About to start laser hair removal.

Hello all!
Thanks to Andrea for a great set of websites!!
Also, thanks to RJC2001 for his continued personal experience and information.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 20 yr old male and was graciously given an extremely hairy body by my father. If that wasn’t enough, he also gave me the joy of psoriasis. I also have bad complexion from my mother.

I’ve tried it all. Shaving (which I continue to do with Mach 3 Turbo) on my neck and back every 3 days (should do it more, but my skin just can’t handle the abuse) and clippers on my stomach/chest to keep it at a reasonable level. I’ve tried waxing my chest with Moom but it is just too painful. Nair and the like just burn my skin. I use Jergen’s Shave Minimizer on my neck and back mostly for the moisture. I have experienced little results with Surgi-Hair Stop. Although Andrea swears against all of these inhibitors, I think I have some results with Surgi. I used to HAVE to shave on the 3rd day, now I can squeeze out to a 4th, maybe 5th day (have been using it for probably 2 - 3 months). But, I digress… On to the meat of the post:

After months of researching through hairfacts.com, reading messages on hairtell.com, and going to countless websites, I finally decided I can’t stand shaving my neck every 3 days (I could shave my back and very hairy chest, but as those are not publically seen all the time, I rarely do so) so I will invest in laser hair removal. I have very dark body hair (luckily, I guess), even darker than the hair on my head. My skin is also quite light when not exposed to sun for extended periods of time. I am looking for treatment for my back and if that goes well then I would do treatment for my chest/stomach area.

I found a doctor’s office that performs laser treatment via the LightSheer Diode system. There are a lot of spas and the like around the area (Atlanta, GA) that do it, but after reading some of the horror stories, I would like to go with a doctor. I emailed said doctor and asked questions that Andrea provided. The response I got was promising (but I’m keeping in mind that this guy is a salesman).

So, after all this background, I will get to the topic of this post. Here is the email I recieved from the doctor:
</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>
Thanks for your continued interest. We have treated over 700 patientes
thousands of times. My speciality training was in anesthesia. I personally do all of the
laser treatments myself. I worked in a laser hospital for 9 years and am very comfortable
with their operation. We charge $50 for a consultation which takes 40 minutes.
This amount is fully applicable to your first laser treatment.
</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>It is good news that he does the own treatments himself, that makes me feel better. Should I be worried that he spelled patients “patientes” or maybe that a simple typo.

Basically, I am asking for the collective opinion of the members of HairTell.com. The way I see it, $50 is nothing if I decide not to continue treatment. Lord knows I’ve spent at least ten times that on those worthless hair inhibitor products.

I am in college so money IS an object, but at this point I am willing to try it. I think I am probably a decent candidate (will find out for sure after the orientation).

I am mainly concerned about burning and scarring. RJC2001 has seemed to have decent results without adverse effects. That is why I am researching this doctor to do it instead of a spa.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for replies (if any).

Sounds like you’re on the right track. It’s a good idea to at least get laser treatments with a practitioner who works under the supervision of a doctor. If a doctor does the treatments thats great. Maybe he will be more comfortable using the higher fluences necessary for the best results. My practitioner works under the supervision of a dermatologist and I have total confidence in her.

Like I said before then Lightsheer rules. You made a great choice. And don’t worry too much about scarring. The Lightsheer has a great cooling system. I was treated at 45J and had some redness but it was very temporary. You will feel like a new person even after just a few treatments as you lose the hair sweater.

Good luck with your treatments.



Thanks again. I really appreciate your reply.

Personally, I can’t wait to get started. I can’t even remember the last time I have been in a swimming pool or to the beach it has been so long. It took me a long time to even be comfortable taking my shirt off in front of my girlfriend.

I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how my treatments are going.

Take care

ok yes, sounds like yer on the right track.

If your a man as u say u are. then why not try the do=it-yourself home kit first?

I removed all hair from both my arms. and while the first arm took a year or more… cause i do it in winter only…

the second arm i managed in only 1-2 months!

how much money i saved? god knows = but i gaurentee it was a shitload!

arms are easy though… there’s noway i could do my own back= for back= i defenatly recommend laser if its dark enough

for chest? well i love my chest hair but i could easily hit my chest myself.

personally if your aint a rich person and obviously u aint! i recommend trying the do it yourself method first.

i recommend a setting of 10 (FULL POWER)! and only leave in === no more than 9 seconds! drink alchohol while u do it… just count to 5 or somethin and don’t leave the needle in ya more than 8 seconds.

i admit that i zapped the fuck outta my left arm… leavin it on 10 power for way to long of seconds… but i did my other arm with a setting of 10 and only counted to around 5-8 and worked without the scarring.

as a man, i feel i have some leadway with the scars on my right arm. it shows how i had some very very very hairy arms (some 4 leaf clovers on it) (ossama bin laden arms if u will) that are now hairfree and almost cost free that I kiss because of the white beauty of my skin that was covered with some awefull hair!

I’m glad the sites have helped you focus your research, sasquatch-- sounds as if you’ve done your homework, and this physician sounds like a pretty good option from what you say.

Do keep us updated! :grin:

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Today I went in and did my consultation for laser hair removal with the diode laser!

It took about 40 minutes to do and cost $50 (which can be applied to my first treatment).

I took in Andrea’s consultation forum to ask questions and everything. The doctor was pleasantly surprised at how much information/studying I have done on the subject (Thanks Andrea!).

We did a test patch on my back at 25 Joules with 30 msec. We then did a little more on the back of my neck at 23 Joules (more sensitive area). It all wasn’t too painful, but I am pretty immune to most types of pain. It wasn’t comfortable, of course, but I could sit through it.

I am Fitzpatrick Type II with Dark Hair so the Diode laser will work well for me.

I really liked how straight up the doctor was with me saying that it doesn’t work for some people… he doesn’t push people to come back every 8 weeks and so fourth.

Overall it was a very pleasant time and I learned a lot. My skin is a little sore from the treatment, but it’s not horrible. Im going to give this a few days (or however long Andrea suggests) and then probably make my first appointment!

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date.

Mr. Sasquatch: with your skin type and hair color, you should do very well with the diode laser treatment, or even an alexandrite. I personally don’t like the redness or crusting and pigmention issues that arise with the Lightsheer, but if it doesn’t bother you than go for it. I am not sure why the physician isn’t recommending a treatment series, though. Was it explained to you that hair removal is a multi-treatment procedure, with approximately 30% reduction of actively growing hair follicles at each treatment? Treatments are spaced approximately 8 weeks apart for men’s backs because of the growth cycle of that area. Is the doc just waiting to see what kind of clearance you get with one treatment? What happens with men is often a reduction in over-all density, with the remaining hair much finer in texture and lighter in color. For some men a reduction of any kind is all they want, but it will still take several treatments for this to happen. I wish you the best with your treatments.

Of course he told me about the need for multi-treatments. I failed to mention that in that last reply because I assumed it was a given. Sorry!

Yeah I think I will do very well also. It has been almost 3 days since my test patch and almost all the redness is gone! It is just a little dry right now. But that is what moisturizers are for!

Just wanted to keep everyone posted on my treatment.

I went in today for my first full treatment on my back and neck. My skin reacted well to the test patch I had near the beginning of the month (the spot was bare from hair, I know most of it will grow back, but I was not burned or anything).

I think it took about an hour and a half to do the full thing. I also got my upper arms done as well. It took about 4,100 “clicks” as I call them (shots of the laser).

Obviously some areas are more sensitive than others. Don’t let anyone tell you this stuff doesn’t hurt! On most of my back I had a fluence level of 32 - 37. Right under the shoulder blade (the scapula) is one of the most painful areas I experienced. At least on the same level of pain (maybe more) was my neck, but I have really thick, coarse hair there so it was a lot of pain all at once. The other areas were much more bearable, but I have a fairly high tolerance of pain. We bumpbed it down to about 27 for my neck and it was still one of the most painful areas… If not the most. He said some of his patients had laser treatment done on their scalp and it brought them to tears - I believe it!

The doctor used the same gel that they use for ultrasounds to help the laser glide over the skin better and work better. After he treated a large area, he would spray a mix of aspirin and water to help calm the skin down. After treatment his assistant put zinc sun block on to help calm the area and protect me as well.

Some of my hair was so corse and dark he said it was exploding out of the skin. Pretty gross, but at least it’s working.

They gave me some “MSM” lotion to mosturize the area.

The doctor explained that I should expect almost full regrowth in 3 months, but it would be a little more sparse and thinner. I am looking forward to the improvement! At least I won’t have to shave my neck (painful, razor burn, bumps) for about 3 weeks, though. That will be nice.

I will probably go back towards the beginning of May for my 2nd treatment.

The hair that does grow back will be much finer and as a result shaving will give a more satisfactory result.

I found the base of the neck to be the most painful area to be treated by far. And I have a high pain tolerance.

I had 50% clearance after my first laser treatment, which was with the Apogee. Any hair that is going to grow back usually does so in 2 mo. and does not increase after that. I know this because I do not get laser treatments in the summer. Regrowth has always stayed steady after 2 months.

My practitioner has had patients from other Lightsheer practitioners who have had disappointing results because too low of a fluence level was used.


How low is “too low” of fluence level?

I thought starting in the high 30 (35 - 37) was a good range, and we would increase on the visits afterwards?


Thanks for the excellent update, sasquatch! I hope your results are good-- it certainly sounds like you were getting treated at pretty high fluences by someone who knew what he was doing.

Fluence comparisons with other consumers can be misleading, since everyone has a unique combination of skin and hair characteristics. Treatment parameters aren’t set in stone yet, either, so there’s still some debate about whether it’s good to start high and go lower in successive treatments or vice versa. Most probably ramp up levels on subsequent treatments, buit I’m not aware of any published data showing one works better than the other.

Hi Sasquach,
I live in Atlanta too. Can you tell me the name of the doctor/clinic and the prices he quoted you? I am looking for a reputable place.
Thank you

Sure thing,

The place is called You’re Looking Great! It is run by a husband and wife, Dr. Henry Escue and his wife. The phone # is 770-429-9600 and the URL is www.yourelookinggreat.com .

The consultation costs $50, but that gets applied to your first treatment (pending you go on with a treatment, of course). You get a test patch done.

He has done very, very, very many proceedures with the diode system and has good results with a lot of people. If your skin/hair type is not good, he will be straight up and tell you that it may not work for you and will discuss other options for you. He is very nice and gentle during the proceedure.

I got my entire back done (which took around 4,100 hits of the laser) and it cost about $500 ($450 with the $50 from the consultation). I will be going back in about a month and a half, maybe 2 months for my second treatment. You can’t be disappointed by the results of your first treatment (he will explain why… hairstages, etc).

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them or PM me.

Take care and good luck!

Good info, man! Keep us updated.

I want to go in so bad, but I just dont think I can afford it.

It is expensive. I couldn’t stand it anymore though, and it seemed this was one of the only options.

I will keep the board updated. I would like to eventually get some done on my chest as well.

In your first message, you said you were 20. I just wonder if now is a bit too early for your to do the treatment?
I started shaving (face) when I was 23, and just noticed that I have some non-noticable (colourless) chest hair last week. (Well, you have to be within 20cm and with good lighting to see those hair.)
And thank you for the information.


Not that it matters much, but just for reference I am now 21. I started shaving my face when I was in 7th grade. I forget how old I was then. I started shaving my face regularly with an electric probably in 9th grade.

I have had chest hair since 8th or 9th grade and started having back hair shortly after that. I have been shaving my back since I was about 17 on a regular basis.

Whether or not it’s too early? I guess that is a subjective question. If there are enough hair folicles to warrant getting laser treatment done, then it would make sense to me that it wouldn’t matter when you started. I definitely had enough. My back was pretty much covered in thick, coarse, dark hair. The places where I don’t have hair don’t really seem as if they will be getting any time soon. The folicles that I kill now I will be more than happy to get rid of! If I did not have enough hair to warrant using laser, I probably could’ve done electrolysis in 30 minutes for a couple of months and had no problem. Like I said, I did have a lot of hair, so I was more than willing to go in to get laser.

I guess it’s more personal than anything. I have more chest/stomach, arm and leg hair (and probably back hair, too) than most men twice my age. The only thing that kept me from going in a few years earlier was money! But that’s what credit cards are for, right? :wink:

But don’t leave too much debt in your credit card!

I am now 26, and only need to shave twice weekly if I really want to keep my face very clean. I noticed that I will still have more hair to grow up.

My experience with Laser is positive. You can read it in Mature Topics section.

Yeah, I was mainly playing about credit cards. I can’t sleep well while holding a balance.

I’d say you’re doing pretty well if you only have to shave twice weekly on your face. I get away with shaving once a day, but have shaved twice daily before (and usually do if I have something special to attend or do that night).

Good luck with everything.