Zip Wax?


Can anyone help me find drugstores that still carry Zip Wax in the tube form? I’m in the Mid Atlantic region (CVS, Rite Aid, etc.) and no one carries it anymore.

I can still get it from some websites, but the shipping costs as much as the product! I’d order it online from any company with reasonable shipping (i.e., not $4 per tube on a $7 product).

Water-soluable waxes don’t work well for me, and honey formulas or sugaring are even worse (don’t get me started about my disaster with Nads). Any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi Mary–

You might contact the manufacturer directly:

Lee Phamaceuticals website

They also have an online catalog, but I don’t know if the prices are competitive.


Thanks for the assistance! I ordered from their website directly – no more searching!


I am really frustrated with my legs. I used to shave every other day in high school. But then I started waxing, and then Id shave off and on. Now I cant get rid of these ingrown hairs, no matter what I do, they will appear within few hours. What do I do. What will work?? plz help asap


YUCKYHAIR-- same here.

Tend Skin is a great product for this. You can also use Paula’s Choice for ingrowns.

Other options are body scrubs like California Leggs or the Freeman line, followed by moisturing right after the shower.

There are some threads under Topicals that discuss this and other exfoliants.

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