Bellair Laser Clinic

Has anyone ever been there? they seem to be reputable? I am looking to laser my legs, please if anyone has had treatments there, please let me know about your experiences and results!

By the way the clinic is located in Toronto

Never been there but they’re insane expensive, $800 for full legs and binki? Then 30% off so $560? Wow. $155 for underarms as well…

I don’t like their laser, they use LightShear which is a diode so not bad but not the best. Then they have a Yag and IPL. I don’t care what they have though their prices are a huge rip off, I pay $60 for underarms!

Those prices are not insane compared to prices in big cities in the US. They’re not cheap, but they’re about average or just slightly above average. Half legs usually run about $250 in the US. Bikini about $100-200 depending on how much you want to remove. Underarms run around $50-150. It really varies. But this is not insane, just not on the cheaper end. And yes, LightSheer is a diode, so not the best laser out there for light skin, but good if they know how to operate it well.

Compared to other places in Toronto (And trust me I’ve looked at a LOT of them) these prices are at the very high end. I’ve been to 3 different places and never paid anywhere near that high. It’s only because it’s in Yorkville (which is the 3rd most expensive retail area in north america, 7th in the world for anyone that doesn’t know) it’s so expensive.

It may not be an insane price for a fancy-schmancy type of place who overcharges for everything, but it’s definitely too much money to pay if you have other options. My god, that is the highest I’ve personally heard for underarms. The cost for armpits alone is already more than I pay for legs or full bikini. Yikes.

Price is not an issue for some lucky people, but if you’re not rich, then my vote is to find somewhere else.

In my opinion, one of the reasons that people become rich is because they only get the best price.

Can anyone recommend a good laser clinic, where they are seeing results, and not just after ONE session. I mean results after 6-8 treatments. If so, can you please let me know! I need a clinic that offers laser treatments for darker skin patients. I’m an olive skin tone, but I tan VERY easily.



It’s a pretty high rent district if it’s near Yorkville.

I can imagine some of their clients can afford higher prices though if they can shop in that area.

It probably helps to keep the riff raff out!

Definitely! I’ve never been there so please don’t take my review as a negative one towards them, I’m sure their service is great. I’m just going by price, I’d rather take my chances at a less expensive place and go for more treatments!

Why don’t you try one of the places edokid has tried?

And run a search for “Toronto” on the forum. Use the Advanced Search feature at top right and expand to 3-4 years. There aren’t going to be any newer recommendations than what you can find from past posters in Toronto that way.

Thank you for all the feedback! I just realllyyy want some recommendations from people about laser clinics in Toronto, for olive skin (tans easily)

Pleaseeeeeeee, pleaseeee, pleaseeee, let me know where you’ve had treatments, how many, and if you are seeing results!

Thanks everyone!

Also, does anyone recommend a good laser for my skin type. I think they are using the coolglide? it’s a Yag…please help! all help is greatly appreciated =)

Once again, you’ll find recommendations by using the search function. People from Toronto aren’t here every day or even every week. Your post will be long lost before most of them will be here, so they won’t see it.

Do you understand how to use the search function? You’re not the first person to ask about clinics in Toronto. If you read older posts with “Toronto” in them, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Ya I did try the search and found posts about laser clinics that people want to find in Toronto, but no results, recommendations, or anything about certain clinics.

There are definitely several people getting treated in Toronto. I don’t have time to run a search right now, but it sounds like you’re either not doing it properly or not reading through them all. Edokid is in Toronto and getting treatments there and there have been several regular posters from there in the past several years documenting their search and treatments.

desperate18, I don’t think you’re honestly searching hard enough it’s really not that difficult. You need to first of all figure out what laser you want to go with. There’s literally 2 maybe 3 places in Toronto that come up online with GentleLASE. Trust me, I’ve googled the @#$@#$ out of it, to the point if you google GentleLASE Toronto it actually brings up my forum posts on here! Same with Soprano XL, if you want Soprano, there’s Odi’s clinic, and I think one or two others. Furthermore, just because I might get results at one clinic, doesn’t mean that you will. My current clinic uses CynoSure machines, and they have a few Apogee units as well as the Acclaim I believe it is which is the ND:YAG unit. I go with my friend who is a different skin tone than I am, so while they treat me with the apogee, they won’t go near him with it, so he get’s the yag. On our last session on the exact same area, I had 95% shedding and he had literally no shedding. You honestly need to either find a place and go for a test patch, or just bite the bullet and do a small area like underarms to see how the pain is and how your skin reacts. If you’re trying to find a machine that will be pain free then it’s not going to exist. You’re physically changing something in the structure of your body, there’s no way something like that can happen and not have pain. The key is finding a place that’s good at what they do, so they know how to quickly treat an area and get it over with, and who knows how to work with you and take breaks if you need it. Every clinic I’ve been to has been on my own, no one on here recommended it or suggested it to me I just went and gave it a shot. I can understand if you’re on a budget and don’t want to go to just try it out on an area not knowing if you’ll get results, but to be honest if you’re on that tight of a budget then now may not be the time for LHR as it is an investment and does require multiple treatments. One thing I can suggest as well, is just contact a clinic, tell them you’re nervous about doing LHR, that you’ve tried test patches before and had good results but are scared to do a large area not knowing how it will react. Ask if there’s any specials or promos that you could do on an area like underarms just to see how it goes. Most clinics will usually make a discount for you as a new patient and give you a lower price for your first session.

I think desperate is looking for a Yag.

I have looked, I just don’t know which laser is best for my skin tone. Every clinic says they are the best, and can treat my skin tone with great results. How can that be? I know they just want money. I don’t have lots of money I can throw around.

Also, does anyone know that of women with hirsutism (excess hair everywhere) can be treated with laser, and be successful?
Will electrolysis work with hirsutism? or will the hair just come back =(

You should start by reading our FAQs at the link below. It will answer most of your questions and has a skin type chart. If you are truly olive in color, then you probably need a Yag laser. GentleYAG and Coolglide are some of the most popular good Yags around. Also, Apogee Elite model is a Yag too.

Any hair that is coarse enough can be treated with laser. Electrolysis treats any hair, coarse or fine. Treated hair is killed for good and doesn’t come back. If there is an underlying medical issue causing your growth in the first place, you may need a touchup here and there later in life if you body develops NEW hair.