4-Hour Long Electrolysis Session: My DIY Aftercare

Good morning!

I know some of you asked about my skincare routine after my lengthy electrolysis session.

So I made of video of what exactly I did (and continue to do) that only makes my skin feel amazing but seriously reduces my facial hair.

After my session, I continued to use this mask with no side effects what so ever. My tiny scars went away and the blemishes from all the years of improper tweezing and shaving are lightening up!

Here’s the video of me making, applying and removing the mask. Enjoy!

Turmeric Mask Video

Thank you, Monical.

Turmeric is a wonder spice. I’m wondering if it leaves the skin looking a little yellowish? When I mix it with olive oil and my air popped popcorn, it leaves a stain on my fingers and in the bowl.

It does and it can be messy. If it gets on your floor or tub, a spray cleaner with bleach wipes it off. For skin, I use a very mild soap to wipe the yellow stains off no problem.

So, you are saying this facial mask seriously reduces your hair?

Inventing homemade masks to get rid of hair looks like it’s becoming a habit. Turmeric seems to have some anti-inflammatory effect if it is ingested orally. But from there to this plant may have some impact on the follicle … they say it also cures cancer. :crazy:

Turmeric is like gold to me. In fact, I carry a little container of it in my purse and sprinkle it on my food whenever I eat out. Inflammation is responsible for a lot of health problems, so turmeric probably helps?

I’m curious if the makers of Vaniqa captured a chemical from turmeric to use in their drug compound. If it works, I need more than anecdotal accounts to make me a promoter. What is the science behind the idea?

Dee, I am not denying the beneficial properties of this plant, I’m just questioning its capacity to influence in hair follicle.

Yes. I would not bother wasting my time making a video (which took several hours) if I didn’t think it did. Not trying to be a smart a** but I am a single mom of two and have A LOT to do besides making videos with phony claims when I’m not even getting paid to lie.

If I believe it something I show it to my readers.

It did NOT remove my hair but it did make it reduced in coarseness and thickness.

I’m not sure about killing cancer and all that. Honestly, unless I read something like that from a medical study/studies, I don’t believe it. And neither should you.

The only reason why I believe in turmeric facial masks is because I started using it as a facial scrub, with no intention of expecting a change in my facial hair. After using it everyday (sometimes twice a day) I notice my facial hair was looking finer and thinner.

I do not know the effect it has on follicles; I’m not going to pretend to be knowledgable on that. But I do know it reduced the thickness of my hair.

And frankly it’s nothing new. There are a million videos and articles about turmeric reducing (not sure about removing) facial hair.

It just happened to work for me. :slight_smile:

Please do not think anyone is attacking you. I do not believe in miracles, that’s all.
Really, apply this mask twice a day does not hurt anyone, in the worst cases, people who try it have nothing to lose … except patience.

You say you are a mom of two children, are you the biological mother?

If so, how do you know that changes in the thickness of the hair was not pregnancy?

Sounds like it is having a bleaching effect.

Hold on Jossie … wait a second.

I’m the “attack dog” here on Hairtell … so give me a minute to figure out who I’m supposed to be attacking this time. I suppose I’d better read through this whole thread (I have not been looking at this one).

I mean … I have to do my job … right? Gosh, sometimes it gets lonely “at the bottom.”

Let’s see, just where did I leave my broom?

Um…Yes, I am their birth mother…(kinda question is that?!)

They are 7 and 6. I saw no changes in body hair from either of my pregnancies. I’ve been hirsute since I was 12.

Attacking? huh?!

I was asked by a few girls here what I did for my aftercare from electrolysis. I told them about turmeric and how it worked well making the hair appear finer. I made a video about it for my blog and posted it here for those interested.

Never said it was a miracle pill. Now if it completely got rid of my hair, that’s another story!

And no bleaching affect, except leaving my skin a little orange.

If one googles ‘turmeric face mask’ one will see many videos’s claiming the benefits of using this paste on the face. Facial hair reduction is mentioned. Indian women have been using turmeric for generations for hair, acne and pigmentation issues.

It’s something good to know about and those that want to try it should do so. Come back and report if it helped, just like Mo did. Thank you Mo for your hard work on the video. It was very professional.

There seems to be a lot of recipes out there for making turmeric paste from what I have seen. I would try it myself, but knowing that it leaves a yellow stain on my fingers after I add it to my popcorn, I wouldn’t want to look jaundiced after a facial. People may think I have hepatitis or pancreatic cancer.

An essential question if someone needs to know if the reduction in the size of the hair was due to an hormonal change. One woman may be a birth mother or a foster mother, one way is as worthy as the other. But in the second case, her body doesnt suffer any change.

No one is saying and the poster isn’t that Tumeric gets rids of facial hair, she is having electrolysis to resolve this issue. What Tumeric is known for doing or so I’ve read it’s been used in India for hundreds of years by women to help reduce facial hair, what that means is it slows the growth down the hairs will still come back and need electrolysis, but the growth time is supposibly slowed down, not sure if that is a good thing or not with electrolysis as you want them to come in and get zapped especially if you are just starting out and have the not so nice black/dark hairs to deal with get them zapped asap.

You are not alone, I’ve gone hunting this past weekend and have been anything but friendly. My patience is running out. Zero tolerance for scammers. In Hairtell there are plenty of people who appreciate your “barking”. DeeDee and you are doing a great job.

Ok…so, what’s the scam in this thread? Because two people (and one private message) asked me to explain something THEY were interested in knowing more about that worked for me?

Anything but friendly?! I’m lost but I could have sworn Andrea made it a rule not to “attack” people in here…?

Hey Mo …

I really think we are all just trying to be silly. I know I was trying to be funny/silly/goofy. You know “my broom” … 'cause I’m sort of known as the old irascible dude (with a bad toupee that flies off occasionally and sticks to the ceiling).

Sometimes the humor just doesn’t go over that well in print. (I still haven’t read this thread … maybe tomo?)