Can anyone recommend this machine?

I am thinking about buying the Uni-Probe Autoblend by Prestige Electrolysis (, since it was recommended by a forum member. Can anyone comment on the quality and effectiveness of this machine and if it is a good buy?

Also I am wondering what additional materials I should buy to get up and going when my machine arrives. Such magnification products, topical anesthetics, anything else?

I appreciate your help!


Please can anyone answer my questions?

I would appreciate it.


I know nothing about the Uni-Probe autoblend.

One principle to keep in mind with using any epilator is: treatment energy + time used = smooth release of hair. All must be balanced so the hair (tissue) is destroyed below the surface of the skin without any noticable destruction to the top layer of the skin.

Whatever epilator you decide on, start low and gradually increase intensity and/or timing to get a smooth release of the hair. Once this happens, you have what we call a working point for hairs of similar size and depth.

Electrolysis is like cooking an egg - if there is not enough heat used, the egg will just sit in the pan unchanged. If too much heat is used, the egg will burn and shrink, and will be destroyed. You can throw the egg away, but can’t throw your skin away.

Be careful.



Would you agree the first step is to learn about hair and electrolysis by reading a good textbook?

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I’ll be honest with you, i’m not the type to read a large book to learn something. I’m more of a hands on learner. Maybe by reading a short instructional booklet, but a large textbook? Sorry not for me. Yes I know it’s not the best way, but that’s my MO.

If no one can comment on the quality of the machine, can someone atleast give me an idea about what extra materials I will need to buy to get up and running? Specifically what sort of magnification device and numbing product I may need?

DIY’er, you mentioned you purchased a different needle/holder for your machine? Where do I get one of these?


My, my, my - hmmmmm. Okay… Sounds like your’re still determined to go forward and do-it-yourself.

Jim2, it would be very helpful if you could force yourself to read a good electrology book to acquaint yourself with the basics. I really like “Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis and Temporary Hair Removal” by R.N. Richards, M.D. and G.E. Meharg R.N. It costs about $60-$70.00, but is well worth the money. Even though it is a thick book, you can do this.

The mags I use cost $1,800 (surgical telescopes from Orascoptic research) and my favorite topical is 5% Lidocaine (Ela-max)which can be ordered from Ferndale Labatories or Prestige Electrolysis Of course there are other sources where you can purchase the lidocaine, but that’s how I order it. Most people I work on don’t need an anesthetic, but for a few “upper lippers”, they need some help to take the edge off that area.

I use a halogen light source, but there are cooler light sources to be found. Go to the website and peruse the products. As a non-electrologist,I’m not sure they will let you order some products.

Just remembered this: Ela-max was re-named as of September, 2003.

It is now called L.M.X.4 (4%lidodcaine) and L.M.X.5 (5% lidocaine). The last tube I ordered for a client cost $44.00 at prestige.

Prior to applying, use only a mild soap and water to clean the area. Do not use skin cleansers that contain alcohol or acetone because they will strip the naturally occuring oils that L.M.X. needs to penetrate the skin in order to numb it. After it is applied, you may notice a slight cooling sensation followed by a numbing feeling. No need to occlude.


Thanks for the response. YOu mentioned I might have problems ordering some product not being an electrologist. What items exactly? Would I be able to order the machine, numbing cream, and magnifying glass without being an electrologist? If not, do you have to be ‘certified’ to become an electrologist, or can I just act like I am when ordering?

Also, what’s a great alternative for a magnifying product that is in the $200 or less range?


You most likely would meet a roadblock if you try to order an epilator, as I would think they would ask you what state your’re licensed in and they would ask for your license number. Anesthetic’s may be a problem, too. I don’t see why magnifiers would be prohibited. They know their products well at the different supply places, so just ask them for their opinion on the magnifier question. I would ask what types are the most popular and which types are ignored and which types are returned most often. Just call and ask.

They may have a used equipment listing that you could check out.

I WOULD NOT “act” like you’re an electrologist. It is always best to be honest about such things.


DIY’er, you’re not a professional electrologist are you? What did you do or say to allow them to sell you the Prestige unit? I am about to order, what do I need to say in order to purchase one? It looks like I should be able to order straight from their website, is this how you did it?

Also whats up with none of their links are working.


You can call and ask about their links, Jim2.


I have had problems in the past with this,too.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going anywhere near this one.

I’ve done plenty of things for myself. Almost always I have found that reading about the task, while not necessary to perform the basics of it, provides the tips that make the difference between a mediocre job and a decent one. Had I not picked up a book on drywall halfway through my remodeling, all my walls would have cracks instead of just the early ones.

The basic idea behind electrolysis is simple. To get from there to being a competent electrologist doesn’t involve some major additional insight; it’s a whole slew of subtle factors and a lot of practice.

Jim, you may have some innate skill I don’t know about, but I fear your skin will end up sharing some traits with the walls in my house.

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Ok, you’ve convinced me. I will purchase a instructional book, such as the one you recommended and do my research BEFORE attempting my own electrolysis. But I would really like to have the machine sitting in front of me, so I can get the visual and hands on experience of what the book is teaching. So my questions remain…

  1. What ‘tactics’ do I need to utilize in order for these companies to sell me a pro machine?

  2. What is the best book to teach electrolysis?


I would do as Dee suggested and just walk in the front door.

Yeah, that’s convienent considering they are an entire country from where I live. I am very suprised with you DIYer. Seeing that you were once a newbie and in the same position I am now, I would think you would be more willing to help other newbies, considering you ‘found your way’ and appear to be quite successful with electrolysis. Instead it’s like a big secret, where those who know stuff, are hard pressed to share their knowledge.

It’s a shame. I guess I’ll have to find my own way and be the one to help future newbies.

Uh, it’s a figure of speech?

I am about the order the Uniprobe Autoblend and they have an option for 110v or 220v. Which do I need? What’s the difference? I live in the USA if that matters.

I also purchased a electrolysis book, and yes, I’m reading it…and learning.


Hi again,Jim.

Epilators are designed for regular household currents.I believe most all epilators have the three-prong plug, at least they shoud.

If you live in North America, the epilators operates on 110 volts. If you live in Europe, the epilator will operate on 220 volts.
Quite a few epilators have built in adapters. My newly purchased VMC Silhourt-tone has a built-in adapter. By the way, I love this epilator even though I’m still discovering things about it.

As I understand, if your epilator does not come with an adapter, you can change it from 110 to 220 or vice versa.

What book did you purchase?

Where are you going to purchase the uniprobe autoblend? Will it be new or used?



   I found this site, they sell anything you need ,

That place is in texas and texas is not a licence state for electrolysis, so probably you could buy a machine there. Most important is you need to read at least a book with the basic info, that will help you a lot.

I am working on doing my self but iu read a book and i am practice on other areas of my body before try the face.

Second advise, do it your self is low, believed me, it take long time.

    good luck, glenda

Hi again,

  jus forgot, i don't know about that machine, but i had been told that the best ones are;