Beard removal progress

Taken today, two days before my next appointment. I think i’m seeing progress. It looks great! Will update my total appointment time after it’s done on tuesday. :slight_smile:

Little frustrated to see so much hair after this many appointments but gotta stay the course. Appointment #10 today.

Appointment and clearance #11 tomorrow. Feeling a bit down to still see so much hair but sticking with the process.

My appointments have been stuck at an hour each clearance since january. I am really hoping they start to get shorter soon. :confused:

august $188 120minutes
september $161 100 minutes
october $119 -75 minutes
december $117-74 minutes
january $95- 60 minutes
february $91- 53 minutes
march $95- 60 minutes
april $95- 60 minutes
may- $95 60 minutes
june- $95 60 minutes

Today’s appointment was 63 minutes. I’m hoping they start to get shorter, in 5 weeks it’ll be 12 months since i started getting clearances.

After 6 months of 1 hour clearances, am i just getting impatient in thinking they should be getting shorter or am i right? Shouldn’t there be less hair growth after this long?

Here’s how much growth i have after 3 weeks, next appointment is a week from tomorrow. I guess all it took was for me to get impatient for there to finally be reduction. I’m shocked at how little hair i have after 3 weeks. I am loving the results!

Here’s 4 weeks of growth before today’s appointment. Today took 56 minutes, roughly 7 minutes shorter than last time though she did spent approximately 5 minutes getting hair on my side of my neck that don’t really bother me. Hoping for even shorter next time.

Another appointment tomorrow, here’s the amount of growth in 4 weeks since last clearance.

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Today’s clearance took 53 minutes, $91. Slow and steady.

You’re going to win the race adamj. Persistence pays off in electrolysis , each and every time.

40 minutes today. Lowest time yet!

42 minutes today. Making progress!

I am saving this thread to show my potential clients who may need to see this once I graduate from school. You really have persevered and “stayed the course” and how awesome that you have posted consistently where others may post a few times and then fizzle out. Great photos too BTW! Finish line is so close!

Thanks for posting so consistently. I’m one clearance in and my over the top sensitive skin, coupled with the few days of hairlessness to give me a taste of what COULD be followed by now, a month later, feeling like all of my hair has grown right back, had me second guessing everything. I needed this reminder to be patient. In just a year I could be as free as you- that’s worth the time.

Appointment is tomorrow, here’s 4 weeks of growth. I think i’ll be around 30 minutes. I’ll post how long it takes tomorrow.

Yesterday took 37 minutes but she had to fiddle around with the cord for 2-3 minutes so probably closer to 34-35 minutes. Steady progress, getting closer to the 30 minute mark.