1st Treatment with Aurora Elos!

I am psyched! Had the first treatment of my test patch. I have very light hair and it may not work but man it was a great experience! I went to Rinew in Providence RI. They are only charging me $50 for 5 treatments of my test patch. The tech was great and did not seem to think the blonde leg hair was a big deal. She says she has some clients with white hair and it works just fine. Completely painless process. Overall fabulous. She says we should treat every two weeks and that the blonde hair will take 5-6 treatments. I’ll keep you posted as treatments progress!


Oh, yes, do report back here, jav. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> We would love to hear about your “progress”. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />

Whose got the office pool squares on when they give him the “Finish with electrolysis” line?

Who has the office pool grid on when they say, “Oh, wow, your hairs must be exceptionally strong, as they have not reduced the way we thought they would.”

Two things bother me here. So far as I can tell, no laser is very effective at removing blond hair. Secondly, my experience with laser was very, very far from “completely painless.” I don’t mean to borrow trouble, but please don’t spend a huge amount of money on leg hair removal right away. Get a much smaller, cheaper area done first and see how you do .

sounds like a fishy post to me.

the aurora advertises that it removes all hair colors. the test spots are always at a low low fluence to trick people into thinking it’s painless. at least at american laser center which is the only place that uses the crappy aurora and comet. i had 11+ treatments there and my results are horrible.

I was pretty enthusiastic all the way through treatment. But after 1.5 years it’s hard not to see the scam.

Did you know that electrologists usually do test patches for free? Because they are more confident in their proven methods? That you could buy at least a half hour of proven hair removal with that same fifty bucks?


i’m not sure what that proves though. most laser techs do test patches for free too. one treatments of 15 mins doesn’t really tell you much about permanency anyways, on either method. as with either, the dormant hair follicles will come in afterwards, making it impossible to tell whether it “worked”

I would have to agree that the only way a 15 minute treatment would show permanence is if one took a before picture, an after picture, waited 12 months, and took another picture and compared the three pictures.

So sad. I was enthusiastic during my aurora treatments. ur in for a major letdown.

posts like this are dangerous. someone who did minimal treatments gets all excited and posts immediately. it makes people think laser hair removal works.

post again in 1-2 years when you’re searching for answers.

there are people who post 1-2 years later. read posts by RC2001, hairlessinla, and NoHair here. I’m almost at that point myself. just because you chose a bad clinic with bad technicians, had a bad experience, and are now bitter (as well as ignore all the positive reviews), does not constitute ineffectiveness of true laser hair removal overall.

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sure, if this game makes you feel better about your patchy beard, we can do it all day. you make me happier and happier that i got great results everyday. thanks.

That’s misleading.

RJC only had one treatment with the Elos Aurora and to my recollection he got burned and wasn’t too happy.

You get treatments with the Gentlase, not the Aurora.

Aurora is a horrible IPL for hair removal. most will get minimal results at best. It’s not good for hair removal. This person has blond hair he’s trying to remove though…although i’m not even sure it’s a real post. I already told him in previous posts that laser doesn’t work on blond hair. Aurora may be one that would out of of all them, but still with probably minimal results. I guess either he decided to go for it adn try it, or it’s not a true customer, but a seld-promotion for Aurora. what’s misleading? when did I ever advise anyone to get treatments with that machine? I advise people to stay away from Aurora AND the Comet on all posts.

Ive been getting lhr treatments on my full legs and brazillian bikini at American Laser Centers. So far, I’ve had 4 treatments on my legs and regular bikini, and 2 on the brazillian. The brazillian I saw results after the first treatment… it grows in patches. The bikini same thing–after the 4th treatment, the bikini looks a lot better than it used to but still have hair there. The legs, well the bottom half which is very dark and coarse is cleared in patches–but I still have hair on it, The upper leg–which has light smooth hair umm i dont really know, I think it got better because before it used to be coarser and worse to shave. Overall, I thought I didn’t think it would be growing in patches like this but if this really lasts than I’m satisfied. By the way, they are using the Aurora laser on me.
After I bought the package I read some bad reviews of ALC on here and I got scared. But I think my experience so far has been good. They aren’t pushy with sellign stuff liek someone on here said (but I guess it depend son the location). The manager asked me one time int he beginnign if I wnat my underarms done too but I said no and after that that was it. I can;t compare to any other place but I am not complaining.

if you’re experiencing patchiness, they’re missing spots. address this issue with them so they can be more thorough. it’s good that you’re getting results that you’re satisfied with. in my opinion, if your skin is very light, you would have had better results with a true alex laser, but better something than nothing at all.


or it will be more like 50-60 treatments.

There is zero evidence to support this claim, and it might even prove to be harmful. Creams and gels do NOT cause hair growth, but avoiding the after-care given by your doctor or laser tech might cause problems. Most people use aloe vera or similar after laser without ill effect. I always use aloe, or a witch hazel gel, after my electrolysis sessions and I can promise you it’s not causing hair growth.

I concur with that. WereNotAfraid, you can read a previous post us discussing this with bezmierny, but of course, people will believe what they want to believe…sometimes logic is just not that convincing I guess…