the first President of The Electrolysis Association of California, Ethel Rifkin. (since the confidentiality agreement has expired, we can tell you this :grin: )

One celebrity to add to the list of recents is LL COOL J. He had his beard removed with electrolysis a couple years ago and looks great.


Thanks for that info on LL, cool Dee LOL!

I remember he had a bad ingrown hair problem when he was young. His face looks so good now, I forgot what it used to look like.

I don’t know… he’s got hair though:


True, but how old is that picture? Even if it is recent, he might not be done yet. (For some reason, I knew this make for a good thread!)

Oh, i have no idea at all. I got the picture from his official web site and he is all skinny, which is a relatively recent event for him as far as i know. I’m assuming it must be the most recent photos he has since they are on his site.

i got the impression that you guys were saying he had elctrolysis a while ago… anyway

Well, electrolysis will take at least 9 months to pass through all complete stages of hair growth and possibly require more (especially on a male face), so it is likely that this picture could be from say, 2002 and yet we would still consider it “recent.” If he began electrolysis after the above picture, or was having it during the time period in which the picture was taken, then its o.k. to realize that yes, he has hair in this picture.
He is a celebrity so he has the money to have as much electrology as he would like. And I don’t know of any reason why Dee would lie to us. Not saying thats what you were implying, but that picture wouldn’t be the final tell-tale sign of his treatment.

My statement about LL COOL J stems from a young fan of LL’s that recently came to me asking me to remove his beard. He said he read in a magazine that interviewed Mr.COOL that he had had electrolysis on his face. After seeing him on American Idol several weeks ago, it sure looked to be true to me; his face looked shiney smooth and hairless.


Okay, out of curiosity, I did a search for LL Cool J and some of his photo’s look fairly hairless on the face and some don’t. No dates to compare though. By any chance James, did you do electrolysis on LL Cool J? He’s from Queens, NY and we know that your practice is in New York state.

I’m now curious if he had most of his beard removed or all of it. Also, I’m wondering if some of those photo’s have been touched up to make him look like he has a light beard when he actually doesn’t. You know how the Victoria Secret model’s can be air brushed to hide a zit or a bruise on a day they do a shoot???

Anyway, more people can probably relate to COOL J than Rita Hayworth in 2005 and no doubt, electrolysis worked great for both of them. And yes indeed, it is still the gold standard for permanent hair removal today.

P.S. Keep an eye on Matt Lauer’s (sp.) biography titles on MSNBC. Maybe LL COOL J’s biography will re-run again. A series of different biographies seem to run on Saturdays? It’s worth a watch.

Good thoughts Dee. I noticed the same thing whenever I looked for pictures of him online this morning. I would imagine there are more celebrities but we just don’t know about it. Collin Farrel seems to have absolutely no body hair below the chin, and I don’t even think I remember seeing hair under his arms. Tom Cruise has a huge thick beard (especially in The Last Samurai) but zero visible hair on his body. He could have been born that way though because in Risky Business he looked the same. But my point is that it seems hardly any celebs have much, if any, body hair. I know all of the commercials for home gyms show males without hair on the legs and especially not under the arms…something I’m increasingly giving more and more thought to as I contemplate electrology.

Sorry, I did not work on LL Cool J, Fino Gior lives and works closer to his stomping grounds. I do, however, know the trivia question of what does LL Cool J stand for; Ladies Love Cool James!

Most men who have problems with ingrown hairs want to only be rid of the problem hairs. These men usually remove only the hairs from the base of the breast bone, up to the jaw line, and any stray problem hairs that may appear on the face. They usually don’t want to loose all their facial hair because they think of it as loosing some of their masculinity.

Other clients say, “I have shaved enough for one lifetime already. I want it all gone. What kind of job are you going to have where they don’t expect you to look bare faced anyway?”

Do you treat a lot of males in your practice besides MTF trans?


I’ve heard Catherine Zeta Jones had it to move her hairline back. Also, Jennifer Lopez, Daryl Hannah and Brooke Shields all have electrolysis.

The problem here is that since our client list is protected information, and we are bound by privacy laws, the electrologist who works on a celebrity can’t say that he or she is a client unless the celebrity gives permission for that statement to be made, or makes this public knowledge.

We know that Cher had it done because she has been very vocal about it. Having a brother in law in the industry may have had something to do with her willingness to talk. Bob Hope made his electrologist a part of his entourage and they traveled the world. (Where do I sign up for that gig?) The rumor is that Bob had all his hair removed that was not on his head.

I know of a few current celebrities who are having treatment, or seeking treatment, but unless they go public with this information, neither can we.

The funniest part of this is that although I might be able to say that I heard a media report that a particular celebrity was having work done, I could NOT tell you if I had it confirmed by that person’s actual electrologist without permission!

I have recently figured out that we must add Orlando Bloom to this list. I don’t know if he has been very vocal about what was done, but watching “Troy” last night I couldn’t help but become suspicious about his sleek, boy-like face.

Our next task will be to uncover who did his work, and precisely how much was done - at least insofar as the beard is concerned. As of yet I have been unable to find any “before” picture where he had hardly any facial hair. But he is a newer actor so he might have had it done before he hit it big.

i don’t know if anyone has mentioned her yet but i have heard that mariah carey also had a personal electrologist to have her work done.

I forgot to add this to the list here, although it is elsewehre on this site, former Live! with Regis and Kathy-Lee Star Kathy-Lee Gifford is open about the fact that she had lots of work done, and told all her friends to go see her electrologist. Of course, her electrologist was Fino Gior in Greak Neck, NY. Just a gem stone’s throw from the bridge to Manhattan.