Buying my electrolysis machine

Hi guys, I’m back again. I have been through a lot lately, I was feeling down all the time not knowing where to go! Because it is almost impossible for me to afford moving out of Michigan to study electrolysis!
Now I am looking up machines on eBay! But I don’t know form where to get the needles! Some electrolysis supply stores ask for a license, plus what do u think about Uniprobe lite form elecricspa with 50 needles it’s affordable and comes with needles already!
And any books or sources to learn form

for probes:

for books:
Electrolysis Thermolysis and the blend by hinkel and lind. You can pick up a used copy off amazon for $20-$30

Also Milady’s hair removal guide by helen bickmore.

Many schools do distance learning programs. I’m in such a program, but I dont know if its available in the US.

Thank u so much! So I won’t need a license to get the needles :smiley: because I contacted Dectro and they asked if I am licensed! It was a big disappointment. And yes I am aware of such programs, still I have to go to the school to do an onsite practice!

funny, Dectro has never asked me that, and I’ve been directly with them in montreal. MAybe because of how i come accross?


Yes that’s what they told me! I emailed Texas electrolysis supplies and I’m ready to place my order. What is the safest kind of needles and the most suitable for a beginner?

you can try

I concur.

I really like ballet insulated probes, and their gold probes as well for doing blend. Lately we have been using a few of the Protec Isoblend probes with some good success( we got some to try when my partner bought a machine, and I think she just ordered more. One thing I do NOT like is how difficult it is to remove the protective plastic tube, I felt the packaging was poorly designed. The Ballet though you have to be really accurate with your insertions, but the isoblend have a bit more of the shaft of the probe exposed which I think might be better for a beginner. I use sterex one piece probes often as well and I really like them, I was using stainless I’m not sure if they make a one piece insulated.I despise precision probes.

I would start with Sterex and Ballet #2 # 3 probes. Gold is better but as a student you can start with stainless. From there if you’re still serious about learning the trade, start buying probes of all sizes and from all available manufactures and learn to use insulated ones too.

For textbooks: Michael Bono’s 2 texts on electrolysis is a must for a start.

I also have Richards and Meharg electrolysis text and found it to be too repetitive. And I’m not sure if it’s up to date on facts and techniques when it comes to thermolysis/Flash.

I too have the richards aand mehang text, I would say fenix’s asssessmentis correct, and would also say it is very heavy on the anogen only theory but that it seems to have some fairly good descriptions of both one handed and two handed techniques.

I decided to get the ballet needles! And about the machine what do u think about this it is cheaper than the others

That thing is at least 40 years old. It should cost nothing … maybe just toss it in the dump? No way to ever repair it because the parts are not made any more. Be Careful!

Go with Texas Electyrolysis supply used machines … they are re-conditioned and work.

Remember: “the cheap usually comes out expensive!”

On the plus side:

It’s a Fischer Scientific and they made good quality epilators.
It appears to be capable of blend
It has manually controlled currents. This can be an advantage in some ways, and when you are learning is the time to learn these things. You will get more out of older training books regarding setting intensities.

It’s really really old. It may or may not function pproperly.
There is a warning that it is untested as they were told not to plug it in untrained. THIS IS A MAJOR RED FLAG and often a way sellers use to get more money for equipment that does not work.
It’s overpriced. I find ebay often is. I could pick up a used apilus or silouette tone modern computerized epilator for that much money off of kijiji or craigslist.
it doesnt appear to have any of it’s cords or pedals. These would be difficult to replace.

Note that for needles, you will want several different sizes probably ranging from f2 to f5 or f6

on the other hand, this appears to be about 1/2 retail cost:

WOW! Pricey!

I still have three Clareblend units and two Hinkel units that are about 7-10 years old but have never even been plugged in … totally unused. When I “cash in my chips” I’ll sell … or give away … these units; probably to Dr. Heimlich. Yeah that’s it.

As you know I have no knowledge about electrolysis in general but you guys are a great help for me so thank you very much!
What about this one

Oh wow, that Fischer advert … total lie.

This unit did not sell for $3,800 … it sold (new) for about $700 - $800! Stay away from this one.

Cannot access your link … but anything you buy from Texas is excellent.

Okay … see it: that’s the Clareblend “Apilus wanna-be” unit. Dona, why are you buying a machine and you have “no knowledge about electrolysis?” Not gooooood!

why not buy a dental drill so you can fix your own teeth?

😂😂😂 true that. Im planning to learn by myself now because it’s not possible for me to go to a school out of Michigan. Basically I wanna work on myself … I have an excessive body hair issue that caused me to feel depressed and extremely lowered my self esteem I’m willing to take this path with passion