Beard removal progress

After doing many sessions of laser, currently on my 3rd electrologist. First one plucked every single hair, 2nd one was amazing but with the canadian border closed, i can’t go see her. This one is great but just a little further than i would normally like to drive. It takes about 2 hours to clear my face and I’ve had 2 clearances so far. Here’s some before and after pictures of my first 2 sessions.

Before and after 1st session

Before and after 2nd session

I started with a full beard. Had around 10-12 laser sessions (not sure on the exact #, it’s been a few years). First clearance was on august 18th and took 2 hours. 2nd clearance was on september 15th and also took 2 hours but she was very nit picky that time and got many small fine hairs as well.

Such great progress, very impressive

Thank you. Currently spacing out clearances every 4 weeks so my next clearance will be in 3 weeks. Hope to see more reduction soon.

Before and after 3rd session.

First session was 120 minutes.
2nd session was 100 minutes.
This latest session was 77 minutes.

Had some delays with covid but got another clearance today.

Session 4- 74 minutes

I don’t have any before or after pictures but i didn’t shave for 2 months and it took the same amount of time as session 3 so i’m really pleased. I go back in 4 weeks so hopefully i see more reduction.

Session 5- 60 minutes.Time continues to trickle down. My electrologist said that she likes how sparse the hair on my face is getting. Scheduled 2 more appointments both 4 weeks out.

Spectacular progress Adam! You must be very happy. Keep it up!

Thank you! I am extremely happy. I am so sick of having facial hair and it’s really good for my mental health to see progress in removing it permanently!

This is taken 2 days before my next clearance, you can really see a dramatic reduction on my chin and on the sides of my face. I’m surprised to see such a huge reduction since my last clearance.

looks to be almost done. Awesome progress Adam…

Had my 6th clearance today, only 53 minutes. :slight_smile:

Here’s my face 2 days before my next appointment. Feeling a bit discouraged since there’s a lot more hair this time than before my last appointment. Is that normal for the amount of hair to fluctuate between appointments?

its due to some of the hair cycles being missed likely during covid shutdowns. It will happen.As you know all too well Adam, be persistent and it will all be over and done with

Thank you :slight_smile:

I just had another clearance this morning. This time was slightly longer than last time at 60 minutes. Not as long as i thought it would take to clear. Got another appointment scheduled 4 weeks out.

You are looking good Adam. You’re an inspiration for me. I just started my beard removal journey. Keep us posted. You’ll be finished and proper in no time!

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Hair growth can fluctuate between appointments.

Before tomorrow’s appointment. I was hoping for more reduction but it looks to be about the same as last time. Hm.

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Today’s appointment was 60 minutes. Scheduled another session 4 weeks out.

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