Best Wishes for Michael Bono

Michael, Since you indicated messages of appreciation and well wishes are helpful at this time, I’m creating a thread for just this purpose.I hope you dont mind, but I’ve invited a few thousand of your colleagues to send you their best.
Get Well soon.



from FCEA Ontario Chapter:
[Janet de Jonge]

Will be thinking of and praying for Michael’s journey, family, friends and extended network of co-workers at this time.

Let him know that he has contributed to my being an electrologist who has an awesome career providing mental therapy, human connection and wonderful, positive life affecting relationships.


You are all wonderful and I love you all. Our little profession is so much better today than what it was when I started out … a long time ago. If I have any lasting memory for you, I hope it’s the message to continue to share your information with everybody. Hairtell has led the list showing how both electrologists and clients can come together for the benefit of everybody. In the old days, everybody seemed to have some sort of secret method or whatever. I disliked those times and almost everything I’ve done was with the purpose of exchanging information freely. Thanks again.


This is very sad news, I have enjoyed watching many videos created by Michael, which have all been very educational. Sending warm hugs and blessings.


OMG what’s going on with him? Is it some health thing? I’ve been binging his channel and now I kinda love Michael. :sneezing_face: He is just too wholesome


Something like that. Michael has let some of us know but I think he wishes to hold off on letting everyone know until next week if I understood correctly.
Suffice to say he is feeling poorly.

Michael, I have a whole list of well wishes for you from EI but I’m going to hold off and send them to you privately

After all I’ve had this last year (mostly misdiagnosis and endless pain) … all these beautiful thoughts made me cry. And, that’s not easy since I’m a dried up old prune. But I managed to get a couple drops out though. I guess I’m in telogen? Heading for exogen? Yeah!


Only you could make a hair cycle joke.


Even in the face of horrible bad news, you managed to make me giggle a bit, dear Michael. You are the best. I will always cherish your books, videos and stories, but mostly - I will cherish the memory of you being you.


Damn, I just squeezed out another drop! I better take my medication and go to bed before I flood the place.


I guess that makes me early anagen? I’ve been bawling most of the day ask any of my clients.

Also, I just sent all my latest work to Patsy Kirby AEA … the three Hinkel chapters I’ve done so far. Just ask her and she’ll send you copies. Or maybe I’m have Eric put them on the website in the morning.


yes please, if not too much of asking, can you asking Eric to post them via your website. Not everyone know everyone or can access everyone contact.

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Nora we’ll make a repository, and start divvying up the chapters between several electrologists.No one person should need to do it all. It’s too much.

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I just got Eric to post the 2 finished chapters and the one unfinished. I REALLY wanted to do this project for Art Hinkel and you all too. I hope you can finish this up. One good thing, the project kept me busy so I didn’t have to deal with all the issues …I just noticed that Eric said all the chapters are unfinished … well, only one chapter is unfinished (Chapter 2) Chapter 1 and 14 are finished.

Once you guys get into the book, you’ll be stunned because the book actually needs a translation … from stuffy 1940 - 1950 writings that were designed to impress the reader with “big words” and complicated sentences. It reads like a work by Immanuel Kant … I read it and I still don’t get it. TRY to simplify the book sentence by sentence. Also, if you don’t know what “passive voice” is … look it up. Hinkel’s book is all passive voice and it’s super annoying. Remember you don’t want to impress people … you want them to learn what you telling them. And, keep the sentences as short as possible and try not to “mix” terms. For example if your talking about the hypodermis … then keep it hypodermis and don’t throw in subcutis just for fun. Of course, list all the words used for the same thing.

DAMN, I’m getting excited about this project again … OH how I wish I could work with you all on this project. I like finding graphics and modifying them for OUR use. I don’t think the original artist would recognize his own work. Also all the photos and illustrations I used were open public use … so no copyright issues. Besides offering the book for free sort of makes it hard to collect any revenue … that never was. I wonder if I have enough time left to work on Seana’s idea of a group effort. I have one more brutal test next week (a biopsy of my pancreas … YUCK!) and then after I recover from a tube going in my pancreas … well, I might have a few weeks to work with you all. I’m sort of getting excited about the project. Seana is computer savvy and will make a program to do this. Imagine everybody working together for the betterment of the profession. Seana has the “gift” and I don’t even think she’s Irish.

Sorry, in the evening I take hydrocodone and Ambien. For me these are like heroine and a martini and my whole mind goes goofy (but stops the pain) … but then I start getting IDEAS! Mike and IDEAS are dangerous!

But yes, Seana, if you form a group and give assignments I think I’ll be able work for a few weeks/months? However, if I get the brutal diagnosis … I’ll just sit back and wait for the giant sebaceous gland to smach me in the head. Well no … I want to work on the project


To be honest Michael, it’s a difficult task. I had thought a type of document version control might be helpful, but I think I might just go crazy trying to set it up. I’ll look more into it. It may be easier to use text recognition and scan the entire book then set up directories for each chapter.Also not knowiong who all the “volunteers” will be yet. I think I can ask Dee for a couple chapter, do a couple myself, Nora a couple. I’m still looking for volunteers. It’s an important project.
I also think, if you still want to contribute, just do it? Continue with the unfinished chapter, and whatever else when youare able. I’ll handle divvying up the rest and figure out a cohesive way to maintain it. And I think I can get enough electrologists who even if each did one chapter, that’s a hell of a lot of the book. I think this is very do-able … It would take one or two people to coordinate and evaluate each chapter for accuracy/readability but I think I can manage that.

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Yeah, it’s a tough one … at the moment a few more tests (I don’t know why), so I’m not able to concentrate on anything except the crazy pain. Most likely I’ll just have good intentions, but even sitting at the computer is difficult now. I think the best approach would be to create little modules of subject matter and not try to re-do the whole text. Then you don’t have to worry about the writing style being the same.

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We already have volunteers. I’m not worried about differing writing styles, it is a community project. I’ve already had a school interested in utilizing the end result. I’ll try and do more organizing on this over the weekend.

Edit: I guess job one is to find where exactly Eric has posted the first 3 chapters? On first glance, I cant find them!

Go to my website and click on “All Publications.”
Or just click here: Publications – ElectrologyNow

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