Can i target only they grey hair in my beard i have 1004 white hairs in my beard

So i want to remove them is this possible and how long would this take? .are there any downsides to this idea.if i get a full clearance of the 1004 white hairs in 1 session .what are the percentage that will grow back due to not being killed by the treatment?

Im male i plucked all the white hair from my beard to count them it took me around 1 hour to remove beard did not look any thinner not that i could see beard has been around 15 percent white for the last 15 years and has not progressed. I plucked and counted then 6 years ago and the count was around 1000

Full clearance is possible (1-3 hours treatment time), 90-95% kill rate.
Note that you have more than 1000 white hairs in reality.

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I can tell you that I remove hairs all the time that appear normal dark coloured hairs, and when you remove the hair, find it has a grey root.So it’s going to turn grey, and probably within this growth cycle. Dimi is correct that you will have WAY more than what you see at any given point in time,.
There are usually two lines of thinking that accompany this type of request:
A) the client wants to do laser and is hoping by eliminating the grey they will get full clearance.with the laser procedure.
or B) they are trying to stave off the grey hairs to appear younger.

Regardless of the thinking, it doesnt really work, for a number of reasons. First, not all the grey hairs that will grow will be showing a hair at any given point in time, second the hair s that are in the process of greying as I described above, .


Im not sure i understand?are you saying removing the white hair is not possible.i did mention that the few grey hairs i have have not got worse or increased over the years thankfully .i plucked every single grey hair from My face and my beard looked perfect.i hate white hair in my beard its ugly and ruins the look.i wont dye it either .i just thought electrolysis would work for the idea i was thinking

I just found this thread so it seems its common and easy to remove a boys white hair in the beard

Bump for more help pleease as i dont want to go into this and get all the visable white hair removed amd that same white hair just regrow back in 5 weeks from tthe ge electrolysis not killing the hair properly

I need to know from the experts here is this a really bad idea remooving the 1000 grey hairs?will i get the results i desire?would it be a complete waste of money?i consolted sharaon from parkside in london on the phone and she said she could clear all the white from me beard in a couple of im confused now lol

If you have found a good electrologist, then treated hairs will not grow back. The grey hairs you have just plucked are not the only grey hairs you have. There will be others that are not currently in the growth phase, and others that will soon or eventually be turning grey (which is what Seana was referring to).

Of course, the 1000 that you have counted can be removed permanently. There will be more growing in that you cannot currently see. If your goal is to never have grey facial hair, you will have to treat the initial hairs, the hairs not currently in a growth phase, and any new hairs that grow in after treatment is complete.

Since you will almost certainly see more grey hairs as you age, you can expect to see an electrologist a few times a year to treat new grey hairs. It might sound like a chore to continue treatments past the initial schedule, but you’ll probably spend more time at a hairdresser or a dentist every year. I hope this answers your question.

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Yup cheers .im going to go for it as its not that many grey hairs at all 1004 is nothing really and they have not incrreased or im only really young so dont like white hairs at this age.when im middle aged or something ill accept it ,as its pretty normal to have grey hair at 30 but for now i want to look normal and have a black beard with no white in it

Ps i like what scurvy said in my thread .that gives me hope that what im asking can be done .so ill be frre from grey amd justv maintain with touch ups if needed yearly.but if my beard gets more than 20 percent grey as i age i will leave the grey alone as i dont want to make my beard look thin and patchy and weird

Ok guys so im not gping to do this treatment as i think it will be impossible to do .my electrolysis lady thinks im beeter off not embarking on this never ending expensive im going to just have to grow it long and dye it unfortunately.i hate long beards and only like 3 or 4 day stubble that i can not dye black as it will just dye my skin and i wpuld need to dye it daily as it grows fast.gutted really.but she said i probably wont be happy with the outcome if i have a couple clearances of white hair.and i dont want my beard patchy with bald spots chasing never ending

Your technician should be totally able to just target white or grey hairs. It will be a little more difficult, but should be able to perform the task.

And you probably have many more than 1000 hairs. Hair grows in cycles, which can take many months to grow and fall out (or get plucked.) When you pluck - it can take upto 3 years but some hairs will grow back.

I would recommend trying one or two hours per month, and be patient because it will take a minimum of one year to remove all the hairs because of hair growth cycles.