zit like bumps after laser?

hi everyone! my name is kristine…anyways i went to new image laser clinic (which uses the light sheer) for my very first set of laser treatments on my upper lip, chin, neck and sideburns…im filipina but im not that dark…anyways the procedure didnt hurt and i wasnt in any pain whatsoever…it was pretty much just the smell that bothered me…my face felt fine just numb from the cream

the next day i took a look in the mirror and i was really red and had a TON of puss filled zit like bumps all over my neck and chin and upper lip…and had a blister like thing…and saw some burn marks…i was horrified…i called the clinic and they told me that i had inflammation from the laser and that i could just take a napkin and wipe it over my face and it would open the bumps…so i did that and i ended up bleeding a lot and it ended up crusting…my face doesnt hurt at all…i just cant stand what i see in the mirror

im not quite sure as to what i should do…im really confused and stressed out about this situation…i wanted to do all of this before my wedding which is in 3 weeks but now im too embarassed to go outside…i made an appointment for my derma but its not until thursday of next week…i might just call another derma who can try to squeeze me in…is there anything i could do at home to possibly help my face? i feel really embarassed and stupid

thank you so much

i have had light sheer 3 times… use vaseline every chance you get that is convenient. it will help heal the skin and encourage shedding. you should be fine in 3 weeks. i had shedding and most of the hiar completely gone by week 2. after your face starts healing, use an exfoliating scrub to also help encourage shedding. you will start to see hairs fall out around 10 days in. good luck!

it sounds like you might have been a bit burned, although surprising since you said you didn’t feel much. did you use a numbing cream? can you find out what settings they used? (joules, pulse, spot size) how coarse is your hair?

either way, this sounds liek a superficial burn and a skin reaction and should resolve within a week or 2 at most. let us know how it goes and do see a dermatologist. did you have any creams or any products on your face when you were treated?

i have very coarse dark hair and ya i did use a numbing cream so i guess thats why i didnt feel anything…but it still doesnt hurt…is there anything i should do with the burns until my derma appointment? use bacitracin? or any over the counter antibiotric?

i would only use hydrocortisone cream and aloe vera. see what the derm says. you might also be allergic to the numbing cream. i wouldn’t use it next time. it is not advisable to use it the first time especially since you can’t tell if you’re being burned. plus, in this case, you might also be allergic. numbing cream should only be used if you really can’t handle the pain, and that’s rare.

thanks so much!! do u think any of this will cause scarring? i washed my face and i had a ton of dead skin come off and now i have a few areas where its light pink and some areas where its my normal skin color and then a lot of areas were its dark red but its scattered…i have a couple of huge bumps but that doesnt bother me as much as the other things

thanks again…its putting me at ease about my skin

what you’re describing really sounds like a superficial burn, which will resolve itself in time. treat it as a sunburn. use aloe vera and possibly a cream you can get at a drugstore that helps heal burns. also, i would recommend not going back to this clinic and not using a numbing cream next time. if you do want to use laser, it looks like you need a Yag laser. but to really tell you, you need to call them and ask what settings they used. they also should know this happened. so i would call regardless. also, if your hair is not coarse and very dark, laser might not be a good option for your at all. please read the FAQs