Ant Egg Oil Review....

Hello Everyone,
I am one of those guys that wants to try everything that can help removing hair forever, so I have came across this product which seems to be very popular in the middle east for removing hair forever. I have bought the product from Ebay and it came fast in my hands ( by the way the seller had a 100% good reputation). So today I have started using the product and Im going to post everything related to it, and we also are going to see if the word spread is a scam or not. Today here is 19/05/2009 , Day 1 in my testing period. Now Im waiting to see whats goanna happen…

I’m an eBay seller/buyer, too. My rating, also 100%, means very little. Yes, the seller has a 100% satisfaction rating. BUT, as a seller, this person has had only 4 feedback comments, and 2 of the 4 were from the same customer. And all 4 of the “positive” comments were left within 8 days or less of the date the product was sold. These customers are rating his service in getting this product to them, not the product itself. This seller’s ID was created in December 2008. He could be new, or his previous ID could have had many negative ratings. If this product works, it would be a Godsend. But if it really worked, I think it would already be readily available in the US. I’m not trying to discourage you. I just want consumers to have their eyes wide open, and not let the emotional need to be hair free overshadow logic.

Some, if not all, of the pictures this seller is using are STOLEN from laser manufacturers. A big eBay violation.

You see man, when you dont have like 5000$ for a stupid hair remover method (example: lasers), you are willing to try cheap things, or just keep tweezing or waxing or whatever. As about the seller, I told above that he has a 100% reputation and he send the product very fast, I didnt mention anything about his product being scam or not, thats why I took this journey, to find out if this middle east formula works or not. Now only time will tell us, isnt so…??? I hope to see any good result, if not then f**k it, it wasnt meant to be…

[color:#660000][size:14pt][color:#FFFF00][color:#003300]“I hope to see any good result, if not then f**k it, it wasn’t meant to be…”[/color][/size][/color]

Just a fair prediction here : You’ll be repeating the last sentence in a matter of time, about this product and the man with the " 100% reputation who sent the product very fast".

Spending $5,000 on laser or any hair removal method, only to be disappointed, elicits this kind of negative action. Sorry for you ElviS.

Wasting SOME money is still wasting money, and it adds up over time. Not to mention the waste of time.

I hope you realize that if these things worked, we would all be using them. Do you think there are some hidden secrets that others don’t know about even though the majority of the population would benefit from them? Do you think the makers of this product are stupid and wouldn’t be marketing it in other ways if they thought they could make money of that many consumers?

I’m sorry, but you’re being naive simply because you’re desperate for a hair removal method that’s cheaper than the only two PROVEN methods. I wish you luck, but I’m sorry to say that you won’t find it.

“Hope” doesn’t kill hair.

I admit that Im being naive and I am very desperate to remove this freaking hairs, but what can I do now, I have bought the product, I cant reverse that can I? So lets try it now, because its nothing else I can do…

I say go for it, it’s your choice and you are the only one who can choose whether this is right or wrong. I will be very curious about the results though, so keep posting.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it. I would just have low expectations if you don’t want to be too disappointed.

There are hundreds of companies producing products to make money of people’s insecurities. Since most people in that position are willing to do and spend almost anything to “cure” themselves, they make good money doing it.

ok LAgirl,
I got your point. Now that I have bought this thing, let me go until the end and see…I will be posting results every 10 days (because that is the amount of time the hair needs to get back in the surface after it has been waxed or tweezed or whatever).

Hey Elvis.
How is the experiment going? I am very curious to hear the results.

Don’t be frustrated by all the haters out there. You are doing us all a favor by trying it yourself and posting the results. What’s so bad about trying something out? I am a huge believer in natural and alternative remedies. I have found many inexpensive natural remedies that work so much better than expensive synthetic products. Keep up the good work and let us know how things turn out. Even if it doesn’t work, it didn’t hurt to try. Thanks.

I think I can safely say for all the doubters that no one “hates” Elvis for trying ant egg oil. It’s just the opposite! Advice is being given in a caring way to save him effort, money and disappointment for something that sounds as bizarre as other things that come out of little brown bottles of the worlds greatest sales people. He is free to discover things on his own and I hope he will be generous and honest enough to report back on what he finds in the end.

This is not a website based on hate in regard to consumers that want to try hair removal products. Those who contribute care a lot about people who are depressed and frustrated over having too much hair and we only want to support their effort to find a solution that is right for them rather than make them further depressed and broke with things that sound too good to be true.


Actual natural remedies that work are great…and rare. However, I’d love to have a penny for every crappy product that exploits people’s insecurities using the “natural” hype (and a percentage of the fortunes scammers make off of it).

Hair is not a headache. It’s something that people have wanted to remove forever for hundreds of years. If there was an oil that you could rub that would get rid of it (and underlying causes that actually cause the growth in the first place along with it, thus preventing future growth too), someone would be a multi-billionaire already marketing it all over the world. I’d be first in line - so trust me, I’m not hating on anything that works.

Hi to all of you,
Let me be honest with you guys and girls. I have had so many troubles in my way this time and I didn’t do the experiment the right way. and because all of the hairs have different cycles of growing back that is a problem of the experiment too. At this moment I am full of things to do, and when I find some time to get back to the hair thing, I dont handle the hurt that I get from removing it and I leave it. Trust me I am doing the best I can and I am sorry for not doing it the right way but at least Im trying. And the results are to be seen after at least 2 sessions ( by sessions I mean after have removed the hair from the root to times). I am going to do the best I can in the following days, I promise. Again everyone I am really sorry. Hope this thing works…

Regards Everyone,

Good luck with this, I’m very interested in whether it works… Are you using Gutto or a different brand? Gutto seems to have ant egg oil way down the list of ingredients:

“Deionize water, cetearth 12, glycely stearate, glycerine, stearic acid, cetearly acohol and PEG-40 castor oil and sodium cetearly sulfate, caprylic / capric triglyceride, Ant egg oil, carbomer, trirthenolamine, cyclopenta siloxane, dimethicone, fragrance, benzly alcohol, methychloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.”

Elvis…how did your results turn out with this product?

I’m a 25 y old man and I did experienced Ant egg oil from about 2 months ago. I was interested by this cream because I’d liked to permanently remove my pubic hair.
Then I bought a bottle of : “Gutto ant egg oil cream for men” and I successfully buy PAINFULLY shaved my pubic hair using a rotary epilator. After that I applied the cream once a day and once a night with 10mins of waiting after each application for about 7 days.
About 15 days later I’ve seen my pubic hair has regrowth by ~40% only !
Today I have reshaved PAINFULLY my pubic hair with the epilator.
I know, I know, I’m crazy but for my wife there is no price !
I hope 60% more hair will goes after 15 days.
This stuff really works but needs patience and time.
Sorry, I don’t speak english well, i hope you’ll understand.

hay elvis good on you for giving it ago, hows it working btw, or have you stopped using it

Oops recently i just viewed ALL my pubic hair (100%) has regrowth.
Just one advice : Don’t buy the ant egg oil from “GUTTO cosmetics”, it seems their shit doesn’t contain any gram of the ant oil.
I plan to try the ant egg oil from the TALA brand next time.

Topical solutions CANNOT provide permanent hair removal without causing so much damage that the surface skin is forever scarred forever. Think acid burns, base liquids, and other skin melting, melanin draining situations. Battery Acid would provide permanent hair removal, along with pigment removal, and loss of the soft suppleness of your skin.