Can anyone please help recommend a microscope with floor stand?


Can anyone recommend me which microscope with floor stand should I get? I already hv 6X loupe which I can’t live without, but I hv a client with dense fluffy vellus hair on her ears. So I’m thinking to get a higher magnification but low budget as I don’t think I’ll use much of it as I’m dependent on loupe most of the time.

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Where did you buy your loop from? I have just finish my training and now searching for a descent and comfortable one. I bought one off EBay x3, but it is not great.
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I’d like to keep my post relevant to the topic, so I just inbox u the link I posted on hairtell a while ago.

Have you tried searching the topic here? There are several detailed threads discussing different models that work for electrolysis.
Zeiss Opmi 99 is one of the practical models that works and is popular with those that use surgical stereoscopes for electrolysis. James Walker is perhaps the most knowledgeable electrologist on stereomicroscopes and if you can contact him, he will assist you with advice.

most electrologists I now who use a microscope for doing electrolysis use a zeiss OPMI microscope. They are not inexpensive however.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try if there is and 2nd hand zeiss OPMI 99 or something here to try 1st in Australia. If not, probably will buy from India.

Hello, can it be a good solution for professional electrolysis tu buy the type of microscope used for jewelry, for example:

This will not work if you are profesional. The microscope is ok but you need longer articulated arm with more flexibility.
You can take a look at this post if you want something relatively cheap :

Thank you for the info & being so supportive.

Before I start thinking of to do DIY, what do you think of this? =>

I didn’t find such a mobile stereomicroscope in France for such a price! Ideally, I would like to buy a mobile microscope but I do not know if it’s a reliable company and if they can send it to France.

In France they sell the loupes HEINE HRP X6 to $ 1500, do you think that is a good investment for a first device? The working distance is 340 mm, is this a sufficient distance? I do not know if it’s obvious to keep the focus of the work area because it forces you to stay still. Is it difficult to keep the focus?