17 year old guy with excessive hair

To start off, I’m a 17 year old male and all my life I’ve had problems dealing with excessive body hair. According to my mom, I was born with dark hair on my arms and legs which never went away. Even as a toddler, my arms and legs were so hairy that kids in preschool and kindergarten would ask why I was so “fuzzy” and why I looked like their daddy. I think I hit puberty when I was about 8 and by 9 I had about as much armpit hair as I do now, and that’s a lot. I started getting hair on my chest and stomach at 11 and that’s been getting thicker and thicker since. I also got facial hair at 11, which my parents wouldn’t let me shave because I would “cut myself” so for a few years I had quite a bit of beard scruff on my face. At around 13 I started getting back hair which isn’t the thickest hair on my body, but it’s still way more than a teen should have.

All my life I was teased and made an outcast because I was so hairy, I can remember all the way back to my first few years of school people would comment and tease me about it. Once it became junior high it was getting really bad, and it peaked during freshman year in PE. We had to change our clothes before and after class in the locker room, and by this time I had quite a lot of chest, stomach, and back hair and was teased (you could say tormented) constantly. Even now people passing by just stare at me with disgust, even adults, which obviously has had huge impacts on my self esteem.

Now at 17 I feel like the insults and names people would call me (werewolf, gorilla, ape, Chewbacca) are all true. It’s mostly my arms and legs. They’re so covered with long, thick hair, that it’s almost impossible to see skin underneath, as if it was animal fur. The center of my chest and most of my stomach is also the same way. There literally is not even an inch of skin on my whole body where I don’t have dark, noticeable hair. Even on places like my shoulders and back, where the hair is still very fine and short, it’s still dark and noticeable. I feel so embarrassed when people, even family, see me because I just feel like this caveman and the hair is getting thicker all the time. I mean, I know there are some adults with more chest hair than me but at the rate it’s growing in, that’ll change.

Both sides of my family are extremely hairy and I’ve definitely inherited it from both sides. My arms and legs are already the hairiest on both sides of my family that I know of, and the way the rest of my body is progressing I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up that way everywhere. I’ve basically got no chance at a girlfriend, all the girls I’ve met have told me I’m gross and need to shave… which sort of leads me to another problem.

In the past 9 or so months I’ve developed a very severe case of fibromyalgia, which for those who are unfamiliar can best be described as horrifying, excruciating pain all over your body 24/7. I’ve had symptoms for a good portion of my life but it was never severe until 9 months ago. I’ve gotten to the point where I can barely even walk, open a water bottle, and even use a pencil. I can’t think of any feasible methods of hair removal that won’t be ridiculously painful. I have no money (as I can’t physically work) so any sort of laser, electrolysis, anything is basically not possible at the moment. Shaving is horribly painful (it’s hard enough to shave my face, I typically hold out as long as I can without looking like I’m growing a beard), and waxing is just ridiculous to think about. Even running a trimmer over my body hair is too painful to be worth it. My lack of mobility has made me put on 30-40 pounds in the past few years and I just feel like this fat, hairy thing that can’t walk and gets stared at for being a werewolf.

Since there’s no method of removing the hair that’s really worth it or feasible, I’m trying at this point to just get comfortable with looking like this. To stop caring what people think. We have family in town and they want to take us to a pool (which is nice for me because being in water helps me move better since it’s weight-relieved) and I would love to be able to take off my shirt without a care, but I’m just way too embarrassed. I don’t really know what to do.

I did take a picture of my arms and legs, I don’t know if that’s weird to show here or not but I figured I’d hold off on showing them just in case it is weird.

I sympathize with what you are struggling with. I think focusing on managing your fibromyalgia should be your top priority at this time so at least you will be able to shave and wax to give you some relief with your hair worries. Do you have access to counseling in your school for support?

It definitely is top priority, in comparison the hair is certainly less important, but still on my mind. The thing is, it’s basically an incurable disease and usually your only chance is to just “hope” it goes away. Supposedly that’s much more common in younger people, so I’m hopeful. I’m also trying some last resort medicine but I don’t know if it’s working yet.

By counseling, do you mean support for my fibromyalgia? Yes, my counselor and all my teachers sat down and came up with a medical plan to help make things easier for me, which is really good. They’re all being very accommodating.

I’m a little late for the party, but I wanted to chime in in case you still come around here.

Because there is nothing you can do about it, you will have to find the humor in it or you’ll go crazy. Try to see it as liberating - there’s nothing you can do! Don’t worry about it!

Don’t forget, you’re 17, and teenagers are terrible people with a million insecurities that they can only feel better about if they project them onto other people. When you’re an adult, you will find it easier to manage.

A lot of girls truly don’t care about body hair on a man. Some will, and there’s nothing you can do about that, but many women are more interested in a nice confident guy than one with the right amount of body hair. (Some women are attracted to the caveman look… I am one of them, and find guys with less body hair to be less attractive.)

Next time someone bugs you about it, say “why yes, I have a fine pelt!” while petting your arm like it’s a soft kitty or something. And then laugh. People are attracted to this and will soon see past the hair. If their intention to be hurtful, they will get bored when they see you are not bothered by it, and go away.

With your extra weight, you should just embrace your inner bear. Grow your beard, wear lumberjack shirts. Get a black toque for the winter. Do it all with an ironic smile and remember that it WILL get easier, if you let it.

Go to the pool, take your shirt off, walk tall. Wink or do finger guns at people who look at you. Most of them are just curious, and often people are uncomfortable because they think you are uncomfortable. If they see you are not, they will get over it quickly.

Anyway, good luck!!

I’m still here!

Your post made me feel a lot better. I think a lot of the reason I’ve had such a problem with it is because of the way girls have treated me in particular, as if I’m like “untouchable” because I’m not shaved smooth like a Ken doll. I think knowing how many women there are out there that wouldn’t mind, or even prefer, a guy with a lot of hair is comforting.

The condition of my health has made this much less of a priority as it was even 2 months ago. I really don’t even attend school or even leave my house… ever, anymore, really. So there’s nobody but my immediate family even seeing me and I’m not as embarrassed of my arms and legs in front of them, though I still don’t take off my shirt yet in front them. But once I’m healthier (whenever that may be) I’m definitely going to try to use this advice, though I’m sure it’s still easier said than done.

This is a picture of my friend: http://tinyurl.com/cbhql62

She is pretty. She also loves hairy guys. Therefore, your hair can attract girls like that. /motivationalspeech

This is a picture of my friend: http://tinyurl.com/cbhql62

She is pretty. She also loves hairy guys. Therefore, your hair can attract girls like that. /motivationalspeech [/quote]Thanks for that :slight_smile: I think I’ve made a little progress on how I feel about myself in the past few months. Still a long road ahead, though.

I can’t stop thinking about this kid … Okay, this is a half-baked idea, but here goes.

This 17-year-old kid is a very special situation; very special indeed. Lots of people feel terrible about “excessive hair” (I know, I was a werewolf too), but this guy is seriously “out of the ordinary.” Most of us that are “depressed” just need a slap to the “kisser” and to get going on the solution. Not this guy.

So, there are a TON of us here on Hairtell: both electrologists and laser folks (well, not enough laser folks). What about all of us putting together a “treatment plan” involving all of us, and doing this kid for no charge?

We could “showcase” all the various modalities and decide which areas would be best for laser, pico-flash, and even (yes of course), manual blend (that would be me). With NO photos of the boy’s face, we could document this entire story and make it something of value for others seeking our help.

Anyway, you can put me first on the list.

I don’t know where this kid lives, but one of us (that lives near him) could organize this and get the ball rolling. Maybe the “big boys,” e.g., Dectro and our recent “Laser Avenger” (owns big laser company) could participate too.

Instead of all this verbal “Bull Sh**” … what about doing some work? You know: SHOW ME! We have an opportunity to collect some excellent data AND change somebody’s life.

(Note: Dr. Chapple, the guy I work with, travels every year to do free surgery on kids and adults with deformities and from war injuries. He does this for free and at his own expense. He’s done this for 30 years. Why can’t we do this too?)

I am the second on the list!

To recommend hair removal to a 17 year old male is a folly. Most of the hair he is complaining about is androgenic, and he will continue to naturally stimulate new androgenic growth well into his 20’s. It would be prudent to at least wait until he is not a minor before giving him advice on the internet about what he should do with his body that may affect the rest of his life.

He has been dealing with the effects of hair since childhood. I’m pretty sure he knows what he wants.

These days, I don’t think it’s any different whether you are male or female in regards to the societal pressure to be hair free. I was about Jovi’s age when I started researching LHR. I just had no money at the time.

As he has noticed, the hairs are becoming thicker. Removing those hairs and the finer, shorter ones at this stage will mean he won’t have to go through having them become thicker and longer as he ages. Dee bought up this point in the ear hair removal thread… get 'em before they have the chance of becoming thick and wiry.

I remember Michael posted a photo of one of his clients (male back) showing what happens when hair develops down the line. The area cleared with electrolysis earlier in this man’s life was still clear.

Yes, Stoppit …

Of course, this young guy is not finished developing hair; we all know that, and he does too. Okay, so he can wait another year until he’s “legal age,” but I would guess that if he had an army of “free help” he wouldn’t turn it down!

At his age, leg hairs have certainly grown in to their near-fullest extent. A few laser treatments would do wonders (arms too). The chest and back may not be fully grown-in until the age of 30 or so. However, the 19-year-old kid (England) I started two months ago had fully developed body hair (back and chest). I will post the photos in mid-June.

There are no absolutes. I’m pretty sure this young guy’s parents would give their consent for no-charge expert treatments. It’s going to take a long time to finish this project, so getting started sooner is better than later. (I won’t comment on the “folly” statement … oh, I guess I just did!)

BTW, my youngest patient was 7-years-old! (And, I did this boy for free too.)

I really have to say, I’m so touched that anyone would even consider doing all that work for free. This really is a forum of genuinely good people.

That being said… well I just can’t imagine the amount of pain I would have to go through to have something like that done. I can barely move my fingers enough to type this out at the moment, I’ve read the pain I have in my hands makes it worse than most people’s arthritis. To undergo laser or electrolysis all over my body for countless hours sounds like a torture chamber. I just can’t imagine how I would possibly get through it…

Just for the record, I turn 18 in 3 months and I live in Arizona. Arizona, where you have to wear shorts and a t-shirt from April to November or else you’ll burn alive, especially with a fur coat like mine.

I guess there’s no harm posting pictures to give everyone an idea how hairy I am. These are my arms and legs, and not a whole lot has grown in since I was about 13. Though it has gotten noticeably thicker since then.

Arm http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n218/MARIOFREAK821/myarm.png
Legs http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n218/MARIOFREAK821/mylegs.jpg

Hmmmm that is quite a bit more than I was expecting. For someone with this type of hair, I would say laser would do incredible things for you. I’ll be honest and say I have no idea how that would coincide with someone with fibromyalgia since I know very little about it (I don’t know if you would experience an increase in pain from it). I did a google search for fibromyalgia and laser hair removal, and some people did go through with it without much pain increase. I’d check with your doctor first.

Ha ha, not surprised. I’ve noticed on many occasions on this forum (and not to discount anyone else’s experiences with their body hair of course) but I see a lot of people complaining of excess hair and then they post pictures and it’s what I looked like when I was like, 9 or 10 years old. But my perspective is surely different due to being so hirsute.

I figured I would be a good candidate for laser, seeing as I have relatively pale skin and very dark hair. I’ll have to do some research as far as fibromyalgia and laser goes. I’m not sure how I would see my doctor though; he’s 600 miles away from me. He’s basically the only treatment options I have left which is why he’s not local. I was just there a month ago, and can’t really justify another trip, financially and physically. I will continue to research though.

Well if it’s any consolation, your pretty much in as much of a perfect position for laser as anyone! Maybe you can try just calling the doctor to ask him. He’s seen you recently, so at the very least he can give you his thoughts about it.

Thanks, I’ll keep researching and keep this in mind :slight_smile:

One of my clients had the same hair growth with (actually) much more on his feet. He just graduated from West Point. We did one clearing on the legs and arms and it looks pretty good (50% reduction). Back and chest were cleared completely. I agree with Brenton that laser would be best for your arms and legs.

Two of my favorite former client “hair ball guys” live in the Phoenix area (brothers). Both had excessive and special problems. Maria does both laser and electrolysis, uses local anesthetic, and also lives in the Phoenix area. I know they would all be happy to talk with you … if you wish. Let me know. I think “Peter” would be the guy to initially talk with about this. (Both brothers did laser and electrolysis. Both are finished and, at least, hair free.)

You aren’t the first one to be “making this odyssey.” Talking to a “pathfinder” really helps plan your adventure. One thing you must understand: the people here are not “giving up” on you. Just stay with us and keep talking! It’s people like you that give us our motivation and inspiration.

Lovely post, Michael.

I am an advocate of using both modalities for large cases like yours. Laser to knock out as much hair as possible, followed by electrolysis to refine and blend in the hair if there are patchy areas that laser leaves behind. Since electrolysis can “see” and treat all hair structures and colors that laser can’t see, that is why you want to consider both modalities to get hair free as fast as possible on several large areas.

Good luck to you, friend, and stay here for support as needed. . We may not have all the answers, but we have lots of love and understanding to offer for the hairy.

Every now and then, people ask me about writing a book. They say, “What inspired you?” The answer is that there was no inspiration. I mean, there was no flash of lightening and then the book appeared. It’s not like that.

What is “it?” Well, it’s just doing it every day without fail; with or without inspiration. It’s like that with any self-transformation mission too. People that have “transitioned” (as they say), did not wake up one morning, have a “change of heart,” flip a switch and “presto” a whole new gender identity. No, it’s really hard work … actually, damned hard work and not for the faint of heart! Still, people who are transgendered don’t have a choice.

And that’s really what I want to communicate to our wonderful “boy” here.

Don’t let your “impossible reality” get you. You CAN beat this, it’s not impossible! First you should talk to others that have “been there.” Then, carefully create a road map and overall plan. Start on the most important issues first, but do something EVERY DAY! Every single day!

Even if you simply sit quietly and review your “plan,” that is still doing the plan. Do more research, read articles … but ACT on this every day, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. (However, don’t spend that special time being depressed … you can be depressed at another time of day if you wish.) Stop everything and work on that ONE issue and don’t be interrupted. Setting a regular time of day to “contemplate or work on the issues” is very important.

Once again, don’t spend that time being depressed or “going over you difficulties." No, work on the PLAN!

Start on the issues that you can work on right now. Maybe your weight (diet)? Start some basic exercise and improve your diet and take supplements. (We have a great “supplement expert” right here on Hairtell! Don’t be afraid to ask him.) Start with something you can do easily every day and then slowly add to the program.

Be a nuisance! Yeah, a real bloody nuisance! Pressure the doctors and don’t let them give you a diagnosis without recommendations. Seek other avenues if they can’t help. Don’t give up … EVER! How to be a nuisance? Use the phone and call them over and over.

Your therapists (pain management, hair removal or whatever) WILL appear at the appropriate time … almost like a pre-ordained script. They will be there when you need them. And, yours is not just a physical journey, but will involve “spiritual” growth as well. Didn’t Hairtell “appear” just at the right moment? Yeah, that’s how it works!

Everybody “has” something to overcome. “This one” is yours. Take possession of it and own it. You will master these difficulties and thrive. The timing is perfect! Go kid go!