12 months, 100 hours, no/very little results- MN

I should’ve taken a before and current picture because I’m not sure how much things have changed but I honestly don’t think electrolysis is working for me and I’m wondering if I should continue. I hit my year mark and am at 100 hours of electrolysis, I used to go 2+ hours a week, but due to finances have had to cut down to an hour/wk. I’ve had 3 different professionals work on my underarms and eyebrows, and all used the blend method (mainly). I don’t have an abnormal amount of hair and I’ve stopped shaving and tweezing (and have for a while), but my hair just seems to keep coming back the same. The lady I go to now said my hair is getting finer but I disagree, I haven’t seen a change well, at all. She mentioned the other day being disappointed she’s not seeing results like she should be at this point (and suggested increasing the intensity &/or length we leave the needle in) This whole process has been very discouraging and cost way more than ever planned, but I’ve put thousands into it at this point and really don’t want that all to have been for nothing. Maybe electrolysis just won’t work for me? Any suggestions or help please:( Maybe I should look for others in the Minneapolis area? Thanks.

The first thing we always need to establish is the quality of the work. Did you feel hairs being tweezed out? ( they should, when properly treated, slide out with no resistance )At this point there should be no doubt of significat progress, so something is clearly wrong.

Just re read your post. When you say that you stopped tweezing some time ago, how long ago did you mean? Sucessful electrolysis requires one to cease all methods of hair removal by the root,(ie tweezing/waxing)as soon as the treatment commenses.

I’m also from Minnesota and went through a couple electrologists. I no longer am doing electrolysis but I look up people/places to go to if I ever continue with it. Here are some places in MN that may be useful to you.


Electrolysis for You
310 Belle Avenue,
Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 345-3254


About Face Electrolysis
5009 Excelsior Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55416
(952) 927-0546

About Face Professional Electrolysis
Miracle Mile Centre,
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(952) 927-0546

Electrolysis by Estee
11410 42nd Place North,
Minneapolis, MN 55441
(763) 545-6554

Permanent Choice Electrolysis Center
8100 Penn Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN 55431
(952) 884-1980

Permanent Choice Electrolysis Center
3900 Vinewood Lane North,
Minneapolis, MN 55441
(763) 551-1525

Roseann Electrolysis
825 Nicollet Mall,
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 333-3808

St. Cloud:

Amelia’s Electrolysis
1511 33rd Avenue North,
Saint Cloud, MN 56303
(320) 654-8959

Electrology Services
1269 10th Avenue North,
Saint Cloud, MN 56303
(320) 251-9206

Electrolysis by Robyn
4 13th Avenue North,
Waite Park, MN 56387
(320) 252-5224

St. Louis Park:

Spa Med
4500 Park Glen Rd., Suite 425
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
(952) 926-3311

St. Paul:

AARK Advanced Electrolysis
704 9th Avenue Northwest,
Saint Paul, MN 55112
(651) 636-4049

Brending Electrolysis
1315 Larpenteur Avenue West,
Saint Paul, MN 55113
(651) 642-1374

Carol’s Electrolysis
83 Maple Lane,
Saint Paul, MN 55117
(651) 486-8310

Center for Electrolysis Skin & Laser Therapy LLC
7700 Hudson Road,
Saint Paul, MN 55125
(651) 714-1828

Kelley Electrolysis
4417 Lake Avenue South,
Saint Paul, MN 55110
(651) 426-2473


Spa Med
7700 Frontage Rd., Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125
(651) 714-1828

Above The Rest:

Pat Larson:
CPE. 1915 Hwy 52 North #120 Rochester, MN (507) 289-7378. 3 electrologists. Hours: By appointment only. Closed Sunday. $60/hr. Modality : Galvanic: 50%, Blend: 50%. Probes: disposable, gold-plated, multi-needle galvanic.

Respondent Comments: She’s superb - friendly and extremely easy to get along with, the office is impeccably clean and organized and professional.

Aesthetic Therapies/Zerita’s Electrolysis Inc:
563 Bielenberg Drive, Suite 235 Woodbury, MN 55125 (651)739-5181

Electrolysis by Estee:
Estee Warsett 8820 45th Avenue North, New Hope, MN 55428 612-533-5563. Days of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. Hourly rate: $50.00. Types of probes available: disposable, gold-plated. Chosen through: TG referral. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves

Respondent Comments: VERY TG FRENDLY, RN

I just copied and pasted that from a thread on this forum. Not sure how up to date it is.

Here are some more links:



Also, Permanent Choice might be a place for you to look into. They have a couple different locations. I always went to the location in Maple Grove and was a fan of Tracy.

Always try to look up reviews if you can. I find that helpful. Good luck! I know it can be an exhausting journey.

To original poster …

Somehow, I have to read posts like yours over-and-over-and-over to get a “fix” on what you’re actually saying. 100 hours on underarms and eyebrows? Is THAT what you said?

If you did, my first reaction is, “I don’t believe it!” With my underarm cases … they have a guarantee of 8 hours or less for the whole job. Anything over 8 hours is free.

I just finished up a guys entire back for 105 hours total … he’s done!

You said “she’s disappointed?” After 100 hours on the underarms, just “DISAPPOINTED?” How many zillions of dollars did you spend on this? “Disappointed” is worthy of a lawsuit!

I feel like somebody kicked me in the stomach. Tell me this is not really what happened! You were just having “fun on the internet,” making up stories … right?

I have to read your post again, maybe I missed something?

Oh, and another thing. Why would anyone have to EVER say “TG friendly?” I don’t understand?

I don’t bother to say this, because OF COURSE I’m TG friendly! You know, I’m in a “people” business … so ALL PEOPLE, right?

Again, I don’t get it!

Sadly Michael, you are a welcome lighthouse in the fog. Not every electrolygist is TG friendly, not even close, but I dont wanna start to rant, so I’m gonna shush up now.


Doesn’t sound right.

Reading this post made my stomach sink. Yikes. I would be more than upset… that is VERY costly.

I’m “going along” with Dee Dee …

I hope I’m not adding insult to injury, but let’s just consider this original post for a minute.

The patient says she’s having her eyebrows and underarms done, and says she went 2+ hours every week for more than a year at the outrageous time spent of 100 hours; with no results.

First Questions: How can you possibly go for treatments 2 hours weekly for eyebrows and underarms? Let’s say the electrologist clears off the eyebrows in an hour. It wouldn’t be another hour the next week! Impossible. If you really went in every week, it would take a few minutes to zap the remaining hairs.

Second Question: Again, the electrologist will be able to clear-off both underarms in a maximum of, say, 6 hours (done in 3 weeks at the 2 hour statement?) Then, it’s going to take several weeks for the area to grow in for another treatment. And, then, nothing like 2 hours for the “pick-up.” Once cleared-off and going in EVERY week? This, again, would only take a few minutes.

Point: with these areas, you CAN’T go for 2 hours per week because there will be nothing to work on for “2+ hours EVERY week!” I can see a man’s back or beard, but eyebrows? Underarms?

I’m going to be the “prickly one” here and say I’m not buying the story! Gigantic back cases take me around 100 hours. Underarms, as I’ve stated: less then 8 hours. Most of us have very similar TTT. So, I don’t believe the original poster.

If I’m wrong I apologize.

But please (anybody) explain how you can go for weekly TWO-HOUR APPOINTMENTS for an entire year for underarms and eyebrows? That just “ain’t happening." Even if the electrologist were just tweezing it STILL would not take 2-hours per week. Even a plucked hair takes weeks to regrow.

Somebody has an “agenda” here?

I haven’t attempted a calculation but a lot of electrologists I’ve encountered (in the UK) work at a rate of about 3 hairs/min. If on top of that, the electrologist is under-treating the hairs so that there is regrowth within the next few months, it’s a never ending cycle.

This client may also have been shaving or tweezing between the appointments at the beginning.

Unfortunately, there are so many stories like this and I’ve personally helped and advised people in a similar situation to get better treatment… so I wouldn’t assume there is an agenda.

I know not all the electrologists will agree with me, but if it was up to me, I’d make a sticky thread with a bolded, huge front paragraph, advising clients to undergo a test patch treatment and wait for the results before committing to an electrologist, unless one has reason to believe the job will be done well.

With pain in my heart, sorry to say that I agree with stoppit. This should be an isolated case, but unfortunately it is more common than it should be. It would be unfair not to mention that this happens everywhere, not just in the UK, but in all the countries where you can still find people who practice Electrology… or what they understand by “Electrology”. :frowning:

Still does not make any sense, Jossie.

Imagine that the person were only tweezing. How can you tweeze (underarms and eyebrows) for 2 hours and then have on-going sessions EVERY week for 2 hours for a whole year? Tweezing what? I know there is bad work out there, but the thing doesn’t add up. Think about it.

In the UK, with my previous electrologist, my sister went every week for an hour of treatment on her eyebrow/glabella/tiny portion of forehead between the slant of the brow and the hairline. In 9 hours of treatment time, the area was still not cleared in the way I would define a clearance if it was with Jossie. 3 months after this (we stopped treatment), the area didn’t look much different from the ‘before’ photos. This is why I searched out Josefa.

Jossie… you know how many hours zaphairzap invested in underarm treatment before coming to see you.

The original poster may be exaggerating… we’ll never know unless he/she comes back with a follow up post.

I had issues with overtweezing my brows for years. I could easily spend a half hour a day removing stray hairs from there at one point but If I waited a week it would be worse, and I could maybe do it for an hour. If the practitioner was using basically no treatment energy, or if their machine was broken and they didnt know it, I would say it’s POSSIBLE to have an hour to an hour and a half on the brows depending how long they tweezed and how far beneath the brow the hair goes ( Mine go almost to the eyelid) . When you do overtweeze them they can start to grow back that fast. So in theory, it’s POSSIBLE, but the practitiner would have to be really seriously derelict in treatment energy or have a completely non-functional machine.I think it’s possible michael, you could be underestimating how badly the person wanted rid of the hair, and for how long before the treatment. I think you are right it’s pretty much malpractise, but there may be other stuff complicating the issue.


I know Americans have a reputation for lawsuits … but, this is totally exaggerated by such illustrious entities as Fox News. I don’t think people sue enough! It’s simple: when you pay money for a service the assumption is that you will GET that service!

This person should let the hair grow back, take photos and file a lawsuit. If she or he is reading this, I already have an attorney that has a near 100% record on “getting the bastards.” (He even succeeded in a European country!)

At 100 hours, this person spent thousands and got nothing! (Although I still have my doubts.) Come on zapper-folks, get with the program! How is any industry ever going to improve unless the consumer fights back?

They could be going slooooow or counting prep time in the hour. I went 1 hour every week for 20 weeks or so on my upper lip…time flew by and I’m still sporting a moustache. It’s an anomaly for sure.

15 hours for both underarms and there was still 50% of the hairs. A small area should not have taken more than 6/8 hours for a TTT. And besides, 20 hours for both sideburns, and you could hardly see some reduction, ie, 35 hours for very little.

Another example that you have seen, Stoppit, our little mutual friend, she spent 1000 pounds on only one of the 3 electrologists she tried for upper lip in London, and there was only a little reduction on both ends of the lip, and a horizontal scar (I would put the photo to prove it, but she does not want, and this is a legitimate desire). The two cases mentioned were beautiful virgin hair cases.

I am in the UK. I went for a consultation yesterday. The electrologist has nearly 30 year electro experience. She said even if the hair was in the anagen stage it could be treated 5-6 times before it died. :frowning:
I mentioned this forum and said that on here the Clear and Wait strategy was used so how come that was possible to do if it was true. She looked doubtful about this and said she would love to see how it was possible.
There seems to be a huge shortage in the UK of electrologists that are confident about treating the hair first time. Working on my face.
This lady suggested 30 min sessions for me (I would like much longer)
By the looks of it, I will be going for years before any result is seen :frowning:

Please answer some questionsregarding your treatment:
How long have you tweezed for in these areas, and how long prior to treatment did you stop tweezing

2 How large is the area around the eyebrows being treated, is this just below the brow, hqalf way to the eyelid, all the way tot the eyelid?

3 Do you have any close up pictures of the area beiung treated so we can judge the extent of treatment area?

4 .During the treatment are you EVER feeling the current from the galvonic or thermolysis ?
5 Are you feeling the hair being removed, or does it feel similar to when you tweeze a hair in the area? Does there seem to be any resistance or is it essentiallty the same?
6. Are you ever seeing any treatment reaction in the area? Id the skin reddened, or is there and pustules or other evidence of treatment?
7 Is this the same electrolysist who originally treated you? If so I HIGHLY recommend you seek a second for contimnuing treatment, and not return to the first. The pro’s are right here and thye are the people who would know.