I am about to start my laser hair removal with Soprano XL. Is there anybody who finished 8 treatments and who can say that is satisfied with the results?

I’m probably not the most objective when answering but the Soprano XL is a good machine, which isn’t far off from other well known machines and on top of that if the conditions are right it hurts way less than other machines.

Odi uses this machine at his clinic. Other than that, no one here has posted with a successful experience of completing treatments with it.

The clinic I have in mind also uses the Soprano XL. I really hope it is a good machine but the lack of reading experiences from other people worries me a bit. Someone else here once said it is ‘trick to get results’ with the Soprano?

It seems this machine is hard to use. So yes, we’ve had some posts from people who got no results.

Where are you located? Is there a reason you’re only considering one clinic? Where have you looked for clinics?

I only had one treatment with this machine - the hair grew back much finer but over a month or so it thickened up to the same as it was before. So, it didnt do much for me.

You can’t tell anything with one treatment. The hair didn’t “grow back”. The treated hair falls out and the next hair you see is different hair from the next cycle of growth.

There are plenty of other clinics here. I will add the lasers that the other clinics use in my other thread so maybe you guys can help me pick the best one.

Sure, that would work. We’d need to know your skin type.

Also, best lasers for every skin type are listed in the FAQs below. And there is a sticky post on the forum listing all the various models of lasers.

What area are you having treated?

after 6 treatments the Soprano XL did NOTHING for me. I highly recommend not using it.

LA girl and a few others have recommended some other technologies to try, and I wish I had been more vocal before forking over the amount I did for nothing.

That’s not really a fair statement though. Can you elaborate LAguy? Maybe what areas you had treated, the settings, your skin type, how long in between sessions, did the hair fully shed etc? It’s still a diode so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work, but just like any other laser, wrong settings or incorrect usage would lead to it not working. How are you judging it not working?

Actually just read your first post on here about your unsuccessful results. I don’t think it’s really fair to say it’s attributed to the Soprano XL. If you had patchyness plus a tech that told you that’s normal, then it doesn’t matter what laser they used you’d have the same thing. If they missed spots with GentleLASE they’d still tell you it’s normal. Not saying the Soprano XL is amazing, I’ve had mixed results but in your situation I don’t think it’s solely attributed to that machine.

Yes, it’s easy to confuse “bad machine” with “bad tech”. Bad techs don’t get results even with the best machines because they don’t know what to do with them.

My girlfriend had 6 SopranoXL treatments on her abdomen. The area is virtually hair free after about 2 months after her last treatment. She has very light skin and very dark hair, so that may have helped. We’re just waiting to see if it is truly permanent.

She was happy enough to buy 6 more treatments for her arms.

The coarse hair probably won’t come back. For the rest, you’ll have to give it 6-12 months to see.


I’ve just had my 5th treatment with the Soprano XL machine. I’m having my back and shoulders done. I have light skin and fairly dark hair coving the whole area. I thought I did quite a bit of reading on the hair removal subject before I went ahead and booked myself in but after continuing reading throughout the process I am now worried that the treatment wont be having much of an effect. I have it done every 7 weeks but I find it hard to judge how much the growth has stopped. My question is: 2-3 weeks after the treatment all the hair does fall out and is not patchy, does this mean that the treatment is definitely working and that those hair follicles are dead? I only ask because hair still seems to grow back in the same areas as before, maybe I am just expecting too much.

thanks in advance for any replies. i’m also happy to answer any questions about how my treatment has gone so far if anyone is interested

Just because it falls out doesn’t mean it’s working. The Soprano XL is a piece of junk as far as I’m concerned. I had 1 treatment with it at Odi’s clinic and was a total waste of money. The hair on my underarms did fall out because they went over that area many more times, but 8 weeks later it looked no different than before. The hair on my legs barely fell out. On my inner thighs, I got all these red marks everywhere, like an ingrown hair only bigger. My treatment was something like 3 months ago and the marks are still there! Much more faint but now a brownish colour more like a scar. The Soprano XL is a total gimmic, go with a real machine like an alexandrite. At least if on correct settings when it fires a pulse you know you’ve been treated.

edokid isn’t any laser treatment supposed to be done atleast a couple of times untill results start to show? if not, how much % does it remove hair with every treatment if it’s done correctly…

also how was the pain?
im just considering this one because the price is like half the amount of a lightsheer laser i know nearby.

Is your hair even coarse and dense on those areas? You don’t mention this. If the hair is not very coarse, no laser would work and you can actually end up with more hair than you started with.